Mirror controls (dimming/angle)

Mirror controls (dimming/angle)

I would like to get some more control over my mirrors. It's great that they dim in the evening and change the angle when I reverse ... but not always. When I get home, I park backwards on a small driveway with some bushes aside and close to a brick wall. So my distance warnings go crazy as they see all kind leaves.

Would be great if I can stop the dimming of my mirror as it is also quite dark. Never had any issues as my old oil car did not dim at all.

Since it is all software on a touch screen, I would like to have some controls with easy access;
-enable/disable dimming on any mirror at any time.
-temporary change the angle of the mirror while reversing, left or right as sometimes I just need to see some more.

EVRider | 17 janvier 2020

Have you considered installing outside lights for your driveway? Seems like a better solution than disabling the dimming feature, which isn’t going to create more light.

I agree that adjusting the tilt angle temporarily would be useful. The Model S and X let you adjust the reverse auto tilt angle, but that’s a permanent change, which you can’t adjust temporarily.

JamPie70 | 17 janvier 2020

Sure, installing some lights outside will help in this one location, but I never needed that in the 12 years that I live here. Go home earlier and summer will also help :-)
I just have my model 3 for 3 weeks and this was just a thing that needs some work. Either stop dimming or add some lights.