How old are you, model 3 reservation holder

How old are you, model 3 reservation holder

With the record number for the model 3 reservation holder, there are a large influx of new Tesla future owner/customers. I wish there is a poll option on here. Along with the thread of other cars you have owned, it seem to be there are still a larger base of reservation holder that have much longer life experience compare to that I expected.

Trying to see if how many are been following Tesla for a long time and jumping on the Model 3 new market segment compare to the interest of Generation X,Y, millennials.

I'm 36 years old now but won't be by the time I get my hand on the Model 3.

Thanks to dtzyt7 has created this interactive poll.

tommyalexandersb | 31 mai 2016


yongliangzhu68 | 31 mai 2016

warrant "...I'm 36 years old now but won't be by the time I get my hand on the Model 3."

If you can speed up and/or experience higher gravity you could even get the MY while still 36. :)

george210 | 31 mai 2016


martinmitchell | 31 mai 2016

Geezer. 59. I'm old enough to be the previous respondents' dad.
I've been an econerd since I was 14.

I've leased a Spark EV for the last 28 months. It does 95% of my daily needs. It's mostly solar powered. When it doesn't, I drive our 2010 VW TDi Sportwagen, which goes 600 miles on a tankful, or my Nissan Frontier truck.

I may bail (heresy!) on my reservation depending on the trunk-size opening combined with a reluctance to add more debt for a car that doesn't really bring anything more to the table than what I have already.

I don't drive fast, very often, since I almost got thrown in jail, and my friend's Mitsubishi Evo impounded, when I was a victim of my own stupidity and a sheriff's entrapment. So, a base 3 is fine for me. I'm surrounded by posers in fast cars. I have no metric to the number of BMW drivers I've blown off at stoplights in my Spark EV with its 400 pounds of torque. You think my green fern flame decals would give them a clue. Insert smiley face here.

This article had a profound effect on my thinking, though, where using a two-cycle blower for 30 minutes is the equivalent of driving a Ford V8 truck 3,800 miles in regards to carbon dioxide emissions. Interesting reading.

http://www.edmunds DOT com/car-reviews/features/emissions-test-car-vs-truck-vs-leaf-blower.html

dnland | 31 mai 2016


mjp25 | 31 mai 2016

40. Currently leasing a 2016 Volt until July 2019 so will be 43 when I take delivery.

Klts | 31 mai 2016


riverFox | 31 mai 2016


srba | 31 mai 2016

Friendly greetings from Switzerland at all. I am 52 years old and go electric for 4 years.

DesignArt | 31 mai 2016

65. Home and studio powered by solar (with plenty extra for my Tesla 3).

dtzyt7 | 31 mai 2016

29. Is there a way to do an interactive poll on here?

SCCRENDO | 31 mai 2016

Nearly 63. A model S with 90000 miles in 3 years, a model 3 on order for myself and a second one for one of my kids aged 27-32

Badbot | 31 mai 2016


storm3163 | 31 mai 2016

46 years young , Have a 2012 Jaguar XJ SWB. still debating on Model E or pre-own Model S. Will decide when I see the production Model....MAYBE

Artjamie | 31 mai 2016

My wife and I are both 67 and have two reserved to be our last cars.. I figure by the time we need new cars our kids will not let us get behind the wheel.

Drdpharris | 31 mai 2016

62 and still percolating ... Craving my Model 3!

Drdpharris | 31 mai 2016

Artjamie ---- You won't need to drive, the car will drive you!

ultrasupermoi | 31 mai 2016


warren_tran | 31 mai 2016

I wish I have a way to do interactive poll but not on this forum.

Seem as I expected for those has responded. Very few under 30s but majority are older generation. I don't think $35k starting proce is that affordable for the general population. There are still large number of population will not put down that much for a brand new car as they prefer to save money on preowned model (2-3 years at minimum).

snakes | 31 mai 2016

The question should be "How old were you when you reserved your Tesla?"

alseTrick | 31 mai 2016


Keelandb | 31 mai 2016

Well, I was 62 when I put down my reservation money. Don't expect to get it for two years. Will add more solar panels to the house to keep the Tesla 3 charged. Not many superchargers in Louisiana. I was an econerd from birth. We collected water from a spring with a bucket in NW Arkansas. My college degrees are all ecology.

dtzyt7 | 31 mai 2016
dtzyt7 | 31 mai 2016

I meant to say 70 and over in my poll not "over 70."

gm_xeon | 31 mai 2016

26, swapping with my LEAF

millsdmb | 31 mai 2016


mclear | 31 mai 2016


helloridwan1120 | 31 mai 2016

At the moment 17, (technically its my dads) but I got him into buying the car

ylee208 | 31 mai 2016


lamsho923 | 31 mai 2016


reitmanr | 1 juin 2016

75 and a Tesla fan with our S since 2012. The 3 will replace our Prius, which has 130000 miles and has served us well. And we are solar powered

eggoman | 1 juin 2016


warren_tran | 1 juin 2016

All, thanks to dtzyt7 has created a poll. I have included on the thread topic. Everyone is welcome to leave their comment . Thanks to all has participate.

dtzyt7 | 1 juin 2016

Warrentt, in hindsight my poll was not fair because it was not equally incremented. I'd hate to throw the old one, but I made another one if you want to post this instead.

frederic | 1 juin 2016


KP in NPT | 1 juin 2016

I typed 37. But then I was like oh CRAP I'M 47!!!!!

jdanielp | 1 juin 2016


PhillyGal | 1 juin 2016


Was 30 when went electric with Model S, as was my hubs. We can't wait to be an all-Tesla household.

gleidenfrost | 1 juin 2016

Current Spark EV driver (53) going on 16,000 all electric miles. A friend let me drive his Model S and now I can't bear to be in my Honda Civic, all that kinetic energy wasted when you tap the brakes. The EV experience is not just the exhilarating's everything, quiet, clean, the regen, and of course the carpool lane.

warren_tran | 1 juin 2016 poll again with equally incremented age range by dtzyt7

warren_tran | 1 juin 2016

You can be 37 in your heart. Age is nothing but a number right? LOL

Savgangsei23 | 1 juin 2016

20 and by the time I receive my model 3 I'm hoping to pay for it in cash!

ZimboQC | 1 juin 2016

35 now, maybe 37 when the car will be mine!

kerash.desire | 1 juin 2016

27, soon to be 28. I really hope I get my Model 3 before I turn 30 or around that time as a birthday present.

Stevewiley | 1 juin 2016

I am 50 right now and I believe I will be 53 as my model 3 is ready ,but I have told my wife if I don't make it she must have a fully loaded car or go for the Model X

SV Az | 1 juin 2016


PeterPlt | 1 juin 2016

So far, I guess I'm the old fart... nearly 69. I have an S85D in hand and have ordered two Model 3s. The first for me (plaid, FWD, et al) and the second one to replace my wife's M-B so she and the rest of the world are safer...

Years ago one of my boys told me: Growing older is mandatory. Growing up, for me, has been an option. I fully intend to opt out for as long as I can! The Model 3 will be just the vehicle to do it in!!!

SoFlaModel3 | 1 juin 2016

32 in August, so likely 33 when I see my Model 3!

cessna182 | 1 juin 2016

92, I need autonomous driving!!!

warren_tran | 1 juin 2016

Is that your true age? Holy batman, you got longevity. I don't know if I can make it that far. I think you are the record holder so far.