Self presenting door without Premium Upgrade?

Self presenting door without Premium Upgrade?

I remain delighted with my 90D, with one exception. Is there any way to get the self presenting door option aftermarket? I did not buy the premium upgrade because I didn't really care about ventilated seats or that bio mode thing, but I must have missed that I was not getting self presenting doors. It would seem that this is just a software issue, and I'd really like to add it. Any ideas?

lilbean | 1 octobre 2016

You could just double click the top of the fob.

raging.dragonfly | 1 octobre 2016

AFAIK, no. Def part of PUP currently, who knows what may change in future? I have so far not seen any aftermarketers offer this, but I am not knowledgeable in this area at all. Maybe a customizer could do it, but understanding is that only Tesla can do software unlocks - until or unless they cede permission or hackers succeed in hacking it.

raging.dragonfly | 1 octobre 2016

@lilbean, for non-PUP?

lilbean | 1 octobre 2016

Yes. There was a previous update that allowed non pup cars to open with the fob.

raging.dragonfly | 1 octobre 2016

Oh, ok, cool! Thx :)

jlxjl | 2 octobre 2016

@lilbean, My non-PUP does not open the driver door with the fob with the latest software version. I've been following this issue for a while now. Some say that it opens but inconsistently while others like myself does not open at all. Even the delivery specialists are not sure. I know socalsam had his car serviced a while back and this was one of the problem he wanted to fix. But I haven't seen his follow-up post.

lilbean | 2 octobre 2016

@jlxjl, That makes sense. I'm curious about how it's supposed to work.

kraig | 6 octobre 2016

All I know is that my front doors do not open with the fob or by proximity. The only way to open them is to press on the handle, which is sometimes difficult when your hands are full. I'd pay extra for this if it were available

KurtsX | 6 octobre 2016

Ive got the self presenting door feature and have now turned it off. A couple of situations came up, one where I was parked at the curb and as I approached the car, the door opened .....into traffic. I also noticed when parking in a parking lot, as I approached from the front, the door opened 1/2 way because of the car next to me. It still was too open to get by, and I had to push the door closed to get into the right position to enter the car. I also noted someone saying their doors kept opening as they washed the car in the driveway....LOL.....only to have a flooding issue.

I have to chuckle to myself as we discuss these new issues, and try not to mention any of this to my friends that still have ICE vehicles......they look at me like Im some kind of nut job. It is soooo much work leading the pack into the future!! :-)

Triggerplz | 6 octobre 2016

@KirtsX the door didn't open 1/2 way because a car was parked next to you it always opens 1/2 when u approach from the front once u walk pass the door it will open the rest of the way, btw I keep my key in a 29.00 little bag I got from Amazon which blocks the signal so now my door doesn't open when I wash the car

KurtsX | 7 octobre 2016

Yep....these new features will require us all to adjust how we do things......who would have guessed 25 years ago that we would all need to buy pants and clothing with special "Phone" pockets? I thought myself ground breaking when I got a beeping pager!

kraig | 9 octobre 2016

I guess we can argue over the merits of self presenting doors, but I know that is what I want. Is there no way to now get that option?

lilbean | 9 octobre 2016

Can the service center just add it or is it too late?

MXBlack | 9 octobre 2016

I put my FOB inside the car when I'm washing it since the self presenting door does not open unless it's in my pocket.

dice | 30 juillet 2019

Anything new on this? I have a 2018 mx, and would like this option also

Vawlkus | 31 juillet 2019

It’s not happening.

mkmd | 19 septembre 2019

Has anyone tried asking service center?