Problems with V:1.45.2 updating Powerflow Energy Usage

Problems with V:1.45.2 updating Powerflow Energy Usage

I am noticing that my PW2's are not updating properly since recent Version: 1.45.2 download. I never had a problem with it updating properly with earlier versions of software. It will eventually update but only after many minutes have elapsed (30-40"). Does anyone else have this issue, ad how did you resolve it? I have messaged Tesla-Energy support but have not received any response to date.

mcdonalk | 13 avril 2020

I think that you will find recent postings on this forum about others experiencing this problem. My thread on this issue is "Possible Meter Problem & Technical Support." I had not made the association of this problem with a specific software upgrade, however. Hopefully, Tesla has and is working on the issue.

gregbrew | 13 avril 2020

I'll say it again...I wish Tesla gave us the option to OPT OUT of firmware updates. I own these d@mn things. Why can't I control them?

If it ain't broke (mine)...don't "fix" it.

Jones | 16 avril 2020

You want the good news or the bad news ?
The good news is that the web site has been updated to show the "features" and content of firmware updates.
The bad news is that you have another update coming...1.46

Patrick | 20 avril 2020

Jones - please share the site URL showing release features/content. Just looked through the Powerwall site and didn’t see it. Thanks. | 20 avril 2020

@Patrick - I think they are only available in the app. Go to the Powerwall home screen in the app, scroll to the bottom, and tap on the version number in blue. The release info appears, even for a version you may not have yet. I'm still on 1.45.2, so it 1.46 hasn't gotten to everyone yet.

Patrick | 20 avril 2020

Thanks - looks like the app was updated with info on the latest releases. Still on 1.45.2 here.