why did I trigger a spam filter?

why did I trigger a spam filter?

I was blocked by the spam filter Mollom. Is this happening to anyone else? I do not have a clue why this is happening, or what I am doing.

EVRider | 6 mai 2016

It was happening a lot a few months ago after the forum was upgraded, but not lately. Was there anything questionable in the post that Mollom blocked? Obviously Mollom didn't block what you posted here.

nightwolf9ss | 6 mai 2016

Happened to me also, if you try to put more than 1 link into your post or if you write f-a-c-ebook, for me it triggered the filter, I reported it 5 times to get back at mollom bollom algorithm.

robvan4302000 | 12 mai 2016

That is happening to me too.