Ultra White / Vegan !

Ultra White / Vegan !

Does anyone think the Model 3 will come with an option to add the ultra white non-leather seats? I would really hope they did; I've tried tweeting Elon but it's like talking to a brick wall =(

topher | 7 mai 2016

Or talking to a guy the runs two companies, does numerous interviews and works 100 hours/week and has (how many) boys. It amazes me he answers any.

Send a message to Tesla corporate email.

That said, do I want to be jealous of a lifestyle that lets you consider white cloth interior or run in fear? :-)

Thank you kindly.

Badbot | 7 mai 2016

5 boys first twins then triplets. hmmm now that I think about it no body has better production numbers that I know. I feel much better about getting my M3 soon.


KP in NPT | 7 mai 2016

I'm hoping they will. Since it was featured so prominently in the prototype at the reveal, I'm thinking that it will be offered at production.

Cesg12290 | 8 mai 2016

I hope so mp1156! And thank you topher, i'll send out an email.

drdrewb | 15 juin 2016

I think it is amazing that this forward thinking company has vegan seats available. As a vegan I would love to see them available in the 3 and it would be great to have a vegan black otion as well otherwise I'll have to go with cloth seats.

wrightmikeb | 15 juin 2016

He did tweet that there would be vegan seats in Model 3. Not sure about the colour options.

jordanrichard | 16 juin 2016

Ummm wouldn't seats made out of ANY material other than leather be "vegan". I don't understand why we are coming up with a special term to describe cloth or vinyl seats.

RSavage_92024 | 16 juin 2016

Because vegan is so much more 'special' than cloth or vinyl. -eyeroll-

yongliangzhu68 | 17 juin 2016

I like the team pleather. Brands it as the faux it is.

d.r.coursol | 17 juin 2016

I like the ultra white cloth option as well. I'm hoping that the other accents will be grey & chrome as instead of black. regardless the design team has done a great job and I'm sure the inside will be as impressive as the outside.

bmalloy0 | 17 juin 2016

"Ummm wouldn't seats made out of ANY material other than leather be 'vegan'." Wool and silk wouldn't be vegan. Do I think either of those are likely? No. But there are other animal products used for fabrics/etc other than just leather.

Badbot | 17 juin 2016

I suspect that cloth is harder to stain proof then pleather.

warren_tran | 17 juin 2016

Pleather or faux leather should be the proper term. Leave vegan to the food crowd.

Cesg12290 | 17 juin 2016

I guess just as Mercedes has its MB-Tex, Tesla has its Vegan Seats which I'm alright with because its key marketing for those of us who want to save the world.

topher | 18 juin 2016

It would be nice to know what it actually is made from. 'Vegan' doesn't differentiate between fossil fuel byproduct, and vegetable matter. And leaves out wool (if the above poster is correct), which I would be fine with, especially compared to oil fabric.

Thank you kindly.

Red Sage ca us | 20 juin 2016

Before the release of Model X, someone did an enhanced photo of its interior that made it seem as if the White seats were actually a Silver color instead. As much as I really like a Tan interior in a car, I could really get behind a nice, metallic, Silver. That would be a truly futuristic look in a Tesla Model ☰, I think.

james | 20 juin 2016

"It would be nice to know what it actually is made from."

The vegan seats are actually made from vegans. They produce good leather thanks to all that moisturising.

carlos | 20 juin 2016

LOL....these granola vegans!!!

Red Sage ca us | 20 juin 2016

Ah. Granola. One of the very few 'foods' in the entire known universe that literally turns my stomach.

Badbot | 20 juin 2016

Turning helps digestion and or evacuation.