A little something for the effort?

A little something for the effort?

Seems like Tesla could do something special for Model 3 reservation holders, like have an app or a section of their web site only accessible to Model 3 reservation holders. It could contain the latest design in 3D, high def photos for use as wallpaper on computer or phone, stuff like that. Give people a little something to thank them for taking the plunge so early.

Captain_Zap | 1 avril 2016

Elon Tweeted that those waiting in line would get something.

PhillyGal | 1 avril 2016

@chunky - high def concept photos is a great idea! Minimal cost to offer, large potential the holders of the photos will share and thus more free advertising.

carlgo | 1 avril 2016

I like that idea too, along with of course a bottle of fine scotch or a hat...

skygraff | 1 avril 2016

First guy in line where I was got a Tesla key chain. Wonder if that was the "little something" Elon referenced or if it was just a nice thing from the store personnel. | 1 avril 2016

I remember the gal telling me that we'd be getting something in the mail from Tesla as a way to say thank you