Model Y refund

Model Y refund

Model Y ride height is too low to be called a compact SUV. I am really disappointed with Tesla and I want a refund but they said it will take several weeks to get one. Tesla customer service is horrendous. I will never buy another Tesla. Hyundai Nero is really good and half the price, and even has more real world range.

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

What is the official ground clearance on Model 3 and Model Y?

I canceled my original deposit on Model 3 and it took about 30 days to get refund.

Not sure why you are mad at Tesla for ground clearance. They are building the car they think customers want. Lots of car choices.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 février 2020

The stock prices are driving the trolls nuts.

Trolls are evil.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 février 2020

Is this Troll Fest? Yahoooooo

teslamazing | 15 février 2020

“ Hyundai Nero is really good and half the price, and even has more real world range.”

1. It’s Nexo
2. Is it really half the price ??


teslamazing | 15 février 2020

Oh and 3. only available in Cali

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

I suspect he meant Kia Niro EV rated at 238 miles.

It’s rated 239 miles vs. Model 3’s 315 so not sure about the range comment vs. Niro. A nice EV for sure.

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

That’s Model Y’s 315 mile range for AWD, the least expensive Model Y you can order.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 février 2020

Least expensive will be RWD

Bighorn | 15 février 2020

Hyundai Nero? Trolls are getting stupider by the day.

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

“Least expensive will be RWD”

Not currently offered for sale by Tesla so can only go by what Tesla is currently offering, as noted above. Tesla removed the RWD early on. Perhaps that is why depositor is upset that no longer offer the model he wanted.

Was the RWD Model Y more or less range than 315?

82bert | 15 février 2020

This will go on for awhile. Maybe in 3-5 years this nonsense will stop. The motivations of paid and incentivized people on here are transparent.

Maxxer | 15 février 2020

You guys never had to call Tesla and wait 45 minutes on the line?

In what parallel world do you fanbois live in?

Every fat American I speak to wants Suberban and Escalade sized SUV with Cybertruck ground clearance with Porsche dealership customer service.

A guy comes to complain with Tesla known shortage of staff due to rapid growth and sale and the only thing you find to say is calling him a troll? You guys lost complete credibility. You look like Tesla hired trolls

teslamazing | 15 février 2020

OP didn't even have the manufacturer nor the model correct on comparing the Y too. LOL

100% troll

Bighorn | 15 février 2020

Hope he doesn’t stay on hold too long with Hyundai for that refund when he finally realizes he ordered a non-existent car. What a tool, but he’s found some kindred spirits at least.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 février 2020

Maxxer | February 15, 2020
You guys never had to call Tesla...?

Not I.

rxlawdude | 15 février 2020


gballant4570 | 15 février 2020

OP - "I will never buy another Tesla."

You never bought the first one, dumb ass.

rxlawdude | 15 février 2020

Oh yeah, and the $100 order fee is non-refundable. What state does OP live in?

teslamazing | 15 février 2020

whats the over/under if OP will return

casun | 15 février 2020

i hear the hyundai nero has cross track warning. can anyone confirm?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 février 2020

Haha and blind dog kriss Kross nuclear alert

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 février 2020

Oh sorry blind dog side Christmas lights

Maxxer | 15 février 2020


You’re a fucking cockroach lurking in every thread,
Get a life

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 15 février 2020

Said the Maxxer I can creat threads a day L O L. You are crazy as fuck bro

Maxxer | 15 février 2020

And you are useless as fuck in life sis

Daryl | 15 février 2020

@shank15217 "Model Y ride height is too low to be called a compact SUV."

Do we know what the ride height/ground clearance is yet? With more ground clearance I would be tempted to trade my Model 3 for a Model Y, for off-road and back-road driving. But if the clearance is the same as a 3 it would not be worth it to me.

creativeguy | 15 février 2020

Where did you see Tesla describe the Y as a "compact SUV"? They have always described it as based on the 3 with 75% common parts, so not sure where the expectation of SUV came from. It is a cross-over at best, Model 3 hatchback at worst.

FISHEV | 15 février 2020

Yikes! It says 5.5 inch ground clearance for Model Y. Prius does better than that at 5.8 inches. Mach-E Ford is 5.7 inch ground clearance.

AWDTesla | 15 février 2020

"FISHEV | February 15, 2020
I suspect he meant Kia Niro EV rated at 238 miles.

It’s rated 239 miles vs. Model 3’s 315 so not sure about the range comment vs. Niro. A nice EV for sure."

Look at you posting facts and not getting every fanboi on your dick.


beaver | 15 février 2020

Yes please go ahead and cancel! Then I will get mine sooner. Win win

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15 février 2020

Potential competitors...

_________8.7" _____ Honda CR-V
_________8.7" _____ Subaru Forester
_________8.6" _____ Toyota RAV4 XLE
_________7.8" _____ Ford Escape
_________7.4" _____ Nissan Rogue
_________7.1" _____ Kia Niro Electric
_________5.7" _____ Ford Mustang Mach-e

Tesla has not yet released official dimensions of Model Y. AUTOMOBILE magazine presumes it will have the same 5.5" ground clearance of the Model 3. Supposedly, Elon Musk recently confirmed that air suspension will not be offered on Model 3 or Model Y at all. I have not seen those statements myself, though it has been reported by others.

The opening statements by the OP are pretty much universally false.

▪︎ The car is from Kia, not Hyundai

▪︎ The Kia Niro Electric is not spelled with an 'e', but an 'i' (thereby tying into the paid celebrity endorsement by Robert De Niro)

▪︎ It has a base price of $39,495 rather than 'half the price' of Model Y as he declares above (which will start at ~$39,000 for the entry-level model, and tops out at ~$60,000 for the Performance)

▪︎ As shown in my list above, the known ground clearance for the Kia Niro Electric is among the lowest 'in class', whether you call them 'Compact SUVs' or 'Crossovers'

▪︎ Generally speaking, such vehicles are expected to at least offer the potential of AWD, if not 4×4 offroad ability, and that is wholly absent from the front motor, front wheel drive Kia Niro Electric -- both the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-e will be available with AWD, just like the AUDI etron and Jaguar I-Pace

teslamazing | 16 février 2020

OP is mia and most in the sauce. Flagged.

teslamazing | 16 février 2020

Lost *

jordanrichard | 16 février 2020

Can’t believe some people here are giving this thread any credence. One, no one outside of Tesla has sat in a Model Y. So how does the OP know it sits too low to be a “SUV”. If he/she is going by pictures, like the initial reveal, why did they put down a deposit in the first place? Also “compact” technically has nothing to do with height, it has to do with interior space.

h2ev | 16 février 2020

For a while now, what used to be a $1000 refundable deposit is now a $100 *order fee* when placing an order and is non-refundable. I think this poster is full of it.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 février 2020

jordanrichard: Indeed, the OP is complete [BOLSHEVIK], no doubt. I have taken to not offering a knee jerk reaction to threads with an obviously purposeful incendiary title. I wait until there is a particular quantity of responses, so everyone can say their piece, befor I contribute. That way, the more... understanding, helpful, and trustful among us, ie gullible, can feel uninterrupted when I interject my opinions.

Notice that the 'Usual Suspects' tend to frequently accuse me of being an 'unreasonable fanboi forum cop' who allows no 'reasonable discussion' of Tesla's 'valid failings' and stuff. So now, I allow them to post all their [BORSHT] in abundance before dropping by to set the record straight, or in Trolls' opinion, firmly crooked.

h2ev: Yes. Insight to another point where the OP is flat WRONG. Thank you. Liars tend to try so hard to place everything Tesla does in a bad light, they often don't keep up with changes they make that override their many ridiculous criticisms.