Gen 2 NEMA Adapters for Mobile Connector

Gen 2 NEMA Adapters for Mobile Connector

Now that I have my Wall Connector installed and operational, I can easily keep the Gen 2 Mobile Connector in the trunk for charging when traveling as needed.

What NEMA Adapter's do you keep with you when traveling?

jimglas | 1 janvier 2020

I have 14-50, 14-30 and 5-20

rehutton777 | 1 janvier 2020

None - - I keep the mobile connector plugged in inside my garage as that's the one I use all the time to charge. I COULD take it with me when I travel, but where am I going to find a 240 V outlet just waiting for me to plug in? It's easier to find a supercharger or destination charger than to try to mooch of of someone's 240 volt outlet - - that's what superchargers are for. Why take a 120 V plug - - the time to charge is hardly worth not going to a supercharger. I traveled to near Tucson, AZ where the nearest supercharger was about 20 miles away - - that was still better than trying to find a 240 V outlet somewhere.

Lonestar10_1999 | 1 janvier 2020

I keep my charger plugged in at home but if I were planning a road trip I would bring the recharger with the NEMA 14-50 adapter. I understand that the KOA campsites feature the 14-50 outlets.

rehutton777 | 1 janvier 2020

And unless you sneak in, you will have to pay a one-night camping fee to use the 240 V outlet :-)

wallbrook | 1 janvier 2020

TT-30 for use at campgrounds that only have 30 amp sites. 14-50 when the campgrounds do. Both adapters Tesla supplies.

For long distance -- like x-country-- I borrow a ChaDemo unit from Smart Charge America They have a free ChaDemo loaner bonus that comes with the install. They were willing to match the lowest price estimate I got.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Smart Charge America nor have any great knowledge of the company. A local subcontractor came out and did the install.

Tronguy | 1 janvier 2020

Weirdly enough, don't forget the 15A 120 VAC NEMA5-15. (i.e., the standard 120 VAC wall socket). Was in a hotel in Charleston, SC, where, currently, there aren't any Superchargers. Asked the front desk if they had any destination chargers. "No, but if you can find a socket, you're welcome to use it."
There were five or six of them around the periphery of the parking lot. Plugged into it and started walking around Charleston. It took a while at 4.5 MoCpH, but the car was fully charged before we left.

Big_Ed | 1 janvier 2020

5-20. Most houses with a garage have one. 33% faster than 5-15. Pretty common outside on commercial properties too.

gmr6415 | 1 janvier 2020

Everyone's situation is different and each trip is different. I carry my mobile charger with a 6-50, 14-30, 14-50 and the 110v adapter. I also have a 30' extension I made that will fit either of the most common dryer outlets and connect to the 20' mobile charger cord.

When staying with friends or family out of reasonable range to get to a supercharger I've used the extension cord and plugged into dryer outlets. When staying in an AirBnB outside of Asheville, NC for a week we asked the owner if we could plug in overnight using a 110 adapter, which gave us enough additional charge for tooling around the smaller towns without having to go into Asheville for charging. We left the owner a nice tip and some craft beer for the favor.

Sarah R | 1 janvier 2020

@gmr6415 do you have a BOM for that extension cord?

kevin_rf | 1 janvier 2020

NEMA 5-15, 14-50, TT-30, and J1772. On long trips I toss in a heavy duty 120v extension cord.

That said, the J1772 has been used once at a hotel in DC, and the NEMA 5-15 a handful of times with the extension cord the first week of ownership. Tesla's SC network is just that good.

ksrehman | 1 janvier 2020

Hi I saw a NEMA 10-30 adapter in the Tesla online store but not TT-30

@wallbrook @kevin_rf where did you get the TT-30 adapter?

gmr6415 | 2 janvier 2020

@Sarah R, BOM? Bureau of Management? Bill of Materials? Bureau of Meteorology? Book Of Mormon? Book of Morons?

derotam | 2 janvier 2020

Barrel of need the monkeys to plug in the extension cord!

donharvey2323 | 2 janvier 2020

BOM = Big Ominous Marshmallow, Bad Onion Masher, Bug Oil Mopper, Bummer Other Mother...

rob | 2 janvier 2020

I carry a 14-50 and a 5-20. I've used the 5-20 once and I haven't used the 14-50 since I got my WC. I also have a 30' 14-50 extension cord which hasn't been used since the WC was installed.

mrburke | 2 janvier 2020

A heavy duty 120v 15amp 25' extension cord is always in my lower trunk. It takes up almost no room and it is a great insurance policy. I have used it and was very happy to have it.

Sarah R | 3 janvier 2020

@gmr6415 by nailing it you tell me you knew what I was talking about.

Of course, Bill of Materials. The stuff you need to build it, with past numbers to order. I asked because I think it's a great idea.

gmr6415 | 3 janvier 2020

@SarahR, I was simply guessing and obviously happened to hit on it. Using acronyms that you have in your mind but others have no idea what it is, is like someone posting here that they are having a problem with using their phone as a key without stating what phone or at least android or mac, what version of the Tesla app they are on and what software version the car is on.

That said, it's all simple stuff purchased from home depot...14-30 receptacle, 14-30 plug. That particular one can be set up as a 14-50 also by replacing the L shaped post with a straight post that comes with it, but since I purchased 10AWG cable it couldn't be used for 50amp. 30' of 10/4 AWG stranded cable.

I misspoke above when I stated it could be used for "either of the most common dryer outlets". I was thinking of an 11-30 but that would be a three pronged plug. After I made that statement I took a closer look at the plug and found it could be set up as a 14-50, but that would require 6AWG cable. There are adapters out there to go from 4 prong dryer plugs to 3 prongs with an external ground wire.

I highly recommend coating the ends of the stranded wire with solder before assembly. It keeps them from fraying and prevents a loose strand that may come in contact with another terminal inside the plug.

RedPillSucks | 3 janvier 2020

Is there a difference between the "Corded Mobile Connector" and the "Gen 2 Mobile Connector" at the Tesla store?
I already have a NEMA 14-50 connector and a bunch of other connectors, so I just need the extra cord part. Wondering why one is $275 and the other is $520

RedPillSucks | 7 janvier 2020


howard | 7 janvier 2020

I keep the J1772 adaptor in the car for destination charging primarily at the airport and occasionally at a hotel. Otherwise, I charge at home or the office. I have never used a SC again since I gave up the FLTSC.

gballant4570 | 7 janvier 2020

I just keep the mobile connector in my barn for daily charging on a 30A 240V circuit. I have a J1722 and the other adapters in the lower part of the trunk, just as a place for them to stay. I have never used any of them. Tesla charging stations and destination chargers have to this point been more than sufficient.

RedPillSucks, sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.

kevin_rf | 7 janvier 2020
Big_Ed | 7 janvier 2020


The Corded Mobile Connector is a Gen 1 UMC with a hard wired 14-50 plug. It charges at 40 amps. The Gen 2 UMC with 14-50 adapter charges at 32 amps.