I'm starting to reeeeeaallly like the look of the model 3

I'm starting to reeeeeaallly like the look of the model 3

Wasn't sure at first, thought the front would have to grow on me. It did. And it only took about 20 hours. Now three days later, I think the whole car is looking absolutely fantastic. (have not seen much of the inside). Did Tesla release some sort of mind control agent into the water supply here? Geesh I am really loving this car.

I and my wife ordered 3 of them. I will absolutely follow through on all 3 orders. Incentive or not.

Tropopause | 2 avril 2016

Seeing that "In the Wild" clip really shows how GORGEOUS Model 3 is. I went from 98% to 100% loving it in about the same time frame as you.

I love my Model S and agree that Tesla needed the nose cone to help the public see it as a "normal" car but that is no longer needed with Model 3 as Tesla has become a household name. With name-brand recognition, Tesla now defines the automobile fashion. Soon, others will be compared to Model 3 and claiming to be "Tesla-like".

Tesla nailed it!

Tropopause | 2 avril 2016

Also in that "In the Wild" clip, I was happy to see Model S & Model 3 together and both in silver. Model S looked classy (as always) but next to Model 3, one could tell not only the lineage but the progression of Tesla.

The S looks like dear old Dad (still handsome but aging a bit), while 3 looks like a strapping young buck. LOL

David N | 2 avril 2016

After seeing the Model 3, then checking out the other EV's from the other manufacturers, the others are not even in the same league as the Model 3. It's Model 3 hands down winner. It continues that "Tesla" beauty.
Franz did it again.

hcwhy | 2 avril 2016

It's a very handsome car. I like everything about the look of it except the front...... I'd like to see it rounded off a bit me it looks like the design of a car with a grille, but without the grille. I especially like the taillights...I think they fit the car better than those on the S.

Nic727 | 2 avril 2016

@Tropopause : What is the clip "in the Wild"?

KP in NPT | 2 avril 2016
Tropopause | 2 avril 2016

BTW- thank you mp1156 for being the person to post the "In the Wild" clip in your thread. :)

Red Sage ca us | 2 avril 2016

I like it a lot. The 'In The Wild' 19 second clip certainly helps to accept it... But at first, I found the similarity of the front end to Porsche products rather off-putting. I rather despise Porsche products. I would hope the design morphs toward a Ferrari look prior to Production.

hcwhy | 2 avril 2016


Thanks for the "In the Wild" post. I now see that the Model 3 is a seriously beautiful machine. I can't even imagine how nice it will be after a year's tweaking.

hcwhy | 2 avril 2016

BTW Those rims are amazing!

Chunky Jr. | 2 avril 2016

I bet the car looks even better in person than it does on a screen.

cephellow | 2 avril 2016

Same feelings here. The kool-aid is really kicking in. I want my 3.

KP in NPT | 2 avril 2016

Haha @RedSage - thank my internet addiction. I found it on FB. ;)

lesleymeister | 2 avril 2016

Wow, that is such a good looking car. I'm so glad we reserved one! I really love the styling, front end and all. I agree that it really looked Porsche-oid during the reveal but it looks even better here. Thanks for posting!

warren_tran | 2 avril 2016

My small wish is if the front can have some minor tweak less duck bill face. Other wish is some sort of HUD display and the screen will be some what integrated to the dash console.

I just hope I will make it before the tax incentive expire so I can choose some upgrade option.