2020.4.1 SentryCam Video corrupted, RecentClips fine

2020.4.1 SentryCam Video corrupted, RecentClips fine

Replied to an older posting on this, but couldn't find it today.
After 2020.4.1 my Sentry recordings and Recent recording had some issues, mostly with the right repeater, but other cameras too.
Since then...
So, I rebooted the car (brake + both steering wheel buttons) and error scanned and fixed the USB drive JIC.
Today, no Sentry activations, but in the RecentClips folder, the video while in Sentry still shows corruption and has smaller file sizes for front, left, and right cameras. However, all cameras and video are good in RecentClips while driving.

Some example file sizes, Windows 10 reports, all in KB for the video while in Sentry Mode.
back 26,165
front 13,247
left 7,264
right 5,337
All files when things are working are in the range 25,xxx to 29,xxx.
Corrupted videos are gray, green with hint of an image, herky jerky, or otherwise messed up.
Almost like it was having trouble with the video compression, my guess. But when when NOT driving, the processor load is higher when driving and video is fine.
I have Hardware 2.5.

Anyone else seeing this?
I'm going to repeat the re-boot and USB Stick fixes. Hoping for a 2020.4.2 or magic. | 6 février 2020

Most likely it is your USB drive. Some drives as they fill up get slower and slower. I've seen a few that have 1/50 the rated write speed when near full - truly awful. First,I'd reformat the drive - it might restore normal operation for a while.

You didn't state the drive or size. I recommend 128 GB drives as they last longer. Smaller drives, like a 16 GB may not last 2 months. These drives have a limited lifetime, based on the number of writes. Dashcam usage is brutal on any flash drive, but the larger the drive, the longer it lasts. Also stick type USB flash drives are not rated for the temperature extremes typically encountered in the cabin, so cold or hot cabins may make the drive start to go wonky.

Here are my recommendations and a lot of options to consider:

Good luck!

AstroSteve | 6 février 2020

Thanks for info, I use a PNY 64GB USB stick that is USB 3.0. I has two partitions, one for music. Had it for like 6 months and local temperatures this winter have been quite mild, today was in the 40's and the car is garaged.
The USB drive was hardly full, it has 40GB free on the 48GB partition.
I have some saved video, I'll move it off to keep it and format the TeslaCam partition as an experiment.

That doesn't quite explain why the video in RecentClips while driving has no problems, only the video recorded in Sentry Mode.
Still a mystery, but I'll experiment.

M3D | 7 février 2020

Mine gets corrupted when it fills up. Delete files or reformat it.

calmei19 | 7 février 2020

I get a notification that says some clips not saved, too slow for dash cam use usb that writes 4mb or higher. Could this just be that I’m nearing full?

AstroSteve | 9 février 2020

I reformatted the TeslaCam partition on my Mac instead of using the PC. Today, all cameras recorded properly in Recent and Sentry folders. So, the problem was either fixed by that or went away on its own.
It wasn't corruption from being full as it was like only 25 full. But it had been in the car for a while. I did learn of the corruption issue when I tried using an old UBS drive that was too small when Sentry was introduced.

One other thing, no matter if I format it, on a Mac or a PC, here is what I get when using the PC to use SentryKeeper for video review. After Inserting flash drive into PC:
There is a problem with this drive.
-- Scan and fix it.
Repair drive.
Your drive was successfully scanned.
Windows successfully scanned the drive. No errors were found.

This happens when the video is fine or when I had the little weird issue noted here.
Anyone else get this? I do have the USB drive partitioned and it is 64GB.