Putting air in tires is a royal pain

Putting air in tires is a royal pain

On my MS with 19" slipstreams, the valve stem is well protected from me, as it is nestled well down in the wheel. I have used the air pump I purchased from Tesla, and the air hose at the local gas station (it's a hoot pulling into a gas station!).

It is a royal pain to successfully attached the air hose to the tire stem. I always get it done, but only with faith and patience.

Has anyone installed any valve extensions to make this easier? Or is there an extended tip that can be place on the air line so you can press straight onto the stem?

mm7nyy | 14 avril 2017

I use my home inflator without any problems

kevin | 14 avril 2017

I have one of these on my home compressor and use it with the slipstreams to good effect.

barrykmd | 14 avril 2017

I've used valve extenders on other cars. Seems like a no-brainer if you're having trouble getting in there.

BTW, I've used a bicycle pump on my MS's tires. For the typical floor stand pump, it's 10-12 pumps per 1 psi.

NKYTA | 14 avril 2017

@barry, that is good info. I usually just add what I think is too much and then guess on the bleed out (usually incorrectly!) - so thanks!

dano | 14 avril 2017

@barry, 2nd on the bicycle pump. No problem connecting it on my 19" "old standard" wheels. One tire has developed a very slow leak; about 10 pumps every couple weeks does the trick. I'm not going to complain, as I'm at 4/32 after 53K miles on my original set.

Wilber | 14 avril 2017

One more vote for bicycle pumps! I hate going to gas stations so just use a bike pump at home. I use a Bontrager Turbo Charger Floor Pump that i can use on my bikes and my cars. The head automatically adjusts to work with Presta or Schrader valves. see:

vp09 | 14 avril 2017

I used a bike pump on my old car (and on my motorcycle-- 4 pumps per pound) but use the flat tire kit compressor on the S.

Tropopause | 14 avril 2017

Is this problem limited to the new slipstream wheels only?

djmichaelmayhem | 14 avril 2017

You mean you didn't get the self inflating tire package??

But really, my 21" turbines are a little difficult with my bike pump. Most gas stations are fine.

TM21 | 15 avril 2017

1st world problem.

robertmarks76 | 5 novembre 2019

Just had the same problem with out Model X. Used my bike pump...worked like a charm...

pbenson7375 | 6 novembre 2019

Folks in Oregon can go to Les Schwab Tires or Discount Tires and they check your tires for free - any time you need it done, whether you bought tires from them or not. (Makes it a great reason to purchase your next replacements from them for their service and kindness.)

garyjtate | 10 novembre 2019

Astro 3018 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator with Stainless Steel Braided Hose And compressor in garage.
Works well.