2017 Model S Floor Mats

2017 Model S Floor Mats

Recently purchased a 2017 Model S I have been contemplating on purchasing nicer more durable floor mats. Ive been indecisive as to if I want to stick with carpet ones or move to the all weather mats that I have seen online. Not sure if the all weather mats would take away the upscale look from the Model S as opposed to the carpet mats. Opinions needed, on the flip side I would love some suggestions of mats that others have purchased. Thank you again in advance

pbenson7375 | 5 avril 2017

I bought the Tesla logo mats at the Service Center the day I picked up the car (last week.) They have the Tesla logo on the front mats, and are manufactured by Weather Tech - black in color and I think they look very good in the car. (My S100D is pearl white with tan interior and black floor mats.)

I got the front mats and also the back single mat that covers the entire back floor. The jury is still out on the back seat mat. They look OK but when I put my driver seat back to fit my leg length, I noticed the back floor mat got kind of pushed back and scrunched up against the rear seats. I'm not happy about that and am considering returning the back seat mat to the Service Center. If they cannot make them work better, I am considering ordering the one from Evanex. (I am also waiting the arrival of the Tesla trunk liner, and am hoping that will fit properly. I don't want to put my dirty golf cart on the nice carpeting in the trunk, so am anxious to get the rear trunk mat. Hope this helps you.

akikiki | 5 avril 2017

Take a look at the mats at I have a set. Very nice. | 5 avril 2017

I've bought the Lloyds Ultimat mats (gray for one car, tan for another) and have been very happy with them. Here's a lot more details and photos of different colors matched to the Tesla armrests.

If your car does not have the black interior, using lighter carpet colors shows off the footwell lights a lot better - or even better with brighter lights:

DLebryk | 5 avril 2017

Bought the Lloyds mats after reading TeslaTap's carpet / mat discussion. Best purchase ever, three years ago and they are still beautiful. Bought tan to go with tan leather.

Also have the Tesla Weather-Tech winter mats. Love those also.

drklain | 6 avril 2017

I bought the Tesla weathertech mats as well from the service center. Think they look very good and the amount of dirt in them shows how much would be in my carpet without them. For pbenson7375 -- the rear mat should be tucked UNDER the front seat tracks. Takes a bit to get that done, but then you don't have any clearance/scrunching issues as you push the front seat back and they sit in place better.

jordanrichard | 6 avril 2017

"........more durable floor mats." So you are saying your new floor mats came apart all ready.......? How do you know they aren't durable mats? My factory carpeted mats are now 3 years old with 73,000 miles of use and they still look new.

Chavo60 | 7 avril 2017

I purchased 3D MaxSpider mats. I'll try to record a video review to share with the forum. Haven't even opened the box yet lol

3grlsmom | 19 novembre 2017

hate the weather tech rear mat. Size is "off" and it rubs and squeaks ALL THE TIME!!

RandallKeith | 19 novembre 2017

3D MaxSpider for me also. The fit is absolutely perfect. Looks and fits much better than the Tesla weather tech. I don’t like the look of the logo, So I removed it and cover the holes with the Tesla logo from the Tesla mats. I’ve had a lot of compliments.
Tesla ranger was very impressed and wanted to know where I got them.

bp | 19 novembre 2017

When our late 2012 S P85 arrived, Tesla was selling upgraded carpet floor mat sets in the Tesla Store. We purchased a complete set - for the front/rear seats, frunk and rear. At the time, the standard Tesla floor mats were pretty poor quality - so there was a need to get the upgraded mats. And, they've been great since getting them almost 5 years ago.

When our S 100D arrived in March, the new front/rear carpet mats are much better - comparable to the set we purchased for the S P85. Tesla no longer sells carpet mat sets in the online store, and really isn't needed. With the smaller frunk, really don't need a mat for the front any more. However, it would be nice to have a carpet mat from the rear truck.

For now, we've moved the P85's rear carpet mat to the 100D - and will use that - it's still in close to new condition - and we won't need the P85 carpet mats much longer, when we trade it in for a Model 3.

The carpet mats have held up very well - and haven't found any need to get the rubber mats. In Houston, we don't get the snow - just rain - so there isn't as much of a need for the rubber mats - and the carpet mats look better.

Redman998 | 15 septembre 2019

The best looking mats I bought and used for my former Audi, and what I will have for the S are sisal mats. Tough sturdy and sporty looking. No rubberized truck mud mats for me.
See them at currancar dot com