Experienced Intermittent Audio Problems?

Experienced Intermittent Audio Problems?

I'm having a problem with my audio system. The speakers will cut out for a brief moment.

Here's a YouTube video with examples

Sometimes it will happen once, then everything is fine for a few days. Other times it will happen rapid fire.

No apparent correlation with software version or audio source (Spotify/Slacker/Bluetooth).

It happens with normal devices plugged into USB port. And I've driven around with absolutely nothing in the USB ports. No correlation either way.

I can induce the problem more frequently when I'm just parked and bring up a website. Or if I'm watching Netflix, YouTube, etc., which is what this video is showing.

But it also happens when I'm simply looking at the road in front of me and not interacting with the stereo (besides listening).


jfaubl | 31 décembre 2019

Same thing here. It's been happening for a month. I keep waiting for a firmware update.

luis.neiman | 2 janvier 2020

Took delivery of a new Model 3 LR AWD on 12/30 and the same thing has happened to me a few times while parked in my garage and using the console. Haven't noticed it while listening to music while driving (playing from my phone via Bluetooth).

ƑuriousƑalcon | 4 janvier 2020

I opened a service request with Tesla. They responded that it was a known characteristic of current firmware and closed the ticket.

I don't know anything about the infotainment internals. But it sounds like some kind of buffer xrun in pulse/jack and ALSA. Or whatever they are using to orchestrate it.

TeslaYVR | 5 janvier 2020

I have had issues where I stopped getting any sound when switching audio from my phone to FM radio. Or from tune-in to FM radio. Been like this for a month. I have to reboot by pressing and holding down both thumb wheels on steering wheel and then the problem goes away for a few days.

NorthValley | 6 janvier 2020

I had a weird issue the other day: I listen to Audio books on my commute. I know that the volume button is dependent on what you are hearing, i.e., when NAV is giving instructions the volume will raise or lower her voice and when she is silent then the volume button goes back to controlling your media. However, the other day I could see it was controlling the media but when I increased volume I could see the graphic bar climbing but the volume got no louder (nor quieter). In the end I had to reboot my phone. Hasn't happened since.