Did you do the right thing in putting $1000 down on a car you have never driven?

Did you do the right thing in putting $1000 down on a car you have never driven?

This question is addressed to the 93% of Model 3 reservation holders that have had no previous interaction with Tesla. Maybe I can put your mind at ease. I am attending the Sound Of Silence rally in Custer SD May 20-22 and would welcome a co-pilot (or 2 or 3 or 4). It would be your chance to spend some quality time behind the wheel of a Tesla (although it would be a Model S, not a Model 3). The requirements are ..1) be in (or near Denver) at 8 AM Friday morning May 20th 2) no drinking, smoking or country western music in the car. And you would get to spend the weekend with a bunch of Tesla fanatics. If interested, read on then contact me at milo@ or 720-560-9859.

Information on this rally has been posted on the Colorado private forum since Feb, but many of you don’t or can’t go there. So I am posting this on the S, X, 3, and all regions forums. It will be held May 20-22. Please go to for more information | 19 avril 2016

I'm in & looking forward to it....

WHitchings | 21 avril 2016

Also visit for information - Rod Hoffman is referring to this site in his emails!

dd.micsol | 21 avril 2016

I cringe at the thought of all these having to charge up at 1 sc station. Yikes.

Bighorn | 21 avril 2016

See you all there! | 21 avril 2016

Is Custer west of Kadoka? :-))

mntlvr23 | 21 avril 2016

While I would love to be able to go to the Fifth annual Rally, I fear that it will likely be the Sixth when I will be adequately equipped. | 21 avril 2016

Some pictures from last year.

@dd.micsol Custer is pre-wired for Tesla. Charging has not & will not be an issue. | 22 avril 2016

The SC is the last stand on the right. :-)) | 23 avril 2016

Custer is leading the charge forward.

The outcome is expected to be improved over the namesake's charge :-) | 23 avril 2016

Custer is leading the charge forward.

The outcome is expected to be improved over the namesake's charge :-)

cquail | 24 avril 2016

Charging your Tesla is not a problem in Custer. Charging is everywhere.

Thanks for the pictures Kevin.

We will expect Model 3 owners to show up in 2018.

Looking forward to this year's event. | 24 avril 2016

Sorry for the above double post-- I do not know how that happened. | 5 mai 2016


kseehafer | 5 mai 2016

Oooh, that gives me a GREAT idea for a license plate! Too bad my state won't do the symbols.


TaoJones | 6 mai 2016

Custer had 48 chargers spread all over town last year, thanks to the Chamber, Tesla's donation of $25,000 in charging equipment, and willing/supportive host businesses.

Not bad for a town of 1500 people, eh? There was noooooo trouble charging and there was even a free shuttle just in case.

As one who had never been in that part of the world before, and who had no intention had it not been for this rally, I gotta say that's some beautiful country up there. Not to mention a great combination of the historic (including the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse NM, and Custer itself) and history in the making.

This is one of those must-do annual road trips. Hopefully one of these years, Elon will revisit the area during a Sound of Silence event. Guaranteed to be more comfortable than a sleeping bag in a conference room, too. | 9 mai 2016


Ross1 | 9 mai 2016

Idea for number plate as well


Only forum users would understand it. Always on top.

tfay412 | 1 juillet 2016

Considering the drive train is basically the same as the one in the Model S. I drove the model S and I don't see the Model 3 driving much different. So It was an easy decision for me.

Badbot | 3 juillet 2016

Tfay the motors for the M3 are different. lighter smaller cheaper but sized to give the 3 the acceleration of the S.

tfay412 | 3 juillet 2016

Even if the motor's are sized differently, They are still built exactly identical.

Badbot | 3 juillet 2016

wouldn't "exactly identical" be the same size, power, shape and color? Or would different be different?

Please, read, comprehend, think, and then answer!

sp_tesla | 3 juillet 2016

"Badbot | July 3, 2016
Please, read, comprehend, think, and then answer!"

Being too rough & language specific, tfay412 obviously meant is it the same Mfg, quality, basic materials etc,

JeffreyR | 5 juillet 2016

Tesla is doing a "from scratch" redesign of M≡ motor. See article about new inverter architecture and components. They are more efficient so you get more power and range.

@OP all early adopters of Tesla have done reservations w/o seeing final product let alone driving one. They put down $5K or $40K so be happy it's "only" $1K.

tfay412 | 5 juillet 2016

They've re-designed the Inverter to make it cheaper but still put out the same amount of power for the Model S. I wouldn't doubt, that they use the new inverter in the newer Model S's as well