cyclists & motorcycles no longer appearing on my screen

cyclists & motorcycles no longer appearing on my screen

After latest update, cyclists & motorcycles no longer appearing on my screen. Anyone else notice this?

PteRoy | 15 janvier 2020

It’s winter here, so no. No one is out riding bikes or motorcycles. I do get pedestrians though.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 janvier 2020

Yeah, I sold mine

M3phan | 15 janvier 2020

I still get them (hw2.5)

AstroSteve | 15 janvier 2020

I got a red bicycle image with alert audio on a narrow road after last update and I'm on HW2.5. I'm pretty sure it was after -40.50.7 but could have been -40.50.5. The road was just wide enough for two cars and curved. Rider was coming from opposite direction. I was quite pleased to see it and the bike! Haven't seen the motorcycle appear in some time, but that is lack of motorcycles due to weather.

mikenorthrup | 16 janvier 2020

I'm on 40.50.7 and I had a motorcycle image as it passed me on a two lane highway.

EVRider | 16 janvier 2020

@jonnyg: Do you have HW2.5 or HW3?

Scrannel | 16 janvier 2020

Drove by a line of cyclists today -- saw them all. Then past a single cycle -- nothing. Only difference, the line of bikers was INSIDE my lane line. Maybe..?

yudansha™ | 16 janvier 2020

See them all, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclist in every direction/lane.