Adding additional powerwalls to existing 2

Adding additional powerwalls to existing 2

I've had solar for over a year and recently installed 2 powerwalls to go along with it.

For some reason, the installer couldn't do a partial house backup (we have various stuff on different subpanels throughout the house), so it had to be full house backup. The house is 100% electric, with heatpumps, a pool and a couple of electric cars, meaning we often go above the 10kw that the 2 powerwall can supply. Would have been nice to have figured that earlier, but that's where we are...

I was wondering what the cost is to add a couple of powerwalls to my existing setup... I'm expecting some of the one time installation costs are not needed this time around... Right? Permitting, installation cost should all be minimal too, or am I too optimistic?

Tesla-David | 15 janvier 2020

@MattV, we installed 2-PW2's in June 2018 to complement our 13.2 kWh solar PV system and have been operating in self-powered mode since installation, also charging two Tesla's (MS and M3). To get around the 10 kW limit, we stagger the charging and generally limit the charging to 40 W, and it has worked out for us over that span to stay within the PW2 limits. I would agree having two additional PW2's would certainly help to defuse your anxiety and concerns.

lilbean | 15 janvier 2020

I think you are being too optimistic.

adam.lippiatt | 15 janvier 2020

Does anyone know how many Powerwall 2's one Gateway 2 supports?

Patrick | 15 janvier 2020

Recent Powerwall market pricing in the US seems to be running around $8-9K per unit including installation. Might be a little cheaper if you add them to an existing installation with an existing gateway. We just paid $9K each in December.

As I recall up to 9-10 Powerwalls can be installed together into a single array. The number is somewhere in the specs.