The obsession of Battery Threads

The obsession of Battery Threads

I know there are so many more Model 3 owners out there now as Tesla continues to push on deliveries in more countries, but the obsession over the estimated miles range is insane. It is an estimate, the same way when you fill up your gas tank in an ICE vehcile, some vehicles show an estimated range on that full tank. If you didn't get the rated MPG the Monroney Sticker said on your ICE vehicle, did you constantly contact your service garage and complain that there is something wrong because you didn't?

As another thread has said, Just drive the damn car and enjoy not being tied to having to fill up gas. Losing miles on the estimated range doesn't necessarily mean you've had battery degradation. The only way to truly know that would to charge the car to 100%, drive it to 0% an exact certain way and record your mileage and then doing that run again regularly (with the same conditions and same weather) and comparing the differences. Outside of that, there are SO MANY FACTORS that affect your car's range and like others have constantly said, the number displayed in the car is just an estimate.

andy.connor.e | 2 janvier 2020

Its just the new monthly FUD to try and deceive people of the reality, and manufacture fear, uncertainty or doubt in electric vehicle performance and reliability. Its the same as how every single Tesla crash gets national front page news.

andy.connor.e | 2 janvier 2020

We should start a new trend, where you come up with as many things that the dealership told you about your ICE car, and then the reality was not what you were told. But just remember, EVs will never work!

apodbdrs | 2 janvier 2020

@bradbomb you are ever so right!

My F150 shows me a gas gauge E to F, that is erratic and the number of miles driven if I reset it zero when I fill up with gas. That is it! I don't worry about it,I have established a rough estimate of what is left in the tank!

GHammer | 2 janvier 2020

After almost five years of driving Teslas and a current owner of three, the range number has never made any difference in my driving. In two cross country trips this year and multiple trips per year up and down the west coast I never even look at the range mile number. I have it set to percentage and I dont worry, just drive.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 2 janvier 2020

Hi. I am new to EV. Why I get only 100 miles out of 310 rated range that Fish See's in his graph. I was driving 10 miles with 90° heat on, flooring every stop sign. I am so disappointed. Also heard about rust problem and flash memory dieing. Tesla bring back extend warranty !!!!

Pg3ibew | 2 janvier 2020

@ww. Hahah

Pg3ibew | 2 janvier 2020

Just drive the damn car

bradbomb | 2 janvier 2020

I'm now imagining a support group, "Hi, I'm Brad and I have range anxiety." RAA

jallred | 2 janvier 2020

@ww. Eyup. It's a flaw that Tesla needs to fix, for the safety of our children.

coselectric | 2 janvier 2020

I had a college job where i drove an old work truck that had been repaired/retrofitted with a fuel sending unit for a different sized tank. The gauge didn't move off full until you were down to a quarter tank, so most of the time you thought you had a full tank. I thought it was the most fuel efficient truck ever built until I realized what was going on. If only Tesla could replicate that technology.

rob | 2 janvier 2020

I bet you miss your Subaru and you're looking at Kona's. Oh, and don' forget about your blind spot warnings!


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 2 janvier 2020

Suburu is a God

bradbomb | 5 janvier 2020

Bumping back up. Every damn day at least 1-2 more new threads asking the same question, “I charged to xx% and it showed xxx miles when Tesla says xR xWD should get yyy miles. WTF?!?”

Pg3ibew | 5 janvier 2020

Like cow bell in a song, we need more battery threads!!!!

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Amount of lazy and stupid is great with Battery threads

FISHEV | 5 janvier 2020

"If you didn't get the rated MPG the Monroney Sticker said on your ICE vehicle, did you constantly contact your service garage and complain that there is something wrong because you didn't?"

Actually not getting rated range has been subject of number of lawsuits and mfgs. have had to pay fines and redo the range, mpg, if it is off.

You are arguing that it's OK for Tesla not to provide the rated range because some people didn't get rated range on their ICE cars which is bogus in itself and even more so considering the ICE cars have to meet it. I think most drivers can easily beat the ICE EPA range numbers while with EV's we can see 40% less than rated range due to temp effects on battery and higher parasitic drain for heat.

EV mfg's are not clear up front about the effects of 85% charging, cold on EV range. People see the EPA range and expect it be easily met or bettered similar to their ICE experience and instead see much less than rated range in actual use.

So we get the questions, legit questions.

Better question is for the fanbois that get upset over the questions, why not just ignore them vs. the constant complaints and person insults?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Weird our car don't get 40% less range in winter. Must be magic or that I don't live in artic circle

kaffine | 5 janvier 2020

Look at the VW TDI community they have some that are obsessed with MPG and seeing how far they can go on a tank of fuel. At least when I was going to the forums for VW TDIs a few years ago they were.

My daily commute in the winter I would get home with less than 30 miles range so I tend to be a bit concerned about a drop in range. While I don't have the commute anymore I know it is likely I will again. I couldn't use sentry mode or cabin overheat protection due to it reducing range while parked too much.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Would you buy cell phone if it worked only in downtown? Or ICE car if you had two gas stations 100 miles away? Probably but you sure as hell would think 10 times about how much sense does this make to you. Same goes for Tesla. If you bought the car knowing you have no means to charge at home or work don't be coming here and crying about how terrible your life is or how much rebel you are that you survive in such unsafe car without BSI and rear cross traffic alert

FISHEV | 5 janvier 2020

So the Tesla fanbois delete an owner's thread on range and charging and post this complaint about owners asking questions about range and charging. Sigh.

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

what thread you want in a Model 3 forums with the price of the battery composing 50% of the car?

You want threads about the cupholders?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Maxxer why did you delete two threads? Come now

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

I didn't, they were flagged away. People don't like battery threads

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Flagged for mentioning b word )

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

ces piles Tesla ne sont vraiment pas appréciées de la communauté

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Доктор Макс решил показать языковые познания. Очень круто. И?

Pg3ibew | 5 janvier 2020

@maxxer, bull crap. You deleted your own thread.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

He did and he knows it. As well as FishTroll

ADinM3 | 5 janvier 2020

To be the contrarian here, not sure why the number of battery threads would or should surprise anyone here...

- This is still relatively new technology for most and therefore reason for concern for newbies
- There is so much FUD by the ICE propaganda machines
- Tesla doesn't really provide any good way to understand or interpret the varying data observed by users other than "it varies" based upon a bunch of stuff. The situation on the LR RwD M3 is a particular confounder to this whole topic.
- Range is king in an EV; it's the reason people spent good money buying a Tesla over the competition and many spent extra dollars for LR vehicles.
- Not all here live in fair weather climates and therefore see bigger hits and variations, especially if they could only afford a SR or MR M3. Probably not real comforting to a person who could only afford the SR or MR but was told by many (rightly or wrongly) not to worry, etc, that now of course they should have done a lot more homework as variations are a lot more than many realized.
- Comparing to ICE vehicles is just silly as there is a gas station on nearly every corner so range is not a factor nor is the accuracy of the gauge. It is not the "cost of ownership" people are concerned with, i.e. whether they get 15 or 18 mpg in their F-150 or if it cost them 1.5 vs 1.75 cents/mile in a M3, it is the flexibility of travel. When was the last time you saw someone pay extra for a larger gas tank in an F-150? If they sold F-150 with 5 gallon gas tanks then those people would likely care more on that vehicle also.
- The list goes on...

The real problem here is not the concern or discussion, but the forum's lack or ability to create subgroups, filter and search for things here such that information needs to be constantly repeated.

As painful as it is for most of us to repeatedly wade through these posts, they are probably about the only way for new prospective buyers to see the various sides of the debate. Until the population understands this and buys an EV with proper expectations, these will continue. Heck, Joe six pack still is unaware that one can drive cross county in an EV without stopping every 45 minutes for a 45 minute charge.

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020


Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Maxxer -1000

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

Fuck I love those cupholders
Do you think they would hold some battery cells really well?

F.vanalstine | 5 janvier 2020

Since I don’t drive to work and avoid slippery Minn winter roads when possible, (usually), my M3 LR RWD sits parked in my garage much if the time plugged into a 240V 25A circuit providing max 16A charge. I keep it at 80% (255 miles) charged. Darn, I forgot what the question is.

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

Question was about battery, 90% of the threads are about batteries. Just copy paste your comment in all other thread and you will answer 9 questions on 10

gballant4570 | 5 janvier 2020

I will disagree regarding the value of repetitive battery threads, despite understanding the motivations. While there is some learning available in some of them, I learned much more about my battery by using the car and observing.

I've grown tired of posting some of the things I've learned along the way, only to repeat the same stuff over and over. I've also repeated the advice about using the add-on available search function, which also handily includes an ignore function. While the forum itself could stand some improvement, there are solutions out there that are not that difficult to avail ourselves of.......

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

Discussions here might help others to not repeat the errors we commited in the past

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Your error would be... Buying EV in Artic Circle region? That's why you decided to order Y and CyberTruck bc you learned your lesson?

agkulcz | 5 janvier 2020

There is a simple fact here that about 3 or so months ago Tesla has changed something about how Model 3 calculates and displays the available mileage estimate at a given percentage of charge. I got my car in July of 2018 and for an entire year there were no battery threads on this forum. Last winter people were discussing reduction of efficiency in the cold but nobody complained about possible battery degradation due to lower number of miles available at a particular battery charge level. Then Tesla changed the way that mileage available number is calculated, did not make an announcement or statement about it whatsoever, people noticed it, and the avalanche of "has my battery degraded suddenly" started. It continues to this day and will continue because Tesla never announced or explained the change they made to the way our cars calculate/estimate available range at a given percentage of battery charge level. I am really surprised that they have not explained yet as I am sure this is also generating increased number of service requests for them - it would seem that it would be in their interest to make an official statement on this and put all this to rest. It would be so simple and cheap for them to do.

FISHEV | 5 janvier 2020

"I am really surprised that they have not explained yet as I am sure this is also generating increased number of service requests for them - it would seem that it would be in their interest to make an official statement on this and put all this to rest."

True on this and a lot of Tesla topics.

The 310 vs. 322 range issue on LR AWD for example. Tesla advertises 322 but no one seems to be seeing 322 as their range baseline. A new Model 3 rated 322 should charge 100% and show 322 in Rated Range.

howard | 5 janvier 2020

This is a Tesla issue where they left no reserve on the battery to insure the rated miles would not drop off. On all three of my GM cars the battery always stayed at or above the EPA rating. Even after 39 months and 38,000 miles on the 2012 Volt. The 2017 Bolt charged to rated as well. My 2019 Volt actually charges to 55 miles (2 over rated) after a year and 7,000 miles. I can usually drive a couple miles before it starts dropping. Tesla could have held more of the battery in reserve but decide max advertised range was more important for sales.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020
Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

i don’t live in siberia like you used to WhiteWind Russian Puppet WW coksuk4life

My Model 3 is perfect for commuting
My Model Y will be perfect for the family
My Cybertruck will be perfect for hauling the Bruder EXP-6

I can sell my Model 3 to a lucky person

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

@WhiteWind Russian Puppet

“This post may contain erotic or adult imagery. By continuing, you acknowledge that you are18+ years of age.

Yes, I'm over 18

Use of Imgur constitutes acceptance of ourTerms of Service andPrivacy Policy.”

You share porn over Tesla forums?

Pg3ibew | 5 janvier 2020

Flagging @Maxxer for abuse of posters. Sending email as well.

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

“Pg3ibew | January 5, 2020
Flagging @Maxxer for abuse of posters. Sending email as well.”

Flagging Pg3ibew for repetitive abuse in other threads. sending email as well

rob | 5 janvier 2020

Cross flagellation. Awesome

yudansha™ | 5 janvier 2020

When sending emails please include your bedroom pictures. My kids are still shocked.

Pg3ibew | 5 janvier 2020

@rob, HAHA

Maxxer | 5 janvier 2020

“Thank you for your email regarding the Tesla Forums. We are reviewing your request and will follow up in 3 business days. For more time sensitive issues please contact Tesla customer service.”

Tesla will be investigating those bedroom pictures

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 5 janvier 2020

Which ones out of 10 you said you have?