12v cigarette adapter in center console.

12v cigarette adapter in center console.


I like to have a dashcam attached to the cigarette adapter. Most cars i had so far like Mercedes 12v is with the ignition. When engine is off, that is off as well. I like this functionality since i don't want recording when the car is simply parked.

The one on Model-X seems hot-wired to 12v battery. This is a pain, and if i forget to unplug i could potentially drain the whole 12v system which powers some critical functions apparently?

Do others have similar issue? or found a way to work around it?


vperl | 23 mai 2016

Dig thru this Tesla tap information, excellent

eric.zucker | 24 mai 2016

That's very strange - in other threads the 12V plugs in the center console and trunk were said to be switched off when the car shuts down.

HP makes a dash cam (F310) that's powered through a USB port, you could try that also.

vperl | 24 mai 2016

are the USB ports powered up when car is parked not charging ?

ian | 24 mai 2016

Don't worry about draining the 12v. It's connected to a massive Lion battery and will maintain a charge.

Most folks installing dash cams that I've read about are actually looking for continuous power so the cam will record if someone hits their parked car too.

@vperl - No, the USB ports are off if the car is off. | 24 mai 2016

vperl - thanks for the plug!

As ian points out the Dashcam should keep running for months even if you didn't charge the car. The always-on internal electronics take far more power. It is a problem for ICE cars and can potentially run those batteries down, but perhaps weeks, not hours. I've been running my dashcam in my MS for 3+ years now, always on, and never a hint of any problems.

When parked last year, I did catch on camera a thief that broke into a car directly in front of me. Passed the video to the police and hopefully they caught the guys. If the camera was powered off when the car is, I would have never gotten that video.

vperl | 24 mai 2016


What brand dual cameras are you using ?

Would you suggest just plug into the the 12v. With adapter or hard wired

vperl | 24 mai 2016

T T Blackvue ?

Softwizard | 26 mai 2016

I have a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH and it is wired into a constant power port near the driver's footwell. It runs all of the time and I haven't notice anymore vampire drain than the Model X already does.

lilbean | 26 mai 2016

@softwizard: That's great! How did you hide the wire?