Which iPhone 4 U & why?

Which iPhone 4 U & why?

Just curious where the geekosphere is with the Apple world, or where it is not, and why?

Thanks for sharing.....finally ordered an Xr, based on some YT reviews; I don't make videos for professional applications.

jimglas | 1 janvier 2020

I have a 7
works fine

BadgerErickson | 1 janvier 2020

Hey jim, have you tried any of the Apps?

BadgerErickson | 2 janvier 2020

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SCCRENDO | 2 janvier 2020

I am biased. I use every apple product as much as possible. I make sure I update my iphone every year, Presently have the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Tesla does seem to be favor the iphone slightly but there is likely nothing wrong with the Android. And it is likely every response here will carry a bias.

jerrykham | 2 janvier 2020

I agree with @SCCRENDO on this one. I am also biased and only run Google Pixel devices (new one each year) and I only grudgingly allow guests with Apple devices onto our Wi-Fi guest network. I've never seen any Tesla favoritism for one platform or the other. All users should pick the devices they want by whatever criteria they prefer. If they pick Apple, great. If they pick Android, likewise great.

BadgerErickson | 2 janvier 2020

Oh for sure, no shaming for droid or Apple favoritisms,... I was a Blackberry hound until my job required a Smart phone just 5 years ago. Even now, I probably do not know how to use my 5S to 50% of it's capabilities.

The RAM/Battery in the 5S is just outdated for the current iOS, and we found a new carrier in MintMobile as a bargain compared to what we had with Verizon and StraightTalk services; (2) new Xr phones in an 18mos payment plan is almost the same as what we were paying. Re-evaluated, adapt, overcome, move on.

So, in the researching I found all these Tesla/iPhone apps in the youTube vids and HOLY COW! I'm not a luddite, I just never really had/took the time to explore what's going on with this stuff!? It's incredible!

Thanks for sharing, again no slamming or shaming, if you have found something that needs to be shared throw it into the bucket here...or is there already a thread like this?

bryan321 | 2 janvier 2020

I guess iPhone X only made for those people who as like as me. I am used to with iPhone X.
Especially i prefer this for its weight.

Orthopod | 2 janvier 2020

6 Plus

I keep my thing till they explode

They replaced the battery for free when they were judged for programmed obsolescence

michelrozon | 3 janvier 2020

Samsung 8S Android works fine with my Tesla App.

BadgerErickson | 13 janvier 2020

Wow, the Xr is superb....the Tesla App is sweet in this unit!

dmitryromanooov | 19 janvier 2020

7+ works good!!

betbubbles | 29 mars 2020

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thank you for these explanations

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