Fastrak Toll Tag Placement

Fastrak Toll Tag Placement

Does anyone know where on the windshield a toll tag will work? called my local dealer and they told me to call the Fastrak people, which I had done before contacting Tesla. The dealer had no idea that Tesla windshields prohibit toll tags from working, yet Fastrak knew. Tried searching online and found info back to 2013 from other owners complaining about this issue. Finally found info that said the new Tesla's have an area on the windshield that will allow the toll tag to work, but it did not say where. Thus my call to the dealer, who was clueless and claimed they never heard of the problem. Eventully they said try hanging to the rearview mirror...tried that and it doesn't work!!

Fastrak's solution is to mount an external tag, but there is nowhere on the car that can be mounted. Can anyone HELP!

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

if it's small stick it to the right of the mirror in the black dotted area.
if it's large, get the plate tag. | 5 octobre 2016

While I have an early car with the entire windshield blocked (2012 and early 2013 cars), all newer models have an area to the right of the rear-view mirror/camera module near the top of the windshield is the open area. The fastrak should work fine at that spot.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

I agree with @silver and @teslatap. I spoke with a Fastrak representative and she said that is the place that works for Teslas.

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

the one on the right will have issues

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

roofless has a 2016 I believe and he has issues with the larger tag. I don't know if it's been resolved though

murphyS90D | 5 octobre 2016

The rectangular E-ZPass has the antenna at the right end of the unit. I have a 2016 S90D and placed the unit upside down, against the base of the mirror assembly, and 1 " down from the top of the window. It works fine there. Putting the unit upside down places the antenna over the black area to the right of the mirror base.

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

Murphy, why not ask ezpass to send the small one?

murphyS90D | 5 octobre 2016

@SilverP85 plus

The small one is the rectangular one and is the one that I have. The big one is square. Granted square is a special case of rectangular.

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

Sorry missed that on my tiny screen. :)

AmineTx | 5 octobre 2016

I placed my North Texas TollTag (its a think sticker) in the right of the rear view mirror just after the dotted spot. I do not think it is working. When I emailed the NTTA here is what they say:

Dear Amine,

Thank you for contacting the NTTA. You may request a new sticker using the temporary paper plates for now online at and update when the permanent plates are issued by DMV. The sticker tag issued can be placed above the registration sticker to read properly on Tesla's.

So I think they are referring to the the bottom left corner of the windshield ?


sentabo | 5 octobre 2016

I don't commute, so I haven't fastened my FasTrak toll tag to my windshield. But I do use it once or twice a month, and I simply hold the toll tag on the blackened area of the windshield above the rear view mirror as I'm driving through the toll booth. I hear the two beeps, so it works like a charm.

nwehunt | 5 octobre 2016

Murphy, would you post a picture, please? Thank you!

lese | 5 octobre 2016

I gave up on finding a place on the windshield where mine would work, so just used its attached velcro hooks to stick it to the underside of the flip up part of the rear trunk cover and it has worked perfectly every time. There is no shielding in the back window like there is in the windshield.

gguinto | 5 octobre 2016

@murphy, when you say "upside down," are you saying the barcode part is against the right side of your mirror?

I plan to get the license plate tag, but I'm still waiting on my plates before EZ pass would send me one. If yours is working properly, I might just order the smaller one and take off my front license plate frame for the cleaner look.

nipper2 | 5 octobre 2016

@gguinto Post a photo Just kidding

gguinto | 5 octobre 2016

Haha! Good one @nipper2!

I did post a pic.... see Owner's Manual thread. LOL

nipper2 | 5 octobre 2016

I keep trying I don't know the secret yet maybe it's the search engine I am using. I work and do this at the same time.

murphyS90D | 5 octobre 2016


Here is a link to the picture

There is a Blackvue camera mounted to the right of the E-ZPass transponder. If you do this, disable WiFi in the camera. It is close enough to overload the receiver in the E-ZPass.

murphyS90D | 5 octobre 2016

gguinto "@murphy, when you say "upside down," are you saying the barcode part is against the right side of your mirror?"

No, normal mounting is barcode down. Upside down is barcode up. Tesla is clueless about these transponders. The black patch should be horizontal, not vertical.

That said I have had it work with the barcode against the mirror base. My experience in this mounting orientation was that high speed readers (55 mph) work fine. Any that have a speed limit of 30 mph or less did not work. I suspect that these use much older hardware. The worst was the PA Turnpike interchanges which have a speed limit of 5 mph.

eztider | 5 octobre 2016

In SoCal I called OCTA and the rep told me they know the transponder doesn't work with Teslas so they rely on the license plate for proper billing. If that's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

SUN 2 DRV | 5 octobre 2016

kawky: I use the latest style Fastback FLEX in the 2013 MS. I place it in the normal orientation (wording readable, slide switch horizontal) in the area just to the right of the rear view mirror mount. Amazon sells a suction cup mount for Fastrak and other toll tags which is handy for experimenting with various locations and orientations to find the one that works best.

And FWIW I also spray painted my Fastrak black to be less visually obnoxious. It still works great in the location just next to the mirror mount.

jeff | 5 octobre 2016

The solution for SF Bay Area Fastrak is to mount the transponder vertically and snug up against the camera/rear view mirror housing, attached to the black-out area on the windshield, as shown below:

It works perfectly.

Jazzy B | 5 octobre 2016

Call them and they will add your license plate to their database of cars that the transponder won't read. Don't have to mount it and so mine is in the glove box.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

When the transponder isn't read, I get charged a $1 fine for improper placement.

Silver2K | 5 octobre 2016

I got a $93 fine for my transponder not being read in Massachusetts. I sent them a letter and they reduced it to $8.25. the toll was 3.25.. I accidentally sent the payment a day late and they brought it back up to $93. I called in and told them you got your money and that enough! You're harassing us now and we would appreciate it if this extortion attempt is stopped immediately.

the lady says woah, you were the one a day late and I said you want $93 because you cameras cant read my ezpass? That's the only station that didn't read it when all the others did. It seems you are at fault not me.

she told me she would contact someone in that department and have them call you. I got a call and was told it's been resolved. The call lasted 30 seconds.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

Wow, that's a ridiculous fine!

gguinto | 5 octobre 2016

Same thing happened to me last year in a CT, but not in a Tesla. I had the transponder in my car but their camera failed to read it. They tried to extort me with a $75 fine.

The calls to resolve it lasted more than 30 seconds though. Got it resolved after several calls and several not-so-pleasant conversations. I guess you had a better experience with them. LOL

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

I was on hold for 2 hours to get my $1 refunded. Lol!

jaymc5 | 5 octobre 2016

Page 160 of the manual; just to the right of the rear view mirror. Also, can be mounted inside if the nosecone of the older models.

Jazzy B | 5 octobre 2016

@lilbean, did you speak with someone to get on the list. Once you are on the list they don't charge you anything. I haven't been charge since July 2015.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

@jazzyb, Nice! I didn't know about the list. Come to think of it, I haven't been charged since I spent all that time on hold. Sometimes my transponder isn't picked up but I haven't been fined. Maybe I'm on the list :-D.

cevarca | 31 mai 2017

@ jazzyb or @lilbean - Who do you call to be included on the list. SF Bay Area Fastrak doesn't seem to know anything about it.

Made in CA | 31 mai 2017

Why not toss the transponder and just let the license plate reader determine that you went through? If your transponder stops working that is what happens anyway. I am only in the Bay Area a few times a year and the license readers always work perfectly.

Do they charge a higher toll if they cannot detect your transponder?

derek | 3 février 2018

Made in CA - YES, they charge more in some situations. Most notably, in Express Lanes where there a fee for single occupant cars, but no fee for carpools. Tesla users can use the Flex Pass (CA Fastrak) to set "3 passengers" EVEN when you are alone. For me, on a eastern afternoon run on 580 past Livermore, this saves $8 each time. If they have to read the plate, you get charged single-occupant polluter price.

I ride that stretch with my two daughters, so I'm an EV AND a carpool, and still get dinged for the eight bucks, since my tag reads often don't work.

rxwright | 26 février 2018

In CA if you are using Express Lanes, you would want to mount the Flex Pass (CA Fastrak) and set it to "3 passengers" EVEN when you are alone as Derek mentioned. This is legal and will save you lots of money and time.

To properly mount, see pg 161 of the Model S Owner's Manual; or look for the section titled "Using RFID Transponders." It illustrates the "cut out" in the windshield that will not block the transponder signal.

You can also have a Tesla Service Center mount it to the windshield for you as a courtesy.

jake | 26 février 2018

I've got my transponder under the rear window - mounted on the underside of the folding removable deck covering the cargo area. The Velcro on the transponder sticks nicely there although occasionally I knock it askew or off completely.

Works well and doesn't clutter the windshield or the front of the car.

cjrout | 31 octobre 2018

I just reserved my model s today, my question is where do you get the fast track and how much is it?

cjrout | 31 octobre 2018

I just reserved my model s today, my question is where do you get the fast track and how much is it?

info | 31 octobre 2018

Hold it out the window.

tom | 31 octobre 2018

thank you for this post, I was wondering why my transponder didn't beep, I just had mine centered right under the rear view mirror, now I moved it to the right of mirror.

rg22.vanhorn | 31 octobre 2018

I took delivery of my S P100DL the end of Dec 2016. I have successfully used I-Pass and K-Tag toll tags attached to the area just to the right of the cameras. I-Pass toll tags work in IL and many points East. K-Tag toll tags work in KS, OK and TX. Have used both in both directions.

tom | 31 octobre 2018

Thetollroads never had a problem charging me, probably just used license plate

Kho2wil | 25 novembre 2018

Like many owners of Model S 2013 year, I too am frustrated with trying to find a spot on the front view mirror that would work where Fast Track does not charge on my statement. I too, called Bay Area Fast Track and they no longer will credit you over the phone...they will send you a letter stating to contact Tesla. I went to the Tesla service in Dublin and asked them ...The service person even placed it for my on the top right of the rear view mirror...still it did not work as I see the charge on my account....HELP! This is so frustrating...

ntmurph | 26 mars 2019

Just spoke w/Fastrak. They believe Tesla create a space on the right-side (passenger side) of the rear-view mirror, but also know some were putting/sticking it to the inside hood of front trunk.

TexByTheSea | 26 mars 2019

In California now you need to manually set the Fast Trak to the actual number of passengers (1, 2 or 3+) on certain freeways (single drivers only get a discount, not free access), so if you use those then the trunk is no longer an option.