Volkswagen Says It Will Lead In Electric And Autonomous Car Technology

Volkswagen Says It Will Lead In Electric And Autonomous Car Technology

Volkswagen says it will lead in electric and autonomous car technology. They mention high tech challengers as Apple or Google but not Tesla.

Volkswagen intends to have a fully connected electric car with 300 miles of range that can be recharged in 15 minutes on the market by the end of this decade.

David N | 11 mai 2016

Talk is cheap. We get the same crap from other car manufacturers.
It all sounds nice, it gets good news bytes. But that's about all.

eric.zucker | 11 mai 2016

Same specs as Porsche Mission E, which is to be expected as they are in the same group. Bring it on.

Drdpharris | 11 mai 2016

Yes, competition and choice will be good. The more the merrier. Not good news for ICE, though.

nightwolf9ss | 12 mai 2016

With the money they lost and will continue to loose on the cheating software they could have developed and build the best car battery ever.

I hope they bring a good EV to market, the germans need some radical direction change ,they destroyed our air with their polluting diesels, they need to make up for it or go bankrupt.

DTsea | 12 mai 2016


jordanrichard | 12 mai 2016

I don't know why anyone gives these claims any credence. No one stops to think who is going to buy them? By "who", I mean the dealers. This is basic math. EVs require next to nothing for service, so why would a dealer in this instance VW dealer, buy a product that they will generate no after sale revenue? Unless VW figures a way to help the dealer's revenue stream going as it is now, no dealer would buy an EV even if it had 600 miles of range.

Drdpharris | 12 mai 2016

Perhaps they will sell direct?

danielpf | 13 mai 2016

The ICE makers probably hope having a salvation path by selling PHEV with increasinly larger batteries. The dealer and gas station problems could then be solved over a longer period (say 10-20 yr) by a progressive reduction and adaptation to demand..

luckyluciano | 13 mai 2016

The door has been opened. Consumers have had a good look what is outside and now they want out.

Traditional dealers best start looking for another business to be in.

yongliangzhu68 | 13 mai 2016

I heard VW was going to setup its own 'Super Charger' network powered by diesel generators. A great way to use all those unsellable dirty ICEs.

DTsea | 13 mai 2016

The guys who cheat on emissions are committed to electric.

"What a maroon!" -Bugs Bunny

Nexxus | 13 mai 2016

"I hate rabbits!" -Yosemite Sam. And Jetta's, and Beetles, and Golfs, and Passats, and ...

SamO | 13 mai 2016

From the people that brought you FAKING AN EMISSION TEST comes TRUST OUR ROBOT DRIVER.

What's the worst that could happen?

SamO | 13 mai 2016

When is "will lead"?


Pricee2 | 14 mai 2016

I loved the photo. It looked like something a three year old would draw.

Al1 | 14 mai 2016

And nobody noticed their chief production guy has just left his job to join Tesla!

Benz | 14 mai 2016

Volkswagen will present it's "Strategy 2025" this summer. And it seems that there will be 20 new Plug-Ins by 2020.

Al1 | 14 mai 2016

Well, they still have a few months to put together some slides. Looks like they urgently needed something to mitigate the risk of brain drain as their ex director of production may ... well not be alone, but have a team.

afestini | 14 mai 2016

So, since the promises in the article line up with the Mission E specs, my first reaction while looking at them was "great goals, except Tesla is already there" (or in some numbers very close to it).

Interestingly, they talk a lot about the experience the "start-ups" don't have (while admitting that most of it doesn't apply anyway), but what about the other way around? How will they do all this in only 3 1/2 years? R&D, design, prototype, produce and bring to market in so little time?

My guess: they will pretty much base their cars on Tesla patents to quickly catch up, then modify and experiment from there. It's the only way I can see them pull it off with their given time frame (of course, they might just as well count on people having forgotten all those big promises within the next few months).

While I don't think Elon would mind if other manufacturers actually pick him up on his offer to use their patents for free, I wonder if those doing so would have the decency to openly admit and acknowledge it. PR works better when you use words like "revolutionize" and "reinvent", rather than "copy, paste and make minor improvements".

Ross1 | 14 mai 2016

Probably some teams have been working thru these designs for several years. They are not dumb, only stupid.

How come I haven't heard the normal screams: Vaporware, vaporware!?

afestini | 15 mai 2016

Good point, of course it's possible they have been quietly working on it for a while, but given the general attitude of German manufacturers towards EVs in general and Tesla in particular, I tend to believe that they only recently began to smell the roses.

Looking at existing EVs of other manufacturers, many of them look like token efforts. "Oh, there's this silly fad, let's make one, too, just to shut up the tree-huggers. No, don't invest too much time or money, nobody is going to buy them anyway."

So far, all I see are cars that only work as a 2nd or 3rd car for local grocery runs. Them starting to care seems too recent for them to have already been working on it for very long.

Of course I hope that I'm wrong, that the market will be flooded with great and affordable modes by many manufacturers, all bringing their own innovative new technologies to the table and learning from each other for even better cars in the future. I just have problems imagining it.

drax7 | 15 mai 2016

VW will go the way of Nokia .

brando | 15 mai 2016

Reminder, I don't think Dealer laws exist out side US, right?

US isn't even the largest market any longer. ~20% in number of vehicles

Al1 | 15 mai 2016

US is still most important market. Car makers barely make any profit in Europe where margins are wafer thin. China looks big, but they have to share big chunk of profit with local partners.

Al1 | 15 mai 2016

20% of products may easily bring 80% of profit.