Update 2019.40.2.1 glitch

Update 2019.40.2.1 glitch

Headlights stay on in daylight. Exterior lights set to Auto.
Manually turn off works.

Anyone else?

reed_lewis | 11 décembre 2019

Did you try a 'hold brake and press both scroll wheel' reset?

reed_lewis | 11 décembre 2019

....aka ctrl-alt-delete for your Tesla.

garyjtate | 13 décembre 2019

It fixed itself.... ???

garyjtate | 13 décembre 2019

It fixed itself.... ???

philgrocks | 13 décembre 2019

I have seen this many times. This is an indication that the autopilot computer is resetting. This is why it fixed itself. You also might notice that other autopilot features are also not available (e.g. TAAC and lane keeping)

nukequazar | 13 décembre 2019

@philgrocks, good to know. Thanks for that. But are you sure? Is it like a crash and self-restart?

garyjtate | 14 décembre 2019


Is this normal? I had just updated to FSD, waiting on HW 3.
Update have anything to do with it?

EVRider | 14 décembre 2019

@philgrocks: Headlights stay on because AP is resetting? Seems unlikely. Where are you getting that info?

sgcourt68 | 14 décembre 2019

Some of the new features work great, others need some work:
Works great - Lane changes are quicker and smoother in autopilot.
Holds the lane better when the lane widens, like a merge lane appearing on a highway.

Needs Work - when using navigate on autopilot, it initiates a pass just fine, but after the pass it no longer will merge back into the travel lane, it stays in the passing lane. It worked great before the update.
Lane tracking - after the update the car seems to drift back and forth between the lane lines.
Slowing down when passing much slower traffic in ajacent lane - The car braked suddenly when
passing a slow moving semi going up a hill on a freeway. Luckily no one was right behind me.
Also braked suddenly on the freeway when going by a car that was merging onto the freeway, it was still
on the on ramp.

EVRider | 15 décembre 2019

@sgcourt68: Slowing down when passing slower traffic is a new “feature” of 40.2.1. I agree that it needs work.

Navigate on Autopilot has always been inconsistent about moving out of a passing lane, in my experience.

MezzaLuna | 15 décembre 2019

Agreed about the problems with lane tracking - it meanders between the lines more than before, especially on a curve.

There's another new problem I just experienced several times after driving around 700 miles on 40.2.1 - very often on a highway, the Max Speed will suddenly reduce to 45, 35 or even 25, and the car slows accordingly. It happens when I'm in the right driving lane right by an exit ramp - it seems to react to the speed limit on the ramp, rather than staying with the prevailing limit on the highway. Very disturbing - I started putting my foot by the accelerator every time a ramp approached, ready to take over.

Anyone else??

EVRider | 16 décembre 2019

@MezzaLuna: Sounds like the GPS data is wrong. Where exactly are you driving, and which version of the navigation data do you have? You can see the version on the Controls > Software screen.

MezzaLuna | 17 décembre 2019

Thanks @EVRider. Nav Data is NA-2019.20-10487, and it assures me that "Your car software is up to date". I've seen this a number of places, but most noticeably along the Merritt and Cross Parkways in CT and I-84 between Hartford and MA. Also I-95 north of Philadelphia. I looked to see if nav/GPS had my car misaligned with its actual location somehow (a problem in a previous Tesla), but it seems to be correct. Still wondering if I'm the only one seeing this.

EVRider | 17 décembre 2019

@MezzaLuna: I have the same Nav Data that you do. I'm in FL, so let's see if anyone else in your neck of the woods is seeing the same issue.

Putt Putt | 17 décembre 2019

I travel Merritt and W Cross weekly, I'll let you know..

Daisy the Road ... | 17 décembre 2019

The sudden slowdown near offramps happens to us too, and has happened for quite a while. I always assumed that the navigation suddenly thought we were on the cross street and set the speed accordingly. One thing pointing in this direction is that the "location" feature of the app very often shows the name of a side street rather than the freeway that the car is actually on.

MezzaLuna | 17 décembre 2019

@Daisy, good point. I'll be on the lookout for that next time. And apparently there will be a next time...