WiFi question?

WiFi question?

Should your model S automatically connect to your home wifi when you get within range? I find I need to manually click it each time I enter the garage even though I have 5 bars, is this normal or am I missing a setting somewhere?

patrick40363 | 22 avril 2017

Mine doesn't and I don't care. It picks up 4g or wifi.

reed_lewis | 22 avril 2017

My model S always connects to my home WiFi when I pull into my garage.

-Gman- | 22 avril 2017

Mine has always connected automatically (currently on 8.1 (17.11.10). I see no setting that would allow otherwise.

Silver2K | 22 avril 2017

it connects automatically. | 22 avril 2017

It should connect automatically. There are no options to control this. You might go through our troubleshooting suggestions to see if any those tricks help.

If that doesn't help, it may be something unusual about your router or router settings, but nothing immediately comes to mind. Is there anything unusual about your setup? Are you using WPA2 security (recommended)? Do you have a hidden (blank) WiFi name or is it normally visible? Is your router something very old (more than 4+ years?).

GHammer | 22 avril 2017

I've seen something new (maybe) recently. The wifi doesn't connect until I hit park and immediately disconnects when I put it in drive.

BigD0g | 22 avril 2017

Thanks guys, I'll poke around and leverage TT's troubleshooting guide, I have a netgear nighthawk AC1900 router, so it's definitely not an old / crappy one.

Boonedocks | 22 avril 2017

If you check your router when you are parked and on your home is it not connected. Mine doesn't show connected until I exit and walk away but it then always self connects. Also if I open the door get something out it may arbitrarily switch back to LTE. But parked and locked up it always shows on my network as connected at 54Mb/s -56dBs

BigD0g | 22 avril 2017

Ok, set my router to G only from mixed mode, WPA2 personal security removed all non alphanumeric characters from my ssid and still doesn't auto connect, also tried multiple channels between 1 and 11. Ugh.

Bighorn | 22 avril 2017

Did you reboot?

BigD0g | 22 avril 2017

The router? Yes, the car no, which reboot?

Bighorn | 22 avril 2017

Double scroll wheel for starters.

BigD0g | 23 avril 2017

Thanks Big and TT! the troubleshooting guide + the reboot seemed to have done the trick!

Bighorn | 23 avril 2017

Excellent | 23 avril 2017

@Big - Glad it was helpful!