When oh when can we order?????

When oh when can we order?????

My goodness! It's been well over a year since I placed my deposit for the model 3.......when will we be able to customize our cars? IS this ever going to happen? Are we going to get this car??? This wait without any updates is killing me.....

jschnyderite | 21 avril 2017


jefjes | 21 avril 2017

Good things come to those who wait ;-)

JuJo0 | 21 avril 2017

Patience is a virtue. There are updates on the car all the time. Elon is regularly on Twitter and there are news articles almost daily (albeit most with repeated and/or false information). We already know it's 3 months from now until the final unveil, so hang tight. We're at the final stretch.

SUN 2 DRV | 21 avril 2017

No one (outside of Tesla) knows when the configuration site will be opened, whether it will include any future options in addition to those in the first phase, and which customers will be allowed in initially. I doubt all 400k users will be allowed in all at once. Model X configurations were opened in batches, not all at once.

I'm an MS owner in CA who reserved 2 Model 3's on the first day... I doubt I'll see the configurator in July....

jefjes offered wise advice... "Good things come to those who wait ;-)"

KP in NPT | 21 avril 2017

Really, SUN? You don't think you'll see it in July? I thought the "assumption" was the configurator will open for the first batch (at least) after the reveal?

If that holds true I expect you'd see it in July. (me too, since I am also a owner/line waiter. Though on East coast.)

SUN 2 DRV | 21 avril 2017

KP: Yes,a lot of people are making that assumption.

The configurator signals the first time Tesla will be making firm commitments on the Model 3. eg What features will be available and when, what they cost, what performance or capacity levels will be claimed/guaranteed. Personally I think that level of committed detail will be exposed later than when they show us what the new interior looks like. Like virtually all Model 3 discussions, this is just an opinion, not based on any facts...

KP in NPT | 21 avril 2017

I guess I am thinking (assuming) that when we have an event.- if there is one btw - that it will be when employee production starts, and at that point they would have all those things sorted. Including the interior. but who really knows! I thought we'd have an "event" in March or April and that didn't happen....

akgolf | 21 avril 2017

You weren't alone KP.

bj | 22 avril 2017

Given Tesla's track record in meeting its aspirational timelines, and the almost universal skepticism at the reveal last year that Model 3 would be delivered to anyone prior to 2019, the fact that production will start in July is simply incredible and a big middle finger to all the doubters. The OP should be rejoicing not complaining!

CraigW | 22 avril 2017

I put in a reservation in 2009. I am constantly amazed by the 'whining' about meeting production schedules. Tesla first said they would produce their first mass-produced EV in 2012 - they started limited production in June 2012 and many of the initial orders - for 85s - were filled before 2013. The Model X was an engineering nightmare Tesla won't repeat and was two years late. Tesla admitted their failures on this model and promised not to make those mistakes again. Ok, that's 1 for 2. Off this, people say Tesla is always late, so the Model 3 won't get produced on time - and how is that inference coming along. Tesla announced they would start production in late 2017 for the Model 3. They are starting employee production in July 2017.

I guess the naysayers have it correct - Tesla is simply late on all their cars.

Carl Thompson | 22 avril 2017

(Mollum won't let me quote you for some reason.)

This is not quite correct. The Model S (originally codenamed "Whitestar") was announced in 2008. While Tesla may not have _officially_ had a release date they expected to release it in 2010. So 2012 was very late.


Red Sage ca us | 22 avril 2017

CraigW: Well, on Model X I would say more like six months 'late'. I think that if it had come out in Fall 2013, things would have been much worse both for the design of the car and Tesla Deliveries in general. But that is another discussion.

Carl Thompson | 22 avril 2017

@Red Sage ca us:
"Well, on Model X I would say more like six months 'late'."

I think most here know that's not true but just in case:

- https://www.ft .com/content/7eade576-6747-11e5-a57f-21b88f7d973f
- https://www.forbes .com/sites/markrogowsky/2015/11/24/teslas-model-x-promises-kept-and-broken/#45fbd66c7f5e


SleepingGiant | 22 avril 2017

I say July you configure. 50-100k cars delivered by December 25. Musk went threw production hiccups with the S & X, THE M3 is a bit empty inside, I expect on-time delivery and prior experience to help make this surprise people and stock shorts.

bmalloy0 | 22 avril 2017

100k in six months is REALLY ambitious. My money is on about 60k, with a stretch goal of 80k.

Red Sage ca us | 22 avril 2017

bmalloy0: Yes, it is very ambitious. A lot of people forget that at one point, Elon suggested they would be aiming to build between 100,000 and 200,000 units of Model ☰ during 2017. He admitted they may not make it, that it would be very hard... But said it was best to have a goal even if you don't make it. That's why I laugh at those who claim that only a handful, or a token amount of the cars will be Delivered, to employees and executives only, sometime after Christmas 2017, but still before 11:59:59 PM PDT on December 31st. I think it highly unlikely that Tesla will go below even 25% of Elon's stated goal. For someone to suggest they will miss by up to 99% is simply... ludicrous.

noleaf4me | 23 avril 2017

3 months and 1 week - MAX

jman | 23 avril 2017

Might be crazy but because I try to keep up with all that is Tesla, I think I remember seeing the employees would get the configurator in July and the public would in August or Sept. Original Model S owners and X owners had to wait up to TWO YEARS for their vehicles they weren't totally even sure about at the time. We can wait this out !!!

Red Sage ca us | 23 avril 2017

"We can wait it out...
We can wait it out...
Life is really short
And there's no time...
For fussing and fighting my friend"
-- with apologies to The Beatles

Wilber | 23 avril 2017

Carl T:

thanks for the link to that ancient and entertaining article! I especially like Arnie's quote:

“For me to see the manufacturing plant [go to] New Mexico drives me absolutely crazy,” said Schwarzenegger, who is on the waiting list for a Tesla’s sportscar, the Roadster. “I wasn’t about to allow the company that makes the world’s sexiest and best high-performance electric cars to go to another state.”

If Arnie can wait, so can we.......

Albert_vasquez | 23 avril 2017

Does everybody's my Tesla page say ... deliveries will begin late 2017...( line waiter west coast)

accentcreate | 23 avril 2017

As my Model 3s will be for France and Australia (right hand drive) I just hope I'm still able to drive by the time they arrive. Not getting any younger.

jefjes | 23 avril 2017


Kristover | 23 avril 2017

Take my money Tesla!!

sbaschn | 25 avril 2017

Well, honestly, the timing is my issue. I don't mind waiting but I like to lease my cars. My lease is coming up in Dec 2017. I will have another car to drive which would be the huge gas guzzler Escalade (our family car). I was really hoping that the model 3 would be delivered by then.,...LOL.....I may have to get the Model S instead....which I don't want to do b/c of the huge price tag. I'll keep my reservation, obviously, and tough it out. Drive the escalade until I get delivery of the model 3. I would get an S or an X, but the way I build them, I'm over $150, offense to Tesla fans, but if I'm going to spend $150,000 on a car, a Turbo S is more fun.....

dd.micsol | 25 avril 2017

you can order anytime since March 31st 2016. what's your question again?

KP in NPT | 25 avril 2017

Wtf dd? Millions in stock, Elon JB and Franz on speed dial, multiple Tesla's to your name and you don't know the difference between a reservation and an order?

PhillyGal | 25 avril 2017