60 from Gilroy to Atascadero

60 from Gilroy to Atascadero

That's about 140 miles, and at full charge MS 60 is about 200 miles, but I know there are a OT of factors to actual mileage.

Assuming most of the drive is at highway speeds, and I'm running the air conditioning on low, will I be cutting it too close for comfort?

Anyone done this trip in a 60?


spineeric | 7 février 2017

I think everyone on this forum would tell you to use EV Trip Planner. Just input the addresses and that will give you the best RM (Range Miles) you will need to get from Gilroy to Atascadero. | 7 février 2017

I've done that trip several times in my first car (an S60). Fairly easy. I'd charge to about 180 on each direction at the SC. This was the summer and used AC without a concern. While I didn't use evtripplanner - I recommend it, especially if you're new to the car and not sure what it can do.

diegoPasadena | 7 février 2017

140 miles are no problem for a 60, even when it's 1000 ft uphill as it is for the 145 miles between Albuquerque and Gallup NM.
If you want to feel totally comfortable, take a full charge and then drive conservatively until you see that you have plenty of buffer to make it. My guess is that about 50 miles in, you'll see that you'll easily make it.

Tropopause | 7 février 2017

That's a standard design distance for Tesla Superchargers which is obtainable by all models.

tom168 | 7 février 2017

I have a 70D. Last X'mas, I charged it to 210 rated miles @Gilroy, it was stop and go for about 30 miles. Then, drove all the way down between 70 to 75mph. Arrived Atascadero with 28 rated miles left. Coming back, charged to 220 rated miles, arriving Gilroy with 60+ rated miles left. Again, drove between 70 - 75mph. The return trip was at night, very light traffic. I used "autopilot" both ways. I think if you drive conservatively, it should not be a problem.

smch1998 | 7 février 2017

Last weekend I went 180 with my S 60 with 25 miles left. With a full charge (211 mile) I went from Gustine to Buttonwillow on Highway 5, the Harris Ranch SC was out. This was at night, temp set to 69, at speed set to 70 MPH. Towards the end I was doing 75 for several miles. During the day from Buttonwillow to Gustine, had about the range left while doing 70-75 & 80 for several miles, the temp was set to 70.

proxy | 7 février 2017

Awesome. Thanks!

DonS | 7 février 2017

Gilroy to Atascadero almost always takes less energy than back northbound. Quite often there is a strong wind directly head-on a long stretch of 101 while heading north-northwest to Gilroy. I've had to slow down a couple times because the strong winds used my whole margin.

5thumbs | 7 février 2017

smch1998, did you know that the Harris Ranch super charger was closed before you got there? I'm driving on 5 this weekend and was going to stop there. The Tesla website does not indicate that supercharger is down. Thanks