Model 3 Reservations in Fremont

Model 3 Reservations in Fremont


For those wanting to make a Model 3 Reservation at the Fremont Factory Store location on March 31 -

I went to Fremont Factory Store this last weekend to find out if this was the correct location in Fremont to make a Model 3 reservation at the store opening on March 31.

I was told by Representatives working in the store that in order to avoid a massive problem with disruption of the Tesla Sales and Delivery Center on March 31 that the location to make a Model 3 Reservation in Fremont on March 31 would be at the new Tesla Fremont facility slightly south of the main Factory (at the location that was used for the Model X Delivery event last September 29, 2015 located next to the Seagate facility).

Has anyone else received this same information about Model 3 Reservation process in Fremont on March 31? and can anyone confirm the opening time for this location to take Model 3 reservations?

Thank you in advance for any confirmation of this information.

Tâm | 27 mars 2016

According to the community worksheet on the "Comment to note" column for user "pikachu":

"Got an email response back from Tesla Fremont that they will be accepting reservations at the 901 Page Avenue location and NOT at the store."