Shirt/coat hook for Model X?

Shirt/coat hook for Model X?

Two weeks into my Model X, the only thing I find myself missing is a convenient hanger for a suit jacket (a quasi-uniform burden for me in my occupation). Has anybody come up with a workaround for this? I'm currently laying the jacket in the back area, with a rear seat down. This is okay, but only if I don't have passengers or other stuff to haul. I've searched around and I see solutions for the Model S, but nothing for X.

I'm imagining a spring-tensioned, shower rod type solution that would grip between beams window beams of one of the FWD (front to back orientation; not side to side). Anyone with a better idea, or a known aftermarket solution, please share.


lilbean | 13 février 2017

I haven't tried these but I found them on line.
I hope they don't scratch the seat backs.

lilbean | 13 février 2017
RealToast | 13 février 2017

Thanks, lilbean. These are what I found, too. The evhooks are the better of the two, IMHO. But, I'm a bit tall for them - the bottom of the coat would crumple on the ground. I did find that the seat backs are basically a "neck and shoulders" mannequin where I can drape the coat. This works pretty well in the interim for when I just need to hang the coat between meetings. I may have to invent/patent a better idea.

lilbean | 13 février 2017

You're welcome. You should do that. There has to be a better solution.

poloX | 13 février 2017

lilbean, will the hook (your first link, not the suction cup one) not slide off to either side?

poloX | 13 février 2017

lilbean, will the hook (your first link, not the suction cup one) not slide off to either side?

lilbean | 13 février 2017

It looks like it's pretty tight in there. I don't have that hook so I can't be sure. Does it look like it will scratch the seat though? I do like the cheaper one because it's easy to take off when not in use. I'm also wondering if it will lift off the XPel I have on the seats.

poloX | 13 février 2017

Ah, thanks. I too like the suction cup better. Not sure what the other thing will do the the seat or leather. If you push on it, it could pry the matte back of the seat out. :o)

lilbean | 13 février 2017

I just lay my stuff flat in the trunk.

Sledhead36 | 18 mai 2017

I bought the ones on ebay, they have Tesla Logos on them. Very nice quality and look great.

mathwhiz | 19 mai 2017

@lilbean ... I used the EV Hooks on a trip and found them to have a major deficiency when you make turns. The centrifugal pull of whatever you have hanging on them, causes them to slide as the force dictates. :-( No weight on them, no slide, but weight them down with a bit of clothes, turn, and slide they do. And tho they didn't scratch anything, I began to worry that might happen in time... Really bummed me out, as I began proactively thinking about them shifting during turns. Took them off... :~

Looks like laying clothes flat is my approach too, if and until I find something that works.

mzero | 20 mai 2017

I'm actually thinking about using these Heavy Duty Suction Cups when the needs arise. I'd attach them on the glass section of the wing door upside down, then the hanger can be hooked on to the handle. I have not tried it yet so don't know how well it works. Will try it some time this weekend and report back...

mzero | 20 mai 2017
RealToast | 21 mai 2017

@mzero, thanks! I went ahead and bought the heavy-duty suction cups. Looking forward to seeing how they work.

lilbean | 21 mai 2017

@mathwhiz, good to know. Sorry about that. I've actually hung light items directedly from the spot where the hook would go. It worked like a charm.

mzero | 21 mai 2017

I tested the suction cups out and they worked surprisingly well. I hung my suit, gave it a few tugs and no problems. The trunk ceiling seems the best spots for them. I made a short video of it: I hope some will find it useful.

Triggerplz | 21 mai 2017

@mxero I couldn't get the video to play :-(

mzero | 22 mai 2017

I'm not sure why the shortened link is not working. Here is the full link:

Triggerplz | 22 mai 2017

Thanks that link worked

RealToast | 24 mai 2017

@ mzero, I just received the suction cups today and went right out to test them. This is an excellent solution! I placed one of them in the ceiling window of my driver's side FWD, closest to the inside front corner, and hung a full suit w/pants (heavy). When the door closed, the suit automatically self-turned nicely so that it slipped perfectly parallel to the driver's seat back, hanging between the middle seat and front seat - and was only slightly/partially viewable in my rearview mirror. Plus, I can see that I can use both cups with a 3/4" dowel and hang an entire load of dry cleaning. Outstanding! Thanks again for the pro-tip!

lilbean | 25 mai 2017


mzero | 25 mai 2017

RealToast, I'm glad I can help. I'm no pro (had the X for about a month) but I do love good working hacks.

RealToast | 27 mai 2017

Success! I put about 20" of dowel between the two heavy-duty cups and picked up a load of dry cleaning. Worked like a charm! I created a video, but the forum thinks it's spam. If you wish, paste the following after youtube dot com: watch?v=0nyaWs7aM6E

Downside: My excuse for not being able to pick up the cleaning has been permanently dashed!

This could be improved with carabiner hooks dangling from the cups, holding the dowel. This would give more clearance for the hangers. Nonetheless, I'm happy with this solution.

lilbean | 27 mai 2017
RealToast | 27 mai 2017

Thanks, lilbean! Skills

mzero | 27 mai 2017

Nice! Putting a bar between the 2 cups is such a cool idea.

lilbean | 27 mai 2017

You're welcome, RealToast!

danascharf | 1 juin 2017

There are actually two coat hooks already in the model X on the interior roof of each falcon door. Found them by accident. Look for the little square of plastic. If I remember correctly, it pulls down so you can hang a hanger from it.

ratchet | 3 juin 2017

Just looked at my X. The plastic squares appear to be covers for the center hinges rather than coat hooks. They seem sturdy enough but it's not clear that they were intended to be for hanging items (especially if Tesla does not appear to be advertising that functionality). Thanks for the tip @danascharf. I will probably use them for light items but I'm not confident that the warranty will cover using them as coat hooks if they are really not designed to be used like that.

mzero | 4 juin 2017

Thanks for the tips as well danasharf and agree with ratchet. I stuck my index finger in there and pulled it open and I can say that it is not sturdy, definitely not as study as the hacks.