White pearl would be a riot - here is why

White pearl would be a riot - here is why

I have seen some folks posting about need to change the nose of the car or others stating that car looks like a Mazda 3. I need to take this off my chest.
Those folks understand nothing about good taste and car design.

The Model 3 is to a Mazda 3 as the BMW 3 is to a Toyota Corolla.

Lines in the Model 3 are graceful, proportional and simple.

By the way, Tesla was very smart in choosing a design Porsche-like for the Model 3. Reason is that look at how many "box" looking cars we have. The majority of cars exterior models, one could argue, are kind of a rectangular box. Porsche, the Beetle, Mini and now the Model 3 are different from 98% of cars out there.

If Tesla ever decides to give us a Model 3 with more space for rear wheels (think about a M3 or Audi S4 which have room to accommodate larger rims), it will look so pretty.

Please, please bring this in white pearl with gray wheels. A riot.

bmalloy0 | 19 avril 2017

"The Model 3 is to a Mazda 3 as the BMW 3 is to a Toyota Corolla."

Kinda funny (for me) that you use those cars specifically: my last car was a Corolla (lease), my current car is a Mazda3 (lease), and my next is a Model 3. If only I could have squeezed a BMW in there...

MarlonBrown | 19 avril 2017

Here is a documented reason for competitors to worry: not only many BMW 3 owners are interested in the Model 3, but so are the folks which are coming from the lower end models as well.

goofycatts | 25 avril 2017

White pearl would be my dream come true

Efontana | 25 avril 2017

Is the one in the supercharger render the color you want?

It is facing away from the camera and has no chrome on the trunk.