lph | 10 décembre 2019

Downloaded this evening, and the wipers are considerably better at night in light rain, not perfect but better. Don't know about daytime yet

teslamazing | 10 décembre 2019

Just FYI, whole thread on this on first page

spiderx1 | 11 décembre 2019

I have been driving this for several days. CAUTION, it does not slow for curves. Earlier version would slow prior to entering a sharp curve, now it is back to it’s old ways of slowing once it’s in the turn. On one curve that I use as a test, closed to traffic, it actually went all the way into the opposite lane. But overall everything else seems better. Wipers, Stop sign warning, comes up in time to stop but you really have to be approaching the stop sign fast. I dont have Pedestrian Alert Noise maker but now I have a small speaker symbol that comes up in reverse and very slow forward, which you can touch and X out. Mute?? We continue to get better!! 2.5 HW. FSD package / extensive use of NOAP and EAP on surface streets, approx 100 miles per day.

EVRider | 11 décembre 2019

@spiderx1: The speaker icon mutes the parking chimes (the ones that sound if you get too close to something), and that’s been there all along.

M3phan | 11 décembre 2019

@ EVRider, +1

LostInTx | 11 décembre 2019

I really appreciate the upgrade causing the car to slow down in NoA if traffic in adjacent lanes is considerably slower. Other enhancements are clever and occasionally useful but this one will help reduce the number of accidents.

Lorenzryanc | 11 décembre 2019

Also if its raining, you can see the rain drops on your car's avatar :) Its the details.

jebinc | 11 décembre 2019


Missed that one! Thanks for sharing. Same for the speaker icon trick, @EVRider!

M3phan | 11 décembre 2019

The avatar detail is incredible. Repeater signal flashes when signal is on, clouds reflect on glass roof on cloudy days, like the rain on rainy days, if a headlight is out, avatar corresponds. Even uses internal camera to show me in the driver seat.

Ok, not the last one.

stingray.don | 11 décembre 2019

Even uses internal camera to show me in the driver seat.

Got me. I was just about to run out to the car and check! :)

WEST TEX EV | 11 décembre 2019

Got me too.

Pepperidge | 11 décembre 2019

Backup camera focus is back

sridhar | 11 décembre 2019

Installing it now on a 2013 p85. Not sure what goodies I can use, but damn. It feels nice to still see updates on such an old but still excellent car!

M3phan | 11 décembre 2019

; ))
Wouldn’t that be something though?

Backup camera: yes it’s very clear, looks like imprived resolution to me.

kevin_rf | 11 décembre 2019

I was super impressed with the lane changes on 495 tonight. First time, I was like woah, that was different. For me, it feels like how lane changes should be. (Btw. I did not use NoAP)

The lane change, changes makes me very happy with the update.

rene | 11 décembre 2019

@ sridhar, of cause you are not getting anything out of these updates.
They are all related to model 3 and never model s/x but Tesla still send out the same updates to the entire fleet making our mcu take damage, so do t update unless you really need the content AND it’s supported by your model!
Unfortunately Tesla will never change their approach to updates.

No_ICE | 12 décembre 2019

Ugh, no longer slowing going into curves on local roads is a big one. Car now looses lane containment on some sharp curves because it can't react fast enough. So, back to controlling speed manually on curves. I have HW2.5. Are people with HW3.0 seeing this issue? I'm wondering if AP reacts quicker on HW3.0.

Kahn | 12 décembre 2019

mine is still slowing on local roads on curves ... sometimes too much ... sometimes not at all.. headed on a sharp curve for a snow bank the other day. Good think I had my hands on the wheels had to do emergency take over ( no beep or warning) or I would have been in snow bank.

WW_spb | 12 décembre 2019

,your hands should always be on the wheel

CST | 12 décembre 2019

Nav voice when music is loud does not reduce music volume - makes it hard to hear nav.

elavoie | 12 décembre 2019

I downloaded the update. The application indicates that the download is 100%, but nothing happens next: no information to start the installation. It's frozen there. What should I do ?

gottafly | 12 décembre 2019

CST- Nav volume and music volume are independently adjustable. Scroll wheel adjusts music volume when music is playing, but it adjusts Nav volume during Nav guidance.

Fredvanngo | 12 décembre 2019

My App says: "SOFTWARE UPDATE Connect to WIFI to download "for several hours, and then changes to "Downloading 2019.40.2.1" now in the garage...:-) NOW

Rutrow 3 | 12 décembre 2019

@sridhar, did you notice any additions from the download? My wife's '13 Model S got the 40.2 update. The release notes were blank (That's happened before, they usually show up a day or two later) . The only thing she noticed was that regenerative braking was disabled the next day, to and from work. She asked me to drive it, and although the regen was limited to about 20 due to the cold, it seemed normal. When I brought up her Energy Graph, it looked like this:

You can see from the 30 mile graph that she was apparently towing a dozer, uphill, at Ludicrous Launch speed!!! The last 30 miles show her regular 8 mile round trip commute over the last three days. Pretty consistent for Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, after the update, it was off the chart. That last little blip was me test driving and not exactly babying the accelerator, but I came nowhere near the Watts/mile she used. Her 8 miles used up about 25% of her battery.

It was normal for me that night, and normal again for her this morning, and if the problem had only been on one way to/from work I would've chalked it up to computer glitch that reset itself, but it did it both ways after it being parked all day between trips.

Just curious if anyone else has seen anything like this, either after an update, or just any other time? The update may have been a coincidence.

Joe M | 13 décembre 2019

Recognizing the importance of adjusting for traffic pace is a critical safety issue. High speed deltas between lanes is the root cause of many highway accidents. Great job Tesla!

gtr987 | 13 décembre 2019

in response to Rutrow 3 i also noticed absurd energy consumption vs historical norms after the 40.2 update. on relatively level thruway @ steady state 65mph the energy consumption was far higher than normal while taking into account wind, temperature and so forth. 40.2.1 arrvied last evening. I hope the energy consumption issue was corrected.

me | 13 décembre 2019

Hi all. Received the notification that 40.2.1 was available about 9am on my Model 3 HW 3.0. Had the car update, afterwards when out to read the notes. Went for a short drive and realized much was not working. no backup camera (black), no auto fold mirrors, no cruise control, no lines. Did the two finger salute then brake petal and two buttons on the wheel. No change. Did the power off button on the console, used the brake to wake it up. No change. I parked again, and started searching. Seems like this happens after updates sometimes but no clear fix. Any suggestions? Next step will be to schedule service. thanks.

mknewman | 13 décembre 2019

I got 40.2.1 the other day and it's great! I've noticed it doing a few things I hadn't seen prior.

Summon pulled the car out but did not make a tight enough turn so it backed up and then turned again. Definately a new move for me.

Autopark found my driveway! I didn't let it do it but the blue lines came on when my daughter was here and parked behind my wife, leaving a spot on the side. This was at night as well. This is promising.

I have noticed the wandering in the lanes on Autodrive.

triumphbob | 13 décembre 2019

Perform a full reset - foot on brake, push both steering wheel buttons, hold until Tesla icon coms back on screen

goodman | 13 décembre 2019

After installing update, I really like to more assertive lane change. But on the freeway it started to change into the fast lane but a car in that lane came up behind us very fast and auto-pilot cut him off, then suddenly moved back into our starting lane. Forced other drive to brake hard and honk his horn.

Sarah R | 13 décembre 2019

Autopilot will be perfected when it can honk the horn and give the finger.

bddaughe | 13 décembre 2019

I got the update, but notice no difference in lane changes. I'm using NoA and had already turned off notification and prompts, etc. But even after the update, by the time the signal comes on, it takes the car 3-4 seconds to start changing lanes. What do people notice is so different in this update?

mtapes | 13 décembre 2019

@ bddaughe

With the new update, the lane change is almost immediate, and the steering wheel turns more aggressively so the lane is entered more quickly. It is an obvious change, so something is not right with the behavior that you are experiencing.

M3phan | 13 décembre 2019

For me, AP is indeed much quicker, pretty much instant, but not Nav on AP, that’s still slow.

bddaughe | 14 décembre 2019

Thanks @mtapes for that info. I'll continue to monitor and then raise a question to Tesla as my wiper behavior didn't seem much different either.

bddaughe | 14 décembre 2019

@M3phan, maybe that's what I am experiencing. Let me test it with just AP to see. It's a shame if NoA wasn't affected.

wiscy67 | 14 décembre 2019

I don't have AP but I do notice some improvements with 40.2.1 - rear camera is crystal clear. Also voice command for Spotify now auto plays the search result. Before the update, I'd have to press the selection from the results showing on the screen.

M3phan | 14 décembre 2019

Yes, rear camera looks incredible.

ODWms | 15 décembre 2019

The avatar detailing is interesting. In addition to the other details on my car including the spoiler, it also appears to show an aftermarket chrome trunk lid accent (similar to that on Model S) I installed months ago.

marklevymusic | 22 décembre 2019

Stuck on “downloading software update 2019.40.2.1”
Have tried multiple reset and power off cycles. Car was parked overnight plugged into wall charger and on strong WiFi.

slabella | 22 décembre 2019

Now seeing charging issues since update: 2019.40.2.1 = 38f55d9f9205 on my M3 LRDM,

I have never seen this in the 1.2 years of owner this car. When i use the charger cable that came with the car and on 240VAC, it always started quickly to ~29 miles per hour at 32 amps charging rate.

Now i starts off with 1 to 2 miles per hour at 32 amps charging rate and a NEW problem, FANS come on slow and then sound like a Jet in 3 minutes and stay on.

If left charging, (No errors ever showing at all) charge port go's from Solid Blue, then green then blinking green during all charging attempts as before. So i don't see why this charging profile has changed if it is a new profile because of 2019.40.2.1.

The environment is: stored in a semi heated garage and i wanted top off the battery millage from present 180 miles to 278 or ~90% charge as it was always recommended by Tesla.

I did try to reboot and retry charging and sometimes it works as it did in the past. 29 per hour and 32 amps.

so i think this car and this new 2019.40.2.1 = 38f55d9f9205 is affecting my M3 LRDM now!

Has anyone see this problem?

Best regards,

FISHEV | 22 décembre 2019

"Now i starts off with 1 to 2 miles per hour at 32 amps charging rate and a NEW problem, FANS come on slow and then sound like a Jet in 3 minutes and stay on."

How quickly does it ramp up to the normal 32A/29mph you are used to seeing? If charging from 180 (60% of charge) range to 278 range (90% of charge) will be slower than up to 180 miles but still should be in the 25 mph range.

swanson21 | 22 décembre 2019

I think it's warming the battery now before charging fully, that's why it starts slow and you hear the fans and jet noise.

slabella | 22 décembre 2019

Hi FISHEV, thank you for sending this video graph. i will study in greater detail.

Sometimes never. at 32A/29mph... the only way to get 28 mi/her, 235v and 32/32 A, it to cycle the changes request a couple of time.

This i have never need to do.

The car was sitting this AM at 48 deg F. and then I initiated the charge it is showed: 2 mi/her, 235v and 32/32 A?

Then i aborted his request after 3 minutes, waited 10 minutes, and requested the change again all from my IPhone as i always have.

Now after three trays, 28 mi/hr 233v and 32/32 A. looks like normal cycle like before this update.

I also noticed the phantom drain is larger per day the the previous FW update.

You seeing this too?

Best regards,

slabella | 22 décembre 2019

update: on the third try, it's seems to be working as it did before this upgrade and NO FANS are on. quiet as a mouse.

REF: Now after three trays, 28 mi/hr 233v and 32/32 A. looks like normal cycle like before this update.

Seems the same as i remembered from day one (2018) ownership to now! So i really question this FW 2019.40.2.1 = 38f55d9f9205 on my M3 LRDM and how it impacts the car's operation from this point forward?

I have a field service appointment for 12/26 and let's see what the tech finds or thinks and i will report back there after.

Best regards,

FISHEV | 22 décembre 2019

"The car was sitting this AM at 48 deg F. and then I initiated the charge it is showed: 2 mi/her, 235v and 32/32 A?"

That seems too slow even at that temp and 60% charge per the graphic on charge rate. You note that it is now working normally. Ask the tech what the "jet" noises are as there is no dedicated battery heater, it uses waste heat from the motor.

I'd get the StatsApp for Tesla (if you have an iPhone) as it will give you lot of comparative data to show where your ar and driving ranks vs. other Model 3 owners. If nothing else, it tells you whether you car is "withing normal limits" or on the outside of the curves.

WW_spb | 22 décembre 2019

Don't listen to FishEV! He is old time Troll that was banned under different nickname. Do not use 3rd party apps that ask for your Tesla sign in information. Be aware of bad actors like Fish.

slabella | 22 décembre 2019

ill let Tesla Support figure out the problem and re-post after.

Best regards,

MrSexyTime | 22 décembre 2019

Residential with no speed limit no longer retains the last speed (so it's not trying to do 54 in a 22). Min speed down from 18 to 10.

thisisthomasmore | 19 février 2020

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