Tesal Supercharger update - Shows Model 3 Rendering, new copper color (?), potential finalized dash (?)

Tesal Supercharger update - Shows Model 3 Rendering, new copper color (?), potential finalized dash (?)

if you save the first picture and zoom in the brown model 3, looks like there is a dash behind the steering wheel.
I know "only 1 screen", "no HUD", however they are showing something behind the steering wheel. What could it be if its not a HUD
or display?

I like the color too.

KP in NPT | 24 avril 2017

Nice catch! It looks sort of like a deep copper. And yes it does look like something is up with the dash.

SamO | 24 avril 2017


We started 2017 with over 5,000 Superchargers globally and by the end of this year, Tesla will double that number to total more than 10,000 Superchargers and 15,000 Destination Charging connectors around the world. In North America, we’ll increase the number of Superchargers by 150 percent, and in CALIFORNIA alone we’ll add more than 1,000 Superchargers. We’re moving full speed on site selection and many sites will soon enter construction to open in advance of the summer travel season.

Toward that goal, Tesla will build larger sites along our busiest travel routes that will accommodate SEVERAL DOZEN Teslas Supercharging simultaneously. In addition, many sites will be built further OFF THE HIGHWAY to allow local Tesla drivers to charge quickly when needed, with the goal of making charging ubiquitous in urban centers.

[Emphasis added]

El Mirio | 24 avril 2017

@KP, Yep deep copper is a better description, very cool color.

The white/silver Model 3 in the back seems to have the open steering wheel still, depending on how much zoomed in, also looks to have some sort of display behind that steering wheel (could be just bad resolution though).

@Samo Very promising, specially the part where it states the support "local charging", i had a feeling they won't leave Condo/City owners stranded without juice. That is very important in Europe since most of the population Rents.

Efontana | 24 avril 2017

Looks good in white, too!

giskard | 24 avril 2017

Ah, I think that's just a hump in the dash behind the steering wheel. I don't expect HUD standard, but it sure would be nice it was an option. As far as color, they look pretty dull and bland to me (the silver one is OK). I'd love to see at least one bright color option, preferably a bright blue or green. I do like the blue of the pre-production prototype seen roaming the streets a couple of weeks ago, but would prefer if it were brighter.

The thing that excited me is the linked supercharger map finally has planned locations in my neck of the woods (northwestern MN)! No details yet, but it's a start. At a minimum, I will need the one planned for Alexandria to semi-comfortably make it to and from Minneapolis (I travel there 10-20 times a year).

mos6507 | 24 avril 2017

Could just be a dead simple analog gauge, which would be fine with me.

KP in NPT | 24 avril 2017

@giskard except there hasn't been any such hump seen so far in the prototypes. That said, this is just a rendering.

giskard | 24 avril 2017

That's very true. And a hump (or whatever it is) makes it a bit more costly/difficult to move the controls over for right hand drive markets, so they must have a good reason for it. As you said, though, it is just a rendering and may not reflect the actual design we'll (hopefully) see in July.

Red Sage ca us | 24 avril 2017

Looks like a placeholder rendering of the car to me. I doubt there will be a traditional hooded binnacle bump in the final Model ☰. But, thanks for directing me to that blog post.

It isn't quite the announcement of the 'Tesla Depot/Waypoint' sites I'd like to see, but it's close enough. I do like the use of the phrase 'ubiquitous in urban centers' as that will hopefully, finally, cause EV Naysayers to [SIERRA TANGO FOXTROT UNIFORM] when it comes to eternal queries about 'What about apartment/condo dwellers?' and the like. The closing paragraph certainly draws a line in the asphalt:

"Tesla will continue to lead the industry with the fastest, most advanced charging technology in the world and continue to build the only cars capable of leveraging that power. The ongoing expansion of the networks will ensure that Tesla drivers are able to quickly and easily charge their vehicles no matter what, and that a seamless charging experience remains our priority."

akgolf | 24 avril 2017

Nice to see this put in writing. Should be good for anyone owning a Tesla.

Even though it's a rendering, I've always liked copper. Reminds of the last Chevy I actually liked, a two tone white/copper 1956 Chevy Bel Air.

Bluesday Afternoon | 24 avril 2017

@El Mirio

Thanks for alerting us to this blog. I tacked it onto the end of SamO's thread about Supercharging which seemed to tie in nicely.

Sandy’s 3 | 24 avril 2017

I bet they are playing with us. Bunch of guys sitting around and one says: 'Hey! Lets put a pod hump behind the steering wheel on the rendering! That will keep the forums busy!

I feel like a fish being baited.......

Red Sage ca us | 24 avril 2017

I added posts with larger versions of the pictures from the blog at both M3OC and TMC:

El Mirio | 24 avril 2017

@FLHX13 i think i know now how the cat's feel chasing that laser pointer :o)

El Mirio | 24 avril 2017

The solar roof depicted on that supercharger announcement i'm guessing to be about 360 m2. how many Model S 90's could that charge per day in ideal Californian conditions?

also, do you expect them using net metering or battery backup storage?

Red Sage ca us | 24 avril 2017

El Mirio: I'm certain that as rendered, there would be battery backup inside the building shown on the premises.

RP3 | 24 avril 2017

weird, I zoomed in on the linked supercharger map, and I don't see anything near Grapevine (since I drive from San Diego up to the central valley quite a bit). I know I've seen one just off the freeway next to a yogurt shop. The only one they show on I-5 in that area is one coming by the end of 2017 halfway between Lebec and Grapevine. Is that Grapevine location not considered a supercharger for some reason??

KP in NPT | 24 avril 2017

@RP3 there have been others who have commented (see the thread on the Model S forum) that the map is not reflecting sites that have been there for years. Or are showing them as coming soon even though they exist. I imagine they have a few bugs in the map.

RP3 | 24 avril 2017

Thanks for the quick reply KP. Yep, that one's been there a I was surprised. I was just hoping that some of the old ones aren't crippled somehow and they didn't qualify to be called SUPERchargers. :-)

Red Sage ca us | 24 avril 2017

Heh. On the 'Find Us' map, though located in the correct State, Mississippi, the 'Coming Soon' detail popup for Tupelo says it is in 'Massachusetts' instead!

It's really nice to see there are plans to install four Supercharger locations across I-94 in North Dakota!

Oh! And there's gonna be a Supercharger in Bighorn MT! w00+!

topher | 24 avril 2017

" What could it be if its not a HUD or display?"

It could be the dash of a Model S (copy and pasted into a 3).

Thank you kindly.

Red Sage ca us | 24 avril 2017

topher: +21! Exactomundo!

jordanrichard | 24 avril 2017

Well, it's not the MS dash. You can see the center screen sticking up in the middle of the dash. BTW, the picture is computer generated. The Model S's look to be copy and pasted into place. Notice that the roofs on the MS's are not tinted.

Tiebreaker | 24 avril 2017

It also shows that 2-dimensional people will be prevalent and somewhat transparent.

Don't torture yourself with over-analysis of a rendering.

JeffreyR | 24 avril 2017

Here is the direct link to the graphic where you can zoom in better:

@RS wrote, "Oh! And there's gonna be a Supercharger in Bighorn MT! w00+!"
@BH will never have to leave home. There's hope for our BSI after all.

KP in NPT | 24 avril 2017

So many new superchchargers for @Bighorn to pick off. Some are just easy. ;-)

Bighorn | 24 avril 2017

Bighorn in the wrong state--but it'll get me to the new North Dakota chargers! I already have a supercharger a few blocks from work:)