Model 3 car key

Model 3 car key

Is model 3's key fob simmilar with S or X?

Did elon talk about model 3 car key??

Please elon! Make a beautiful key fob

dsvick | 6 mars 2017

No, he hasn't mentioned it so no one knows what the key fob will look. I would assume it will along the same lines as the Model S and X.

andy.connor.e | 6 mars 2017

I hope its like the S, where the key is the car, and you can double click the rear and front trunk to open them. Thats pretty unique.

Rutrow | 6 mars 2017

Make my "key" an app that I can install on my phone. I have to carry my phone, I'd rather not HAVE to carry a key too.

Randkthorn | 6 mars 2017

That Tesla app exists already. I'm sure it is handy unless you don't have service to allow communication with your Tesla. There was a funny news article about this happening to someone recently and they were stranded..

dsvick | 6 mars 2017

@Rutrow - You can already do that on the app, at least for the S and X, so I don't see any reason you wont be able to do it for the 3 as well. But using the phone you'll need to take it out of your pocket, access the app, and then unlock the doors. With the key fob you just walk up to the car and it unlocks.

andy.connor.e | 6 mars 2017



aiistarkor | 6 mars 2017

Thanks guys!

denkav2 | 6 mars 2017

What about if the phone uses Bluetooth to communicate with the car for opening and closing. Would that avoid the need to get the phone out of your pocket etc?

lshick87 | 6 mars 2017

I keep threatening hubby and adult son to have the fob surgically implanted in my body so that NO ONE can drive it without me

Carl Thompson | 6 mars 2017


Scooby Do?

Red Sage ca us | 6 mars 2017

I intend to wear my fob as a medallion around my neck at all times.

SoFlaModel3 | 6 mars 2017

Apple Watch solves this first world problem.

Too bad I hate my Apple Watch and never wear it.

Badbot | 7 mars 2017

ishick no need for surgically implanted fobs.
you just need a balloon to put the non-waterproof fob in........

andy.connor.e | 10 mars 2017

I heard they do an RFID implant for your car locks. That way if someone wants to steal your car, all they have to do is cut off your hand.

PaceyWhitter | 10 mars 2017

Will the fob be in the shape of the car and have the buttons under the skin like the S and X? I would be fine with a traditional fob, but the S key is nice looking.

Carl Thompson | 10 mars 2017

Just Googled to see what the Model S fob looked like and to me that looks kind of cheesy. But it's of matter of personal taste I guess.


kaffine | 10 mars 2017

I want a key with no buttons or other electronics in it. I don't expect it to happen but that is what I want.

mntlvr23 | 10 mars 2017

I want an over-sized wrought iron skeleton key

Carl Thompson | 10 mars 2017

"I want an over-sized wrought iron skeleton key"


bmalloy0 | 10 mars 2017

@mntlvr23: now I want that, too...

mntlvr23 | 10 mars 2017

the obvious gift for those who stood in line ???????

PaceyWhitter | 10 mars 2017

I know Lexus and​ Mercedes have a credit card shaped key with no buttons available. That would be nice.

Red Sage ca us | 10 mars 2017

As long as it isn't like the button covered brick fob that BMW uses for the 7-Series.

SoFlaModel3 | 11 mars 2017

I figure to rarely use the key (whatever it looks like).

iPhone app all the way.

I hate my Apple Watch and never wear it, but I may start wearing it for this purpose as well.

Key is a backup if I'm in an area with poor service (there is a funny story about a Model S driver getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without a key and no service on his phone to start the car).

ken | 11 mars 2017

it might be similar to MS and MX since they're bluetooth to recognize driver, and need similar buttons for summon function.

johnsholl | 15 mars 2017

It would be nice if they give us the option, either a card for the wallet, a button-less FOB, or a fob with buttons I know it presents tesla with the option to upsell us however I would appreciate the choice.

Red Sage ca us | 15 mars 2017

Did I mention...? I intend to wear my fob as a medallion around my neck at all times.

Badbot | 15 mars 2017

Red that is so OLD.
remember Tilk from Stargate?.
Ware it on your forehead proudly !

cheekedave | 15 mars 2017

I hope we can get a chip implanted into our bodies that will just work with the car and no need to even think about a key anymore. :)

jdanielp_uk | 15 mars 2017

I'm hoping that the 'key' is a fully functional 100% scale model of the Model 3 ;)

pavel | 16 mars 2017

The fobs for both the S and X are miniature versions of the car so it only makes sense this continues with the 3. Also, the app is great and all, but you need that FOB for when your phone decides to die or malfunction in any other way.

maximus4lyfe | 29 juillet 2017

The "key" is either your smartphone, or for valet mode or other practical purposes, some card that you scan with the B-Pillar in order to access.

rajalucy | 29 juillet 2017

It is confirmed that only key card the size of credit card.

virgored | 29 juillet 2017

I wonder if there will be issues the the card clashing with other cards in the wallet/purse

jordanrichard | 29 juillet 2017

When using the valet card, you have to remove it from said wallet/purse to swipe it by the upper portion of the B-pillar.

Payge | 29 juillet 2017

What happens when my phone dies and I'm not carrying the valet key.. I hope they give a fob option. Or a full access key card (vs limited valet)..

hoffmannjames | 29 juillet 2017

Electrek has confirmed that the car will automatically unlock via the tesla app on your phone, using blue tooth. Alternatively, you can swipe your keycard on the b pillar to unlock.

KP in NPT | 29 juillet 2017

Payge I would carry the key card always in my wallet as backup. But that's just me. :)

Payge | 29 juillet 2017

It's a first world problem, granted, and not a deal breaker, but it's not infrequent that I grab someone's keys or they grab mine to get something out of a trunk or someone's car.. going through someone's wallet so I can do that just seems to be more invasive..

s7davis | 29 juillet 2017

I thought I read somewhere i think on electrek forum or teslarati that it has been confirmed that you will not have to remove the card from the wallet. It will unlock as you get to the proximity of the car like the key fobs.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 juillet 2017

" going through someone's wallet so I can do that just seems to be more invasive.."

... and profitable.

hoffmannjames | 29 juillet 2017

I heard somewhere that the keycard method is part of Tesla's plan for eventually allowing ride sharing. Makes a lot of sense. The primary owner can use their phone to drive the car but give out their keycard to a spouse, kid or friend if they want to let them also drive their car. Presumably, Tesla will allow owners to have multiple keycards so that they can give them 2-3 people if they want to let them drive the car.

hoffmannjames | 29 juillet 2017

s7davis | July 29, 2017
I thought I read somewhere i think on electrek forum or teslarati that it has been confirmed that you will not have to remove the card from the wallet. It will unlock as you get to the proximity of the car like the key fobs.


The car will automatically unlock via the tesla app simply by getting close to the car since it uses blue tooth. I think that is what you are thinking about it. If you use the keycard, you will need to swipe it on the b pillar since it uses NFC. | 29 juillet 2017

Larger people will be able to butt dial their car.

carlk | 29 juillet 2017


What makes you so certain that you will always carry the fob if one is issued?

Haggy | 29 juillet 2017

For somebody who walks around with a Bluetooth earpiece, that could be an issue.

mphillips | 30 juillet 2017

What's the locking procedure? Do you have to swipe the card near the pillar? Will it automatically lock if you walk so far away from you car with your phone? How long will the delay take to lock the car if you walk away? What's the confirmation that it is locked? Does it chirp and/or lights flash?

Randkthorn | 30 juillet 2017

I'm sure someone will make a beautiful key card holder for a key chain. I doubt I'll do that but it is an easy solution for something more familiar. I expect a good looking little portfolio with the card in it could feel about like a keyfob in my pocket and that may be what I do if my regular wallet doesn't suit me.

Rutrow | 31 juillet 2017

I have passive RFID card keys that are much thinner than the ones shown in previous photos. The thickness of the card key shown may indicate that the card key is active RFID instead of passive RFID. If the card is thick enough for a pill battery the range of the signal can be much greater than that of a NFC chip. Active RFID signals can be tuned for a balance between range vs battery life. Or the card can have a momentary switch that can conserve battery life by activating by a squeeze, or double tap.

SamO | 31 juillet 2017

Nobody will have to share the key cards for Tesla Network.

installing the app on your phone will allow anyone to share your car.

Keycards are for the zombies apocalypse.