Tesla APP

Tesla APP

Good Evening. Is anyone else having problems with the App. I went to schedule a service and there is a message that i should log in to the Tesla account online and put in my address - weird because i had all in there and actually had a service call last Friday so i went anyway and there is no where for me to add/ update my address. It says to go to settings and I can’t find any such tab.

EVRider | 6 mars 2020

When you log into your Tesla account, go to and click Contact under Personal Information. You can update your address there.

You posted this question twice, please delete the other one.

hal | 6 mars 2020

how do I post a new message. I want to make a feature suggestion | 6 mars 2020

@hal - You just posted a new message. To post a new thread you need to be a Tesla owner - then go to the list of threads and click on the black button "Post new Forum Topic". If you're an owner and don't see that button, contact Tesla to give you owner access. Normally it's automatic, but there have been a few cases where it didn't happen automatically.

awodele | 6 mars 2020

@ evrider my problem is there is no such tab as settings when I log in

EVRider | 6 mars 2020

@awodele: The link I provided should take you to the correct page, but to get there manually, do this:

1. Log in to your Tesla web account.
2. Select Account on the top right of the page (the other options are Home, History, and Sign Out).
3. Under Personal Information, click Contact.
4. Under Primary Contact, click Edit (it might be different if you have no primary contact).

awodele | 7 mars 2020

Thanks i did that and the only available option for me is my name . I have deleted and reloaded the app. If it makes any difference, i have an iphone

EVRider | 8 mars 2020

The instructions I provided are for your online web account, meaning using your web browser. The mobile app is irrelevant.