Guy in a Red Camaro throws coins at Tesla

Guy in a Red Camaro throws coins at Tesla

This guy in a red Camaro came out of nowhere and through coins on my car twice while I was driving on the 5 freeway near Sylmar, CA. Who does that? Luckily nothing major happened, but these people need to be stopped. I filed police report. Everything was caught on the Tesla Cam.
My friend put the video up on his Twitter:

lilbean | 13 janvier 2020

It might have something to do with cutting him off and not the Tesla at all.

abhassan | 13 janvier 2020

No, I did not cut him off. If you look at the video, He came from a very far distance behind and he was driving fast, and cutting off others left and right. In the video, a lot of time passes by and he's not in frame yet (remember a big chunk of the video is running at 4X speed). If I had cut him off before, he would've caught me in a second. He was flying. I tried to catch up with him after I realized what happened and I couldn't.
I am convinced it has everything to do with the Tesla. | 13 janvier 2020

What a jerk. Glad you filed a report on this moron. I can imagine one of the coins flying into someone's windshield and cracking or smashing it. Perhaps they were pissed they made such a poor vehicle purchase - their car is worse in just about every way when compared to your 3.

PrescottRichard | 13 janvier 2020

How cool would it be if you found a coin under your wiper blade from this encounter that was rare and worth $50,000. That would show ‘em!

People are weird.

abhassan | 13 janvier 2020

Apparently I'm not the only one that got change thrown at.

lilbean | 13 janvier 2020

Weirdo haters.

lilbean | 13 janvier 2020

I’ve had people try run me off the road.

BadgerErickson | 13 janvier 2020

Interesting oxymoronic perspectives here.

"They" can read these forums.

"They" can see the extremely ignorant and malicious behavior exhibitions of some folks in these forums.

That in no way explains vandalism, but we DO live in a glass house here.

andy.connor.e | 13 janvier 2020

I was driving 52 in a 45 zone this morning and someone came right up to my bumper and flashed his lights at me. I was in the left lane. I didnt move, and he was ping-ponging between the lane and 60% into the middle turning lane. He was behind me for 15 seconds and then he pulled into the middle turning lane to turn left. Every once in a while i get reminded how insane people get over the speed their car is moving at, even though they never reach their destination faster.

lilbean | 13 janvier 2020

I try to avoid freeways as much as possible.

adcock.dan | 14 janvier 2020

I had a $350 tire slashed while I had dinner at a nice restaurant's parking lot in a nice neighborhood. That never happened in driving for fifty-five years in about thirty different vehicles I have owned, from chevy to porsche to ford to bmw.

People Suck

TranzNDance | 14 janvier 2020

Camaro driver had played too much Mario Kart.

raffidesigns | 14 janvier 2020

Toss a coin at a Tesla, oh valley of plenty.

Confirmed we are all Witcher’s and Elon is head mage!!

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020

Best part about this video's future, quarters cant scratch a cybertruck. cybertruck scratch your quarters.

Or was that only in soviet russia

jimglas | 15 janvier 2020

at least throw gold coins

NV1CTUS | 22 janvier 2020

“ ndy.connor.e | January 13, 2020
I was driving 52 in a 45 zone this morning and someone came right up to my bumper and flashed his lights at me. I was in the left lane. I didnt move,”

Personally I don’t care how fast you are going or what the other person is doing - left lane is for passing. Get out of it if people are behind you.

andy.connor.e | 22 janvier 2020

not in a 45mph zone. we'll agree to disagree if you believe otherwise

lessrandom | 22 janvier 2020

Even the autopilot calls it a "passing lane" and tries to change you out of it. Around here there are plenty of posted signs to stay out of the passing lane unless passing. Besides, would you like to be right, or alive? Putting yourself in the way of those in a rush is just bad for your health.

andy.connor.e | 22 janvier 2020

These kinds of roads in my area do not have "passing lane" signs. These roads are non-divided with a center turning lane. All 4 lanes are full during rush hour. No one moves out of impatient drivers way during these travel times.

The highways however indicate for slow drivers to keep to the right. 55/65mph divided highways are a different story.

rxlawdude | 23 janvier 2020

I imagine those center turning lanes can be a source of many accidents with opposing traffic.

Cybertruckee | 23 janvier 2020

Ever since the first Prius, there are already so many reports of harassments against EV and hybrid vehicles.

It used to be just deliberately spewing black tailpipe smoke and into dangerous cutting them or running them off in a form of highway bullying.

My daughter in her Tesla X experienced the black smoke along I-80.

Tesla2018 | 23 janvier 2020

I hate it when I am in the HOV lane doing 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit and some idiot who is in a car alone or not driving a qualified vehicle tailgates me. The HOV lane is not the passing lane.