Problem with latest software update for "better bluetooth"

Problem with latest software update for "better bluetooth"

I just got the latest update with release notes about "better bluetooth" and now I can't play my music from my iPhone using bluetooth and if I'm on a phone call, it switches back-and-forth between the car and the phone many times during the call (with all doors closed and sitting in the driver seat).
I tried "forgetting device" in both the car and my phone and re-pairing but it didn't help. Is there something else I need to do?

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mars 2020

Try rebooting the car and phone.

denwai | 21 mars 2020

I have the same issue. Tried rebooting car and phone w/o success. After 2020.8.1 I have to connect manually to listen to iPhone music using Bluetooth.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mars 2020

Second level of debug: Unpair and then pair phones.

gary_shank | 21 mars 2020

I did all that and still no go :(

denwai | 22 mars 2020

@gary_shank + 1

Audrafarrell | 23 mars 2020

Same here.

pdeputy | 23 mars 2020

Looks like 2020.8.2 may have corrected your problem.

philipgroves2 | 1 avril 2020

I have software update 2020.8.3 and I am having the iPhone bluetooth connectivity as described at the start of this chain. Anything being done about it?

fazman | 1 avril 2020

I had this issue this morning after getting a map update yesterday evening.

I did a lot of cell phone and car PoPo (power on/power off)... in the end what fixed it for me was to remove the bluetooth pairing from the car and my cell phone. Then redo the pair process. It works fine after that for me

chris.gaukel | 2 avril 2020

I'm running 2020.12.1 and I'm frequently having to reboot the tesla screen to recover bluetooth connectivity.

I've previously on two occasions clearing the bluetooth phone connections for both the phone and the car while rebooting the phone as well.

The only remedy that is effective is rebooting the Tesla Screen in my circumstance. (Iphone Xr with Software 13.4)

fazman | 5 avril 2020

My car seems to have trouble re connecting the bluetooth audio twice over the past couple days. The car works with the phone app just fine. Its just the Bluetooth audio connection seems to not connect. Even after powering off the iphone 7 plus and 2 button phone hard reset, still won’t connect to bluetooth audio. I have to do the two scroll button press on the steering wheel to get the car to reboot before it will reconnect to the phones bluetooth audio.

bjrosen | 5 avril 2020

Is everybody here who is having trouble on an iPhone? I have a Pixel 4XL and Bluetooth has been seamless, it's doing everything it's supposed to do. If I'm on a phone call outside of the car it picks up on Bluetooth as soon as I get into the car, but not before. When streaming Pandora it works fine, when I get out of the car it stops, when I get back into the car it picks up automatically.

spuzzz123 | 5 avril 2020

Cold drizzle this morning in a Costco lot. Frigging trunk would not open. Fumbled for my phone. Perhaps I had closed my Tesla app....nope it’s still open. Still raining. Pressing the unlock button on the app now. Car is not responding. I walk over to the driver's side to try the door. Hope I don’t have to dig into my wallet for my card key. Then I notice the chrome on the side. Oh no....I applied a chrome delete last year. I’ve been tugging on the trunk of....someone else’s Model 3

fazman | 5 avril 2020

lol @spuzzz

rdovale | 5 avril 2020

It has something to do with iPhones, iTunes and the Tesla software in my car. I can play Amazon music and Sirius with no issues but when I play my music off the phone after about 10 songs it freezes and disconnects. You can reboot all you want it does it again after the 10 songs.

fazman | 6 avril 2020

I’m pretty sure I spent a lot of time on the road Saturday (more than 200 miles) and one supercharger session. All the while using Pandora from my iphone 7 plus on iOS 13.4.

I’m pretty sure i listened to a lot more than 10 songs before the one event that day and I am sure I listened to more than 10 songs after the event. But I’ll try to keep count of songs starting tomorrow morning.

rdovale | 6 avril 2020

It only does it with me using my songs on iTunes.

gary_shank | 11 avril 2020

I just got update 2020.12.5 and I'm able to play music from iTunes using bluetooth. I haven't tried making a phone call yet but I'm hoping that's resolved too.

jfaubl | 11 avril 2020

For several months my phone will not connect to the car for audio. I have to manually connect it every time. We all have Pixel 3s so I was wondering if t is a pixel problem, but someone above pixel works fine and is having trouble with their iPhone. The lastest update forget pixel fixed blue tooth issues but I'm still having to connect y phone each time I get in the car.

bjrosen | 11 avril 2020

jfaubl@ My Pixel4XL is working perfectly with the car. Had a Pixel2XL before that and it worked fine also. Have you tried re-pairing the phone with the car?

bjrosen | 11 avril 2020

jfaubl@ Have you made the Tesla a Trusted Device? If it isn't then add it.

Danzer | 11 avril 2020

I'm having the same issues with Bluetooth. Before it woulds switch between my phone and car now I can't even get my phone calls to play through the car.

Danzer | 11 avril 2020

I have an iPhone for the record.

jfaubl | 11 avril 2020

Yes to both. I had to redo everything when I got hw3. Maybe it's the car since we have to do it on the three phones that use the car.

jfaubl | 12 avril 2020

Well on 2020.12.5 and it seems better. Connected right away several times in and out of car today.

shimeonphone | 12 avril 2020

Just updated to 2020.12.1
Making phone calls through Bluetooth works fine, but cannot play music through Bluetooth. I am using Pixel 3.
Will try to update 2020.12.5 later to see if it helps.

snathla | 12 avril 2020

Bluetooth has been an issue for a while. Their latest 'sit in the car and it will activate" is a joke, I have to manually connect daily. It also does not know that I've left the vehicle and it should turn off and lock the doors. I have to manually do these.

Happens when a car is built with a lot of software....lots of bugs

cnsf | 19 avril 2020

Having a problem with Bluetooth, too. As I was driving, I could see every 10-20 second bluetooth would disconnect and reconnect. Couldn't hold a conversation. Forgot the devices, repaired a few times, rebooted the Tesla entertainment system, and still had the problem. I finally rebooted the system again today after a drive where I had multiple disconnect/reconnects, and it seemed to be better after that. I hope Tesla is reading this or seeing the disconnect problems. My iPhone XS was fine connecting before the latest Model 3 update (the bigger one and the subsequent revision).

ialrisheh | 19 avril 2020

I still have the issue after updating to 2020.12.5, and I use iPhone XS. I tried removing the iPhone (Disconnect) with no luck, it does not seem to respond. I successfully removed the Car from my iPhone bluetooth connection list, but it still shows in the Tesla bluetooth list.
At least I can use my iPhone as a key, but no bluetooth connectivity at all.

bbird | 21 avril 2020

Issues with lack of connection with Blutooth to Pixel 3 after update to 2020.12.5. I've deleted the pairing. Rebooted the MCU, then rebooted the entire car. Re-paired the phone. Then the problem returns the 2nd time I use the car, it will not pair again.

I've seen reports of similar problems from others with the recent Tesla update.

fazman | 21 avril 2020

@bbird - I was getting that issue before, I am not noticing it more recently in my car (Maybe lucky)... I have no updated to any new firmware yet (Nothing new is available).

Goddesavatar | 23 avril 2020

I have same problem too. And this problem always “come and go” with the software’s so much annoying me...

Info | 29 avril 2020

I have been having the same issue, my iPhone 11 will be connected ( its updated) and I tend to use Apple Music. A few minutes into the drive it disconnects and then cannot be paired. I go through all the steps, disconnect the phone, forget the device, try to re-pair, nothing works til I am in park and can reboot the screen. But that us temporary because it has happened everyday for the last 3-4 weeks... ever since 2 software updates ago when we supposedly got “better bluetooth” in the update. Has Tesla released any info on correcting this problem? Its super annoying.

M3phan | 29 avril 2020

Found a possible fix (I previously tried all the troubleshooting, even went through a 30 minute chat with Tesla support); will need to double check it tomorrow, but here’s what I stumbled across this afternoon:

I started playing a song as I always do from my iphone iTunes, and of course it’s not playing anything through the system, I then switched on the fly to streaming slacker from screen menu and just picked a random channel and played a song off of it at random, (The song was audible through the car system). I then s few seconds in switched back to my phone option on the car screen menu and it played my Bluetooth music again. Worked rest of the day.

Will double check tomorrow, as I said, to see if it’s still connected, or if it randomly decides to disconnect, I’ll see if this “flip to streaming and then flip back to phone” on the menu is a workable (temporary) fix until the next software update.

Mike83 | 30 avril 2020

Most of these problems are fixed with a ReBoot. Also a full reboot may be needed. I have an Pixel 3XL phone and it works great.

M3phan | 30 avril 2020

Reboots stopped working for me. But the switching sources got it done! Either way, SW patch coming I hope

becky.swan | 1 juillet 2020

We updated to version 2020.20.13 and have been having all sorts of problems with phone connectivity for phone calls. Anyone else?