Just got 2020.12.1

Just got 2020.12.1

Just letting you know I'm in no special group and this just downloaded. Will test it out later today. I do have FSD and HW3, I was retrofitted a month ago. I took delivery back in March 2018 LR AWD.

rxlawdude | 27 mars 2020

Yep, just got the notice. I'll hold off and wait for reports from the guinea pigs. ;-)

ramoska | 27 mars 2020

Yeah I'm nervous now... the TMC site has someone saying this one is awful....grrr was there at 2020.12 and now this one is 2020.12.1??

I may take this on the road today and see what happens... people are reporting it slams the brakes when a car gets in front even at a distance..BUT why would they keep releasing that if that was true? This guy posted that video on Wednesday.... Hmmm what to believe and not to... I'll post here in about 4 hours. I have to make a 2 hour car trip in a few hours and will see how it goes on the open road.

JAD | 27 mars 2020

It could be the new AP core that Elon talked about. Take one step back for two forward....

stingray.don | 27 mars 2020

I went from 2020.12 to 2020.12.1 yesterday. I took one short drive and didn't notice any difference.

Lorenzryanc | 27 mars 2020

March 2018?? AWD wasn't available then... I was April and only had RWD

ramoska | 27 mars 2020

Ahh ok so there was a 2020.12 and now there is a 2020.12.1 That is great to hear.
I bet that guy in the video had 2020.12 then.... since it was a few days ago.

M3phan | 27 mars 2020

I have this update, got it when my HW3 was updated a week and a half ago… Not much of a change from 8.1

M3phan | 27 mars 2020

Correction I have .12 not .12.1

EVRider | 27 mars 2020

Don't get excited about 2020.12.1, it's just another bug fix release. The release notes don't add anything new. The new AP release that stops at traffic lights just went out to early access owners, so we won't be seeing that for a while.

RES IPSA | 27 mars 2020

EVRider is correct. same release notes as the last update. Nothing new.

Whdame | 27 mars 2020

EVRider- not all of them unfortunately...there are two us in this thread that are part of the EAP and we don't have the version.

melmartin | 27 mars 2020

I didn't see any perceptible change in 12.1 from 12. However right after it installed I received notice of a map update.

andy | 27 mars 2020

Exciting for me to read though. My Model 3 hasn’t turned a wheel for nearly a week and it’s only been out once in 11 days and that was for no more than 6 miles. I haven’t had a lawful reason to drive it since the lockdown. Did need to go shopping and needed slightly more than could reasonably be carried on foot, but the ICE had a greater need to move than the Model 3 (to keep its battery charged and move the oils around). Don’t know how long it will be parked up for.

Looking forward to reading the release notes in detail!

teslamazing | 27 mars 2020

Really want the backup cam brightness to be up

mknewman | 27 mars 2020

I got it and Summon works a lot better, even Come To Me works.

Sarah R | 27 mars 2020

Downloading now

jhbisker | 27 mars 2020

@andy Heck, the roads are kinda empty and I use my M3P drives to relax. Not exposing anyone, not interacting, and lots of miles to explore. I bought Jarvis to drive, and drive hard. I’m about to switch back to 20 inch wheels and performance tires since I got it in December and started with winter tires on 18 inch wheels. Hoping the fun accelerates...

Magic 8 Ball | 27 mars 2020

Careful the new software might have a virus.

Too soon?

RES IPSA | 27 mars 2020

Not soon enough @Magic

jhbisker | 27 mars 2020

Oh, and I just finished download and install of 12.1 so will see how, or if anything changes and report back.

ksrehman | 27 mars 2020

@jhbisker were your 18 inch wheels Tesla wheels or 3rd party? I thought the 18" Aero wheels weren't compatible with the Performance but that may have changed. Have fun driving and stay safe.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 mars 2020

I own a P model with factory 18" wheels. The factory "stealth" Performance model has 18" wheels and as a result they do not have the larger brakes but they are designated a P model ( a special version of a P model). Rare, exclusive an the best P model for normal everyday road use, IMO.

mikenorthrup | 27 mars 2020

I had 2020.12.1 and the maps upgraded today. Had 2020.4. With a limited short ride, Only difference noted, besides “STOP” in the stop signs, was many Yellow Fire hydrants that were previously visualized as traffic cones are now not recognized, and, interestingly enough, many of my local manzanita trees, which have a red tinted tree trunk, are now showing up in the visualization as a yellow construction cone.

I love my Tesla.

jim0266 | 27 mars 2020

Dropped off my Model 3 Thursday night for HW3 install. On the way home in the Model S loaner I noticed 2020.12 was available for my car. In installed it. After picking up my Model 3 I was adding a few electrons at the SC and noticed 2020.12.1 was available. I wonder if being at the SC had any part?

EVRider | 28 mars 2020

@jim0266: Are you saying you installed 2020.12 in your Model 3 while it was being serviced? They’re supposed to disable remote access to prevent you from doing things like that. Regarding 12.1, you probably got that because you were on the service center’s WiFi.

shug57 | 29 mars 2020

It may have been a coincidence. I was on automatic drive today with both hands lightly on the steering wheel and no blinking blue light for 15 minutes. I just installed 12.1

shug57 | 29 mars 2020

I also noticed the word stop is now spelled out on stop signs

jhbisker | 29 mars 2020

@ ksrehman They are 3rd party (Tsportline) with Pirelli Sotozero 3; made sure that they would fit Performance setup with the bigger brake calipers. And Thanks on being safe - as I tell my wife, it is my goal to keep driving so I do work hard to keep the shiny side up.... ;) Take Care.

spuzzz123 | 30 mars 2020

“Magic 8 Ball | March 27, 2020
Careful the new software might have a virus.“

Yes, and it’s over-the-airbourne.

ramoska | 30 mars 2020

Hi Well on the interstate during the first 20 minutes of my trip I had phantom breaking and the car also slowed down when other cars got to close on the side of me. For the next 30 min I just kept my foot on the gas. It was a 2 hour drive and after that and on the way home I didn’t have any of those problems again

Magic 8 Ball | 30 mars 2020

Just got the new update. 12pm CA time. It never gets old and always makes me smile when the notification shows on the phone.

farzadghorbani | 30 mars 2020

Just got 2020.12.0.2. Not sure whats fixed. Jumped from 2020.4.2.

farzadghorbani | 30 mars 2020

Just got 2020.12.0.2. Not sure whats fixed. Jumped from 2020.4.2.

lori.m.shapiro | 30 mars 2020

I have 2020.4.1. I was updating software all the time back on 2019. But now, we haven’t seen an update in some time. With 2020.12.x out there, I am feeling left out. Is there a reason? We are in North Florida. I have an M3 LR+.

We had to take our Tesla into the SC when we lost rear camera, cruise control, etc. They fixed it. But no updates.

Any ideas??

M3forMe | 30 mars 2020

Just go 2020.12.1 around noon CA time. Came from 2020.8 with 2018 LR RWD. WFH so no chance to test it out for awhile. Maybe this weekend on grocery shopping.

M3phan | 30 mars 2020

2020.12.1 adds the word “STOP” on visualized stop signs. My basic summon is improved to handle the 1” edge up into my garage, and also summon out down a steeper grade than before. Haven’t tried smart summon yet, but plan to this week.
AP features work as well as they did on 2020.8.1, which was rock solid for me.

bpatter123 | 31 mars 2020

Not sure if it was the HW3 2 weeks ago or the 2020.12.1 three days ago- but for the first time ever my M3 (build date 12/18) can now be summoned out of the 8' (wide) garage to get washed. On all prior attempts it would start & halt after ~6", and would not even attempt to reenter. This is a significant, tangible advance.

Jones | 31 mars 2020

2020.12.1 is the first time that I have seen a separate download for navigation data - previously seemed like a consolidated download. 12.1 downloaded and installed yesterday, navigation updated today.

F.vanalstine | 1 avril 2020

I just got 2020.8.3 this morning (3/1/20).

Strange that this older version is going out at the same time as 2020.12 variations. M3 LR RWD, new June, 2019.

Notes say improved Bluetooth and voice commands and bug fixes.

Joshan | 1 avril 2020

@F.vanalstine do you have FSD? On TMC the theory is only people with FSD are on 12 and people without are on EAP.

Joshan | 1 avril 2020

Damn typos... I really need to proofread.

@F.vanalstine do you have FSD? On TMC the theory is only people with FSD are on 12 and people without FSD are on 8.

F.vanalstine | 1 avril 2020

No full self drive yet. Won’t do that until they want to take my keys away.

EVRider | 1 avril 2020

@Jones: Navigation/map updates have always been separate from software updates. You just don't notice them because they happen automatically, unless you don't connect to WiFi for a while.

gnissen87 | 1 avril 2020

M3 software update last night, now car won't link via bluetooth to iPhone. Tried everything. This update was supposed to IMPROVE bluetooth connectivity, not eliminate it. Anyone else suffering this same problem?

drift | 1 avril 2020

The FSD theory doesn't work. I've got FSD on both cars and both are on 8.

fazman | 1 avril 2020

@gnissen87 I had the same problem this morning after the car did a map update yesterday evening. What I ended up doing is pressing the bluetooth symbol on the upper right corner of the screen and then “forget” my device in the car. Then “forget” the pairing in my phone. Then I started the pairing process to add my phone again and all was well.

I tried all the usual steps first like restarting my cell phone and then hard reset the phone. Then power off the car from the menu and the two scroll wheel reset... nothing helped until i repaired the blue tooth

agkulcz | 1 avril 2020

I'm installing 2020.8.3 now. Got 2020.8.2 just 3 days ago and I was on 2020.8.1 before that. No sign of 2020.12.anything but my car does not have FSD, EAP, or for that matter even Autopilot - it's LR RWD from before well before Autopilot became standard.
I'm curious though, what is the current version of the Maps for those of you who recently updated. My car is parked in a lower level of a parking garage under a big condo building so no Wi-Fi when parked and I have to use my phone as a hotspot to download firmware updates. My maps version is from the middle of 2019 still as a result and I'm wondering if it's worth it to try to leave it on the phone hotspot for a while to try to pull the newest map version. Thank you in advance for the answer....

RP3 | 1 avril 2020

FSD theory doesn't hold with me either. No FSD (2.5 EAP) here and I got 12.1 on Monday.

gnissen87 | 2 avril 2020

@fazman Perfect solution! Worked instantly. Thanks!!

andrewsjra | 4 avril 2020

Still waiting for an update. I’m stuck on 2020.4.1
My wife got 2 updates over the past few weeks and has 2020.12.1