And the Latest Update contains... nothing?

And the Latest Update contains... nothing?

So, I had my latest software update 2 nights ago. And in the morning, once again, the "What's New In This Update" screen is... blank. Nothing.
Now, either there was nothing in the update (in which case, what was the point of it), there was nothing in the update that affected my Model S (in which case, what was to point of it?) or the "What's New in this Update" window is broken... In which case, What is the point of it?

Maybe that's covered somewhere in the boards, or on the app, or I could look it up, but why should I have to? Seems to me that's the point of the "What's New In This Update" window, no? Normally I wouldn't even bother posting this here, but I've had the same blank window show up on each of the last 6 updates.

Perhaps this should be addressed in the next update?

Darthamerica | 15 décembre 2019

You may need to reboot the system and give it a few minutes to load. I know it sucks...

ed330ci | 16 décembre 2019

The same thing ocurred to me. Just a blank white box. I will reboot and see what happens.

sentabo | 16 décembre 2019

That has happened to me on occasion. So I tapped the T at the top of the screen, then Release Notes, and the update info was there. Hopefully that will work for you.

philgrocks | 16 décembre 2019

I have this problem at every release.

What works for me is to open the release notes and leave that on the screen. After an extended period of time (many minutes) the release notes show up.

I can't explain why this delay exists.... Reading a formatted text file should not take that long. So no idea what is wrong.

dsteal | 16 décembre 2019

Going to the Software Update screen from Controls also works better sometimes to view the release notes.

jordanrichard | 16 décembre 2019

So I am going to assume everyone here except Darth, is new to software updates. While I have no explanation for the blank screen, not every update comes with new features/functionality. Typically after a major feature laden update, there are supplemental updates. Also some updates won’t add anything that you see, but did improve some aspect of the car, like to the BMS.

Also again assuming everyone here is new to updates, it is usually a good idea to do a reboot or two after a major update.

sentabo | 16 décembre 2019

jordanrichard, you are correct, but I will say that on the times this happened to me there were indeed release notes even though I had a blank screen. As I posted earlier, I was able to circumvent the blank screen with a couple of taps by going into the latest release notes.

tbates | 17 décembre 2019

I texted with Tesla service about the blank screen. They said it's a known issue. They're working on a fix, but that a temporary fix is to go in for service and reset the car to factory defaults (which I didn't want to have to mess with). It's frustrating to get an update and then have to google release notes.

bill | 17 décembre 2019

How do you text Tesla?

timanderegg | 17 décembre 2019

Lately the same thing is happening with my '17 S Blank screen. What is new, is Spotify (or is it Slacker) is not responding to the requested songs. When asked to play a specific song it comes back with something else by the artist or a completely different band. Whats up with that? Is anyone else having the same issue? Its a little annoying Tim