How does the trunk open?

How does the trunk open?

Have a look...There's a solid piece of glass back there...How is the trunk/rear hatch going to open?

Octagondd | 31 mars 2016

Half way up the glass there is a break in the panel. I think the metal trunk section opens over the top of the glass. I saw a close up picture of the silver one where you see where the hinge would be.

FREE ENERGY | 1 avril 2016

Are we takling about a tiny narrow rear hatch 5th door ?
Bolt, VW and Leaf they all have one huge 5th door over the trunk, what about Mod 3?
If not, well well well, I'm out, my pre-order will be subject for a lightening quick cancelation !!!
Above all, the lines, the design is perfect, it's just magic !

Octagondd, please hand me that link please.

hsadler | 1 avril 2016

I'm sure the changes we definitely will see before production will reveal exactly what you are worrying about.

But if you still don't like - moves everyone behind you up one.

jordanrichard | 1 avril 2016

I just watched a series of videos of the test rides and in one of them, the trunk was opened. It opens like a modern trunk and opening is large. The glass is fixed in place.

Slartybartfarst | 1 avril 2016

Just found that video shows the trunk (its not an elephant! sorry in UK its a boot)
I dont really care which way they go, big hatch has its problems certainly not as stylish. My model S is fantastic for loading but the 3 looks so cool.
Before the S I ran a Chrysler 300c which has a relatively small trunk opening but the rear seats folded and i could carry 2 mountain bikes with ease, so if the 3 is the same (Elon says 7 ft surf board goes in so i assume seats fold) ill buy.

danCE | 1 avril 2016

From the video, it looks like they could do a full hatchback if they wanted.

JeffreyR | 1 avril 2016

I posted some pictures in my M≡ Unveiled Post. Pictures are of features I found interesting. They are taken from paused videos from the Event. Pictures include:

- Manual Recessed Door Handles
- Back/Top Glass Roof
- Trunk Being Opened
- Opened Trunk

The Rear Trunk is a trunk instead of a hatch to allow for removing the support to open a hatch and that continuous piece of glass. The glass is thin so you can have more head room while also having low drag. It all fits together nicely. I agree that the Model S's approach works far better than a trunk, but the 20% smaller w/ 0.2 Cd target at half the price does mean they are going to make some compromises.

Who knows, they did say they would listen to feedback.

jdavidmwood | 2 avril 2016

Does anyone know what the Frunk looks like?