Geting a refund from Tesla

Geting a refund from Tesla

I have been frustrated trying to get service on a refund that is due to from a cancelled Tesla order. Does anyone have an insight on how to pierce the "telephone wall" Tesla has constructed to a real person?
Thank you.
Larry | 18 mars 2020

With Tesla essentially shut down due to all companies in the Bay area being shut down, there may be no one to contact. Hopefully, they will be allowed to start back in 2-3 weeks. Some refunds can be initiated within your account page. Click on "Manage" and see if there is a refund option listed. That's the best way if the option is available as it's mostly automatic.

BossHoss | 1 avril 2020

I am 60-something and have been lucky enough to have owned lots of nice cars over the years. My Model X is my favorite one (followed by my Honda Element and Porsche Macan GTS.)

The day after the Model Y on-line ordering began, I placed an order and a $2,500 deposit for a loaded Model Y.

A few days ago I canceled (also on-line) my Model Y order (because of being so dissatisfied with dealing with Tesla Customer Service / Support.)

Within a few hours of canceling my Model Y order, I received a notice from Tesla that it was in fact canceled. Then last evening I was alerted (via an Amex notification) that I had received a $2,500 refund from Tesla.

In 2 years of owning Teslas that was my first positive Tesla Customer Service experience.

n7142701886 | 3 avril 2020

I cancelled a Tesla 3 reservation via my Tesla account Web and received refund in 2 days back to credit card.