Hit by another driver in Nashville, TN. Any legal advice?

Hit by another driver in Nashville, TN. Any legal advice?

TN is an at-fault state. A driver to my left changed lanes right into me last night. smashed my passenger door and left rear quarter panel and rim. Today the right tire is losing air, must have pushed me into the curb when I was hit. There is only 1 collision center in Nashville that's certified to work on Tesla's and they are telling me they won't get to me until August of NEXT YEAR! I'm going to call the at-fault driver's insurance tomorrow to file a claim but I need some guidance. The repair estimate today came back at over $10k and I'm now worried this greatly diminishes my $100K car (P90D Ludicrous), plus it seems ridiculous to ask me to wait nearly a year for repairs. How do I start the conversation with their insurance company? TN law states I'm allowed to file with the at-fault driver's insurance and they are liable for all damages, but I just don't want to get screwed.

TeslaKU | 10 décembre 2019

Talk to a TN lawyer. You get what you pay for in the forums.

barrykmd | 11 décembre 2019

Welcome to Tesla's exemplary post-purchase customer support.

jimglas | 11 décembre 2019

hopefully you saved the camera evidence of the accident?

Bill_75D | 11 décembre 2019

He has a P90D, so he might not have Sentry Mode.