Model Y sighting!

Model Y sighting!

I saw my first Model Y on the road yesterday! It was stopped on the opposite side of the road and I glanced over and thought it looked like a taller Model 3. Then it turned in front of me and I could clearly see the chrome delete and overall shape. Midnight Silver color. Bellevue WA. It looks good in real life and I suspect it's bigger inside (more usable space) than it looks from the outside.

I remember seeing the first OG RWD Model 3's on the road and being happy, even before I made a reservation for my AWD.

I know that this is a bad time to launch a new vehicle but Tesla learned a lot from the Model 3 production that will increase the chance of the Model Y being a success.

pasaito | 22 mars 2020

I saw one too, in my garage! First Tesla Y in Memphis, TN! Go Tesla!!

EVRider | 4 juillet 2020

Flagged appspopo4.

Haven't seen any Model Y's here in southeast FL.

akgolf | 4 juillet 2020

I haven’t seen any in Oklahoma yet.

Really looking forward to comparing it with my wife’s Prius V since that’s what it will eventually replace. But Cybertruck first.

jeff_pearce | 4 juillet 2020

@Pasaito....congrats! I am in east memphis (St. Francis Hospital area) and will be looking for you...haven't seen a MY yet....

in7 | 4 juillet 2020

I've seen two in the Mountain View, CA area. One was blue, and the other was white. They look sort of like the X, except viewing it from the side, the front and rear door handles of the Y are not immediately next to each other like they are on the X.

andy.connor.e | 4 juillet 2020

Plenty in capital district NY | 5 juillet 2020

I just drove my friends white Y yesterday. Sweet ride! I love how the rear seats can recline and you can unlatch them from the trunk area. A well thought out design. Nice driver position too- quite a bit higher than the 3, and still has lots of headroom. For me an extra 4-5" headroom makes the interior feel really open. More rear seat leg space too over the 3.

Tesla2018 | 5 juillet 2020

Went to the sales center and parked next to one. It's taller and.longer than my model 3. Interior front area looks the same but bottom of seat cushions are up higher after opening door due to increased ground clearance.
I like the rear hatch better than the model 3 since it is all wide open. I couldn't fit a microwave in the trunk of my model 3 and its hard to put a bicycle in with the metal piece going across the back of the trunk. Wish the model 3 had a similar hatch design.
I don't want a model Y since its too big and I hate SUVs. Wish they would make a 2 door hatchback model 3 for those that need to get large objects in the car occasionally but don't need an ugly large SUV or pickup. | 5 juillet 2020

@Tesla2018 - Not only is the ground clearance higher, the seats are actually mounted in the car on a small pedestal, maybe 3" higher than the 3, so your butt is higher off the floor than in the 3. It makes getting in and out a bit easier.

blkice | 5 juillet 2020

The bicycle fitment is y I bought the Y.

rxlawdude | 5 juillet 2020

@TTap, it took you this long to test drive a MY?? :-) | 5 juillet 2020

Yep, wasn't high on my list as I figured it would be close to the 3. I do want to test drive the Cybertruck:)

NKYTA | 5 juillet 2020

TT, same skateboard as 3 though, yes?

Shesmyne2 | 5 juillet 2020

I’ve been seeing them more frequently here in San Mateo County-mostly blue ones, rare red, couple whites. Most took the chrome delete option apparently.
Pulled up next to one w/my 3 and yes, it’s higher & a bit ‘fatter’ next to me. (No body shaming implied).

Still Grinning ;-) | 6 juillet 2020

@NKYTA - Yep. Lots of the Y is identical to the 3, which is a good thing. Still, it has it's own unique features too. Seems some new Y features like USB-C ports and wireless phone chargers are going into the 3 as well, so both benefit from the improvements.

trixiew | 6 juillet 2020

@Shesmyne and NKYTA- unlimited test drive in the north bay anytime you feel adventurous.

jjs | 7 juillet 2020

@trixiew - Are test drives offered to those of us in the heartland?

trixiew | 7 juillet 2020


jjs | 7 juillet 2020

:) Nice

mbirnie51 | 8 juillet 2020

Our daughter picked up her new MY on July 5 at Dublin CA. Delivery was a breeze, all touchless through your phone app. The paperwork sat in the back cargo area and we had lots of time to do our delivery check list. Had a couple of questions and there was staff to come and assist.

I ordered our new MY on June 30 to get under the price increase of FSD, even though our MX had the FSD upgrade done on June 29. Trading in our MX after 3 years and 46k miles ( lowball valuation by Tesla on the MX). I'll miss some of the MX features, but the overall design and size of the MY fits us and our garage well. We can still fit two large dogs in the cargo area. We have a delivery date of July 16.

Each new model of Tesla vehicles fills a market segment and I see Tesla increasing market share as their line up fills more needs of the public. When the Cybertruck hits the road, Tesla will shoot way out front of any automaker with better design, sustainability, lifetime costs, and utility. OEMs are far behind, but Tesla's lead will be insurmountable then.....IMHO.

tracykarin | 10 juillet 2020

I ordered my Red Model Y Performance with PUP on June 13th, 2020. Anxiously, awaiting to trade-in my 2017 BMW X3 35i xdrive M-Sport with only 19,400 miles.

Has anyone seen a Red Model Y Performance variant yet?

Already had my Tesla Gen 3 wall charger installed at my townhouse which cost a small fortune ($2,500) and took two board meetings to receive approval. Two caveats though, I have to assume full responsibility for any damage due to their snow plows or landscapers and have to remove charger when I sell my home.

blkice | 10 juillet 2020

Sounds like an HOA

NKYTA | 10 juillet 2020

@trixiew, we’ll wear masks ;-)