Sounds like driving on gravel

Sounds like driving on gravel

Just took delivery on my P3D+ after losing my last P3D- to flooding.
It rained and everywhere I go it sounds like I'm flinging gravel/rock chips on to my paint from the wheels.
I stopped to check the paint and noticed that indeed my Summer High Performance tires were covered in tiny rock chips and gravel like the salt on the rim of a margarita.
I did not experience this in my P3D- as I had all season 18's.

Have any other P3D+ owners noticed the 20" performance rims sicking to road debris and flinging it at the car?

PS I drive the same roads everyday and haven't notice this with any other car.

NorthValley | 17 décembre 2019

Cant say I have noticed that in the 7 days I have been an owner of a P3 with 20" wheels. Are the roads you drive on gravel roads or roads damaged by water?

Thrillion | 17 décembre 2019

So it does depend on the road. If its a smooth asphalted road, I don't hear it.
If its an older and dirtier road I hear it.
My confusion circles around the fact that the tires are picking up debris on the road and flinging it on the car in a way that I have never experienced before.
Is there something wrong with the tires, is it because they are new and sticky?

If I'm the only one that is hearing this, that's not comforting

I drove over 100 miles home after delivery and don't recall hearing this.

Now I hear it on some but not all roads.

Thrillion | 17 décembre 2019

PS the tire pressure is greater than 42 psig

Bighorn | 17 décembre 2019

The rubber in summer tires is “stickier”.

jnordland | 17 décembre 2019

Sticky summer tires will do this. It will become less of an issue over time. This is normal.

Thrillion | 18 décembre 2019

@Bighorn and Jeremy
Thanks!! eased my fears.

I'm new to summer tires as I live in the south where a good set of performance all seasons will get you through the year.