Your Solar Production Rate in Socal (Feb 2020)

Your Solar Production Rate in Socal (Feb 2020)

Trying to understand your solar actual production vs. your system size. there are several factors that affect the production like microinverter clipping, wires, heat, etc. etc. It would be nice if you can simply post some numbers so I can compare to mine. I am in Socal in Riverside County. Want to see how Tesla/other brands are performing so I can put solar on my 2nd home in Socal.
I have:
9KW system LG375 NeonR Ace panels with built-in microinverters with max output of 320W. System installed few days ago and in two days it produced 52KWH, 54KWH. Peak production was 7.85KWH during any given hour. System faces South with 20 degree sloped roof.

what is your system size, your daily production (Feb 2020), and your peak production in any given hour. Reason I picked Feb is that it was most sunny recent month.

gregbrew | 29 février 2020

I'm in So. CA. Huntington Beach coastal. A marine layer can be a factor in the morning.

5.035kW DC array
4.2kW AC string inverter (ABB, 2 x 2.1kW)
Maximum output that I've ever seen (rarely): 4.6kW (clipping)
Typical production on a sunny day right now: 20kWh
Typical production on a sunny day mid-June: 22kWh
Typical production on a sunny day in August: 25-30kWh

I get maximum production in April and August due to roof slope. My array faces directly South.

Specified annual production in the contract: 8.4MWh.
If you average my production over the four years the array has been in service, we've met that production goal within 1%.

j.bowden | 1 mars 2020

Just installed near the Winter Solstice so nearly every sunny day is a NEW RECORD!
All values as reported by the Tesla app.

Coastal San Diego

3.8 kW array
Solar Edge SE3800 inverter (label says Max Continuous Output Power 3800 WAC @ 240V)
16.7 kWH max production for a day was on Feb 29 (surprise!)
3.5 kW highest peak I could find was on Feb 22 (a narrow transient)
4 panels South, 8 panels West (don't know brand)

Wish I had asked what panels they were installing!

(daily harvest has crawled ever upwards from about 10 kWH at beginning of Jan 2020)