60 vs 60D vs 75 Help!!!

60 vs 60D vs 75 Help!!!

I was originally interested in the 60D, but now I'm second guessing the D after a sales guy told me to spend the money upgrading to the 75. We live in Texas, so maybe the D doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm back in fourth between the 60 for the value, 60D for safety, and 75 for miles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Innkeep | 14 mars 2017

My S85 is an awesome car. I have the option not to drive if the snow is deep. The only difficulty I ran into was a 3" very fresh snowfall that seemed to stump the car. If I lived in Texas I would definitely go for range. You might discover that you want to take more road trips than you took pre Tesla

avesraggiana | 14 mars 2017

In the face of several compelling arguments against it, I went for the 75D. While the 60 or 60D would be more than adequate for your daily commuting and errand running needs, you’d have to be more mindful of the constraints presented when you decide to venture farther afield. From what I’ve heard, the Tesla has a way of turning even the most homebody-ish amongst us into a bit of a wanderer.

ahurst | 14 mars 2017

Go with the biggest battery you can swing

MD8567 | 14 mars 2017

I have a 60d and love it. Because it is a software limited 75 battery I frequently charge it to 100 percent and get almost 220 miles. If I had the 75 I would be more careful not to routinely fully charge it as recommended by tesla so I didn't damage the battery. For me it would depend how often I would want to take it long distance and use the extra range charging it fully. The D drives great and feels like it hugs the road well.

MSMS75D | 14 mars 2017

We live in Dallas, TX. And plan on getting the 60 for the following reasons:
1. Most affordable Tesla yet (Yes I am budget conscious)
2. We can always upgrade to 75 in future.
2. Not sure if we want to spend extra $5K on the 60D for Texas roads. And I would prefer not to take the MS out on the 1-3 inch snow (treacherous as we do not have enough salt trucks).

buickguy | 14 mars 2017

lacy113 sounds to be cost conscious. This is fine. If true, it helps with the decision. If you can avoid driving in heavy snow (and ice), then you don't need the D -- 60D or 75D. Save the $5,000 as you will never get it back in electricity savings (the Ds are more efficient). So then the decision is 60 or 75. There is no price penalty for getting the 60 and upgrading to the 75 later if the range of the 60 just isn't enough. Also, MD8567 makes a very good point about charging a 60 to 100%. You can, every day, if you wish.

Now that we've saved you some money, here is how to spend it on your 60. First, buy the Premium Package. Yes, expensive, but filled with goodies you will come to enjoy. If you travel with more than 2 people often or you just enjoy driving in very cold weather, you will want the cold weather package. Buy the exterior color you like, instead of the basic black. Buy the interior color you like, instead of the basic black (although the textile seats are very comfy). I saved money here and there on my S, so I could splurge on the sunroof. Nice. Don't buy Autopilot or FSD, because you can always add them later.

bciccon | 14 mars 2017

Go for the 75. I ended up getting a 60D, but 4WD is a must in the NE. I'm glad that if/when I decide to upgrade, it's a pretty simple process all controlled by software ;)

BruceR61 | 14 mars 2017

I went for the 75 instead of the 60D. In CA I did not feel a need for AWD.

mrjjp | 14 mars 2017

75D is the way to go. better range etc.

dknisely | 14 mars 2017

Something to think about is that the 60 has been shown (repeatedly) to be really more like a 62.5, and the 75 is more like a 72.5, so the $7000 premium is even less of a value. Also, as folks have said, the 60 is chargeable to 100% regularly (and will charge quickly to 100%), whereas the 75 (or 85 or 100) will charge very slowly in their last 10%+ due to the nature of batteries (and it is not wise to charge to 100% frequently on those models). So, the 60 is kind of a steal on so many levels, especially considering you can always upgrade to a 75 (72.5 ;) ) later.

"D" vs. non-D is a tougher call. I'm in Seattle, and was advised against the D based on climate, and I ended up choosing the non-D based on somewhat reduced noise (there is some sound from the front motor) and after seeing the videos of rear wheel drive non-D Teslas in Norway on pure ice and snow. Tesla non-D traction control is so much better than most ordinary front wheel drive cars and even many AWD conventional cars. That said, if I were doing it over again, i would get the 60D for the range.

My advice is to get the D FOR SURE if you're in an icy or snowy area or if you can afford it and want to eek out the best possible range. Otherwise, use the money for very enjoyable options like the power lift gate, pano roof, air suspension, etc., which will give you more day-to-day pleasure.

KP in NPT | 14 mars 2017

If you opt for the 60 you can always upgrade later if you find you need the extra range.

If you don't frequently drive in snow/icy conditions, you don't really need the D. It does offer slightly better handling and range, but RWD teslas are very popular in Norway, which I believe gets pretty wintry. ;-) There are plenty of old timers on this forum who live in northern climes and who do fine with their pre-D Teslas.

It's a hard decision - you could get the 60D and upgrade later. You could get the 75 and be just fine and have the extra range, but it will never be a D. There probably isn't a wrong answer. Have you test driven a D/non-D to see the difference in handling?

reed_lewis | 15 mars 2017

The difference between the driving ability of the 60 versus 60D is quite pronounced. Even on dry flat pavement, the D is much more capable, and drives much better. Please drive both of them and you will notice the difference.

So I would get the 60D and then upgrade later to the 75D if you feel you need it.

A suggestion. Buy the 60D, and then when you complete your taxes for next year, use the $7500 tax credit to purchase the 60 -> 75 upgrade.

ckcland2 | 15 mars 2017

Definitely drive both to see for yourself. I think the D's acceleration is much smoother, the car just moves evenly. I recently drove a loaner 85 and was surprised at how the front of the vehicle lifted from the torque. Not really that big of a deal, but definitely noticeable. As far as the 75 argument, you can always upgrade after the purchase so there is no pressure there.

I have a July 2016 S60D and absolutely love it, and I do not plan on upgrading to the 75. Welcome and good luck with your decision.

steve.roach | 15 mars 2017

It's kind of funny, before you are a owner I don't think you can fully appreciate the argument for the biggest battery possible. Now that I have owned my P85 for 6 months I think back at my choice to go with a S60D wouldn't have worked for me.

Like most said, largest battery you can afford.

kevin | 15 mars 2017

Bjorn Nyuland has a video that argues in favor of the S 60, which I have. He makes the point that you can freely charge your 60 to 100%, but you wouldn't want to do that with the 75.

I went with the S 60, and as others have said, and unless you're dealing with snow, the AWD model doesn't give you very much. One argument for the AWD model is more even tire wear, but that only comes into play if you drive aggressively. The actual energy available on the 60 is more than 60 kWh and the energy on the 75 is less than 75 kWh. The difference is not all that much, and if you had to you could just drive a few mph slower to get extra range.

The picture is only getting better for the low-end battery packs as more Superchargers come online. And you can always upgrade to the 75 if you need it in practice.

In any case, your particular situation is unique to you, and the decision should be based on your needs.

reed_lewis | 15 mars 2017

I got the 60D, and just upgraded to the 75. Considering the trips I take, the range of the 75 is quite enough for everything I will do. I drive about 80 miles round trip to and from work. We will be taking at least 6 trips this summer where the 75D range is more than enough. The 60 might have made it on those trips, but I wanted a buffer. We are also taking three trips this May which even a 100D will not be enough, but I have already planned the superchargers I will stop at.

So for me, the 75D is perfect.

reed_lewis | 15 mars 2017

But I personally would not consider a Non D car. The AWD on the Tesla is on par with the Subaru system (the Subaru gets the edge since it has the ability to apply power to a single wheel compared to the Tesla which has a standard differential. For example if you are driving on a road where one side is bare pavement, and the other is ice, the Subaru does better since it will power the wheels on the bare pavement. The Tesla will spin the wheels on the ice.

Us New Englanders deal with that every winter. ;(

amareshvanga | 15 mars 2017

D vehicles have more uniform wear and tear on tires.They tend to last much longer
D vehicles have more range than non D vehicles
D vehicles produce more motor noise from the front motors which is audible sometimes

Why don't you go for 60D and think about upgrading to 75 in future if your need demands it.
you cannot go from 75 to 60 after you buy the car but sure can go the other try 60d for sometime and see whether that is enough and if not then upgrade it to 75 later.that would be my personal opinion

reed_lewis | 15 mars 2017

...and the difference in price between the 60 and 75 after initial purchase is $500 which is not a lot compared to the initial price of the car.

StarKiller | 15 mars 2017

Do the 75. You can never have 'enough' miles

hsuru4u | 15 mars 2017

plot out a trip with the 75d and the 60 d sometime...same charger stops needed...maybe less time at the stops of course but the 60d is plenty good enough for trips or local commuting and you can save $$ in initial purchase....start with the 60 and if you want or need to upgrade to the 75 later you can via software.

BeamMe | 15 mars 2017

I would definitely go for the "D". But to pay $7K for 40 extra miles on a charge, at best? Seems like lots of bucks for not much return.

lacy113 | 15 mars 2017

T minus 9 hours to confirm my model and you guys have been a ton of help.

Going with the 60D, with plans to upgrade in the future if needed. Sounds like its a easy upgrade and i have only driven model D's, so i would hate to leave out AWD.

Thanks Again!

hc | 15 mars 2017

I live in CA and I have a 75. I do not need D. Also, the price from 60 to 75 offer you the biggest bang for your buck mileage wise when compare with from 75 to 85D.

The flying hippie | 15 mars 2017

Excellent choice. I got a 60D with only subzero since I'm in Canada. Nothing else. Black, coils, solid roof. Love it!!! And the new standard seats are awesome. Given the battery is upgradeable 60D was the logical choice for me given all the little benefits of the D when added up. Enjoy!!

sabuson | 15 mars 2017

Good choice:-) Got a 60D in Dallas, Texas.

krissu | 15 mars 2017

60D is the way to go. If you go for S, you like driving and D is much better feel and handling. You can always upgrade to 75 if needed, charging to 100% with 60 is almost the same as 80% on 75. Also 60 supercharging speed is in par with 75

tes-s | 15 mars 2017

I live in CT with an 85 - before there was a D. 3 winters and no problem.

mm | 15 mars 2017

60d for sure as you can charge to 100% and can always upgrade to 75d if needed. If you need more range then that you already buying the wrong car.

dpena23 | 15 mars 2017

Go with the D. I was initially don't need a D in L.A.... but whatever. I'm glad I got the D. I feel super awesome flooring it in the rain without skidding. My tires degrade evenly... I get a little more speed... and mileage. All around feel safer in the car for it...and for road trips to areas I may not be familiar with.

Get the 60D if you're unsure about 75. You can always unlock to a 75 later...who knows it may get cheaper to unlock in the future. And you'll still have the D!

amorado30 | 15 mars 2017

There's a YouTube video on this in case it wasn't mentioned. To summarize, the best value was to get the 75 and worst was to get the 60d for what it's worth. To contradict that point, I got a 75d and have no regrets but obviously would have gotten a 90d if I could have afforded and now would get a 100d though I still can't afford it.

hsuru4u | 15 mars 2017

if it was 100+more miles for 6k diff maybe thats worth it.....other wise the 60d is plenty

djmichaelmayhem | 15 mars 2017

If it's with in budget, get the biggest battery you can afford.

There are more benefits than range. ie; charging to a lower (say 80%) SOC and keep the battery health at its best.
The heat in Texas won't help the battery so if you got the 75, you could charge it to 80 or 90 % and stress the battery less than it needs to be.

tpham07 | 15 mars 2017

i don't believe in spending $7000 (or $6500) for an extra 30 miles of range. But if you're overflowing with money go for it.

djmichaelmayhem | 15 mars 2017

I agree that battery price is up there but from a battery health perspective, may be worth it if you plan on keeping the car for an extended period of time.