$400 for heated rear seats

$400 for heated rear seats

Just go the option available in my Tesla app,
I never have any passenger sitting in the rear without booster seats so I will not take it.
But it is an interesting option for transporting adult during winter.

lilbean | 23 février 2020

They will grow out of the booster seats. I would just get it. I don't have that option. :(

MichaelB00012 | 23 février 2020

Mine came with it, and my oldest has since grown entirely out of her booster. She hates it.

The younger one still has the booster but no back, and she LOVES the warmer on full blast! I cannot handle it on max for more than a few minutes but it's by far the best seat heater I've ever used.

Bighorn | 23 février 2020

I thought it was $300 last week. Is this Canadian or Australian, etc or has the price changed?

kevin_rf | 23 février 2020

First words out of the disinterested teens mouth each ride is please turn on my seat. Often please is omitted.... Now if only we had chill mode for that rear seat.

spuzzz123 | 23 février 2020

Lilbean why don’t you have it already? You have full premium interior, right?

spuzzz123 | 23 février 2020 live in SoCal don’t you???

audi2tesla | 24 février 2020

$400 is the price for us Canadians up north.

Bighorn | 24 février 2020

Thanks A2T.

yudansha™ | 24 février 2020

I don’t need them. Can I have my money back for disabling the back seat heaters?

lbowroom | 24 février 2020

Sure, but there's a $400 fee for disabling them. | 24 février 2020

@yudansha - Sell them on eBay - works great if you don't need those rear seats. You might even get more than $400 :)

yudansha™ | 24 février 2020

@ Have you seen eBay fees lately?! Lol

CoffeePowered | 24 février 2020

Wow, I assumed they weren't just wired up since I have the SR+. Too bad I read that the non-functional, but installed speakers in the car don't have wires connecting to them so it won't appear as an upgrade option for me. It would be nice to be able to use them since they're there anyways (yeah, no sub though).

Sarah R | 25 février 2020

@Coffee Powered
There's no real reason why the premium sound can't be offered add an upgrade. It would be a service center or mobile ranger thing for sure, not just a download, but it could still be done.

CoffeePowered | 26 février 2020

@Sarah R

That would be pretty cool if it became an option. I hate thinking that the speakers are sitting there, but just not hooked up. Adding the sub would be nice as well.

As for the seat heaters, good thing my kids don't read the forums or else they'd be bugging the heck out of me to get that upgrade. They think money grows on trees (like how I wish it did).

lbowroom | 26 février 2020

Upgrade audio kit. Just found it with a google search.