model X lights turning on

model X lights turning on

We picked up our new Model X two weeks ago... just before the stay at home orders... and because we have a camera in the garage that notices "movement" which is based on light changes, i've noticed the headlights are coming on at random and staying on for 5 seconds to one minute or more... for no apparent reason... for example three or four times overnight when there is no one in the garage. any ideas anyone?

StarChief | 26 mars 2020

Make sure your key fob is far enough away at night so as not to be detected by the car. Sounds like it is randomly detecting it.

precisionmike | 26 mars 2020

thanks for that suggestion starchief... the first night that happened the key fob was about 15 feet from front bumper and in a different room... the second night it was more like 40 feet away with at least three walls in between. and the car is NOT in sentry mode... and if it was, I have "home" set up and also "ignore" when at home location...

JAnnen | 30 mars 2020

The 12V battery wakes up the high voltage (400V) buss when it gets low. The HV buss powers the 12V battery charger to recharge the 12V battery. When the 12V is fully charged the HV buss goes back to sleep until the next cycle. This might explain the one minute or more wake ups, but not the 5 sec wake ups. Maybe the Bluetooth signal from a cell phone was detected.