Model Y Required ASAP

Model Y Required ASAP

I’m at the hospital right now.
My wife just gave birth to our first daughter to complete our family filled with boys.
I can’t drive my Dodge Caravan anymore since I’m used to my Tesla Model 3 driving.
If I do not have my 7 seater Model Y soon, I will suffer of post-partum blues.

sbeggs | 1 février 2020

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

As for post partum blues, I recommend a celebratory glass of wine or three.

StayThePhoqueHome | 1 février 2020


That’s the plan,
To watch the Super Bowl drinking beer with my daughter in my arms while supporting our local Chief Laurent Duvernay Tardif against the 49ers

coolstompers | 1 février 2020

The model y may come as soon as March if not it will come sometime in either spring or summer of this year

lessrandom | 1 février 2020

Wasn't there a 7-row Model S produced for a brief while? Kids in the back Volvo of the '80s? They must be out there!

jordanrichard | 2 février 2020

Lessrandom, a 7 seater MS was available I believe from 2012 to 2016. I highly recommend not getting one though. The rear jump seats was a last minute design change that Elon wanted and that can be seen by the fact that there are no provisions for getting AC or heat all the way to the back.

andy.connor.e | 2 février 2020

Nice, it looks like orders now say around March delivery. You can expect it in a couple months

BruceLee | 2 février 2020

Congratulations Maxxer!
But unfortunately I am cheering for the 49’ers. | 2 février 2020

Note that the 7-seater Y version is not due until 2021. Only the 5-seater has gone into production.

jennieshawmd | 3 février 2020

If I ordered my Model Y last Friday, when will it be delivered. I understand that delivery will start in March but that is for the first orders that were placed. What about my order?

andy.connor.e | 3 février 2020

Should just get rid of your shit-kicker van and get a 2-year lease. Get the Y afterwards. | 3 février 2020

@jennieshawmd - So many variables, it's hard to guess, but I'd say it's about 6-12 months out for USA sales if ordered now. If China starts producing the Y, it may be quicker, but we don't know when that will occur. More likely it will not affect Y orders this year.

Techy James | 3 février 2020

@Maxxer, Congratulations on the new daughter. Now as for the 7 Seater Model Y, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but by the time you get the 7 seater version Model Y, your daughter will likely be a year old. They are still listing the 7 seater variant available in 2021. Maybe you could find a Used Model X 7 seater versus the Model Y. Some suggestions are: 2016 Model X with original AP 1: or 2017 with FSD