Full Self Driving Model 3....when?

Full Self Driving Model 3....when?

When will Full Self driving be implemented? I have the model 3 with the new computer and purchased the FSD option when I purchased the car in December 2017.

In the mean time I already paid $5000 for the option and will probably upgrade to a Y next year. However that's not going to happen unless FSD becomes a reality. IOW, I paid for FSD when I purchased the car December 2017 but to date it seems to be non functional even with the upgraded computer. (Tesla fanboys>>Now don't tell me I paid for the promise of FSD because that just no longer applies after all these years have passed).

While Elon keeps saying Lidar is a "fools errand" perhaps he should look at the cars which have demonstrated full real time self driving capability.

andy.connor.e | 13 février 2020

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spuzzz123 | 13 février 2020

I don't think we are close brother. I didn't think it was close, when I paid for it. And I don't think the Lidar advocates are close either (other then in small Geofenced areas). Call me a fan boy, but I really feel FSD as promised, is a product worth well over $10k, and if I could get it for a fraction now it is a worthy gamble.

PrescottRichard | 13 février 2020

Fish hook.

Why are there so many posts like this recently? Feels like some of those news channels that keep you OUTRAGED.

compchat | 13 février 2020

Promise made.
Promise NOT kept.
Build it in America
Ship it to the World.

While I'm on a Tesla rant, the plant in China had to close due to Corona Virus. Shouldn't have ever built it there to begin with. I predicted, on this site, that the plant would have problems due to political unrest, regulations, taxes and fees. But I stil remain convinced that the cars should be built in America by American workers and shipped to China. That methodology worked well for Japan sending their cars here for decades.

compchat | 13 février 2020


It's not a product until it is operational.
If you purchase/lease a new Tesla every 3 to 4 years the "gamble" will not pay off.
Thank you for admitting it was a gamble Fanboy.

SamO | 13 février 2020


jordanrichard | 13 février 2020

compchat, name one car that you can buy at your local dealership that has FSD.

andy.connor.e | 13 février 2020

"While I'm on a Tesla rant, the plant in China had to close due to Corona Virus. Shouldn't have ever built it there to begin with."

Hey captain hindsight, we all saw the coronavirus coming last year when they broke ground.

andy.connor.e | 13 février 2020

"I paid for FSD when I purchased the car December 2017 but to date it seems to be non functional even with the upgraded computer."

Your temper tantrum is making you neglect the FSD features that have been released since Dec 2017. If you dont acknowledge them thats your own fault.

Yodrak. | 13 février 2020

"When will Full Self driving be implemented?"

Either soon or a long, long time, depending on how you personally define the "full" part of full self driving.

EVRider | 13 février 2020

@compchat: Why does your potential purchase on a Y next year depend on FSD? If you’re not happy with the progress of FSD by the time you buy the Y, just don’t pay for FSD. The fact that you paid for FSD for your 3 has nothing to do with it.

akgolf | 13 février 2020

Maybe he’d like the new Mustang? Sounds like another terrific Tesla Killer on paper.

I think I’ll take the profits from my Tesla stock and get a Cybertruck and maybe a Model Y. :)

andy.connor.e | 14 février 2020

There is no company that can kill another company that is objectively technologically superior in every aspect. Especially when they have not even produced their so called killer.

efuseakay | 14 février 2020

8 years at the absolute minimum.

TabascoGuy | 14 février 2020


nukequazar | 19 février 2020

Never. These cars will never have what any five-year-old would understand as “Full Self-Driving.”

@PrescottRichard, why the outrage? Because Elon promised FSD would be working by last year, and our cars would be robo-taxis generating profits for owners this year. All lies to sell cars, pump the stick price, and bring him his $50-billion payday. That’s why.

RickD | 20 février 2020

Tesla currently runs at SAE Level 2 with the FSD option, with Level 3 actually not far away. (This is more a legal issue than a technical one as far as I know the capabilities.) When will we get Level 4 or 5? Most likely not in the next 2 years. So if THAT is what you are looking for in FSD, then you have a problem. For me, L3 would already be good enough. (And in the area where I live it is legally already possible, so I hope Tesla will open that up soon.)

TabascoGuy | 20 février 2020

What's funny is that all the people that are slamming the current FSD features in their cars and when it will ready for prime time somehow think that they have the latest version of FSD software in their car. You know, the version that Tesla has in their R&D cars that hasn't been released yet.

Geico | 20 février 2020

I think what is interesting is other car manufactures have level 2 AP. When will Tesla go to level 3? At what stage does Tesla pull away from the competition?

AP in it's current state is nice, but people can get a very similar version of AP for roughly half the price of a Tesla in an ICE.

If Tesla came out tomorrow with Level 3, it would be a very big hit. The price still puts a lot of folks out of the market. I don't think they are anywhere near level 5 and we're talking 10 years away.

Waymo already has level 5 vehicles driving passengers around. I see that being a thing before the Tesla AP. Although much more limited and geofenced.

andy.connor.e | 20 février 2020

personally, i dont feel FSD will be worth the price until the car can drive itself with zero human interaction. But thats the price i'll end up paying to have it, soon™

lessrandom | 20 février 2020

It seems like they’re close to some big improvements. Elon promised pothole avoidance via micromaps, that will change everything about the car’s behavior maybe even including smoother actions and better intersection negotiation. They’ve got a huge data set now for training those neural nets but I worry they aren’t deep enough. Watching them go through iteration after iteration on foundational behavior inference is cringeworthy but also exciting. But will the neural nets have enough depth to pull it off?? How will the navigational micro maps be constructed? Stay tuned!

SamO | 21 février 2020