Politicians seem to be over represented in COVID stats

Politicians seem to be over represented in COVID stats

Now it is Boris.

But he hasbeen acting the idiot with all the hand shaking.

Do you think there is a higher proportion of pollies getting the virus?

Ross1 | 27 mars 2020

Boris Johnson
Paul Rand
Prince Charles
Prince Albert

SCCRENDO | 27 mars 2020

I think you need numerator over denominater to know. Politicians are likely to be over represented because they are more likely to be tested and we are more likely to hear about them | 28 mars 2020

To be fair, politicians have a lot of difficulty with social distancing. It's not in their nature. Then, like any celebrity, constituents put out there hand to shake some politician, and it's really hard not to put your hand out as a politician and shake that outstretched hand - something you've been doing thousands of times each year.

It doesn't matter either what political side you may be on either - this affects all!

SCCRENDO | 28 mars 2020

Funny though Trump is a germaphobe. He practices social distancing except of course with hookers

Orthopod | 28 mars 2020

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Orthopod | 28 mars 2020


blkice | 28 mars 2020

He takes no responsibility because his wife was pregnant and unavailable for his needs, you Bootlickers understand