Can Tesla make a car that people actually want?

Can Tesla make a car that people actually want?

Don't get me wrong, I love Tesla, the ethos and the fact its a great electric car. But EVERYONE I talk to has the same pet hates: Those stupid ass gull wing doors. That ridiculous 17" iPad in the centre console. The lack of REAL buttons to use when you're the one driving (to change the heating or anything you have to look away from the road and at the screen - dangerous).

Lastly, most people also say the interior is fairly basic - as in the finish of the seats, upholstery, detailing. For the price, people are looking for Porsche or Audi standards.

I'm sure there are many reasons why this and why that, but these are the realities folks. Only geeks want gull wings and huge iPads in the dashboard. Most people aren't geeks - especially people who can afford these cars like myself and practically everyone I know.

So for now, we've all agreed it's probably best to wait a few years for the Porsche, Audi, VW, Volvo full electric equivalents to come out.

COME ON TESLA - Give us what we will desire most. Beat the best in the car industry in every area, not just electric drivetrain.

lilbean | 1 décembre 2016

Poor car! Mine was pretty clean before I washed it. Yes, we will work on the telepathic thing more :)

burdogg | 1 décembre 2016

I washed mine about 2 weeks ago and due to our wonderful weather, it lasted for about a week, and it has been so off and on weather wise that I didn't dare wash it only to have the next day snow and dirt and muck on it again :)

Now it is just so cold (highs of 32, lows of 10) that my fingers will freeze off before I even get half way done :) So yeah, we need hurry up and get this telepathic thing working better :) that way I can enjoy snow (and you too telepathically) and I can enjoy a clean car :)

Time for bed though here, good thing I get Fri-Sun off every week :)

lilbean | 1 décembre 2016

Yay! Good night. :) Try 3D waterless wash. It's amazing. I wash my car inside my garage. :)

betty_yee | 2 décembre 2016

Funny everything you pointed out are the things I absolutely love about the car.

jordanrichard | 2 décembre 2016

Perhaps in stead of telling Tesla to build the car you want with all the buttons and switches, why not go to your local Porsche or Mercedes dealer and ask them to build you an EV...........

burdogg | 2 décembre 2016

Nice Jordan - turn about is fair play right? Of course the answer he would get is - we are. The next question would be - well can I get it in 3 months? 6, 9, 12? WHEN! And what will it even look like inside?